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Longevity 200S MIG Welder Review

Finding a MIG Welder that has the strength you need without breaking the bank can be tough. There are a lot of really great machines out there for your...

find the best kneepads to use while welding

Protect Your Knees While Working – The Best Welder Knee Pads

As a welder, your knees can be especially vulnerable. You may have to kneel to get in a good position to make the weld, or you may be working...

Review of the Longevity 200 SX TIG welder

Longevity 200 SX TIG Welder Review

Looking for a TIG welder with a great value and durability can be tough. There are so many conflicting reviews and products with similar specifications. When shopping around for...

Hobart Ironman

Review of the Hobart Ironman 230v Mig Welder

Welders come in many grades and price points that range from cheap to big bucks. However, not all welders can be used for every welding job. Some welders, though,...

Longevity 140 welding machine

Longevity 140 Review – A Nice, Lightweight Stick Welder

Many welding professionals prefer stick welding to other forms of welding as it is the oldest type of welding, can be used for quick jobs and it produces exceptionally...

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