Best 110v Plasma Cutter – Hypertherm 088079 Powermax30 Review

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While picking the right plasma cutters, you have to consider several aspects like the voltage, inverter, metal thickness, timespan, and operation. The plasma cutter we are discussing today is the Hypertherm 088079 Powermax30.

With unbelievable performance and efficiency, the output of this plasma cutter is unlike any other. It has a high-cutting ability and produces the finest cuts with absolute precision.


If you are looking for a plasma cutter with an air compressor, there can be no better choice than the Hypertherm Powermax30. It is a 110v plasma cutter with built-in compressors.

It utilizes less power and produces exact cuts. Hypertherm 110v Plasma cutter also allows you to cut across gaps in the metal surface. You can also use it for DIYs with clean and smooth edges.


Take a quick look at the specs:

  • Input voltage:110V and 240V
  • Low-medium price range
  • Output range 15 to 30amps
  • Torch lead: 4.5 m
  • Duty cycle: 20% at 110V/120V and 35% at 240V
  • Material: Alloy steel, steel, stainless steel, aluminum


  • Non-Touch Start: The non-touch high-frequency start only makes operating this plasma cutter way easier.
  • Precise Cuts: Cleanly cuts rusty or pained metal as well.
  • Versatile: It works perfectly well both industrial use and also for hobbyists.
  • Metal Thickness and Speed: This plasma cutter can efficiently cut the metal piece as thick as 2 inches. As it has fast cutting speed, it saves you valuable time as well.
  • Dual Voltage Support: It supports a dual voltage supply of 110V and 240V. It can work on household voltage well, thus no need to install a new outlet for this welder.
  • A30 Torch: Its A30 torch has a unique design that increases its durability, and thus, it can stand in a harsh environment well.


Handling this plasma cutter is super easy. This 110V Plasma cutter produces minimal slag, which reduces the tiring clean ups massively.

It is very straightforward to set up this plasma cutter, and it needs hardly one minute to get a tidy cut of half inches using this plasma cutter. The gauge of this plasma cutter helps to make a clean cut with smooth edges. Plus, it can automatically adapt the voltage 110Vor 240V input.

Hypertherm Powermax30 Cutter uses an electric arc process and can cut any material that conducts electricity. It can cut various metal like copper, and non-ferrous materials, stainless steel, and also aluminum. It also can cut the stack of metal plates and can run up to 35amps to serve half-inches.

With its simple control, this plasma cutter is perfect for newbies. With a unique drag cutting mechanism, it is suitable for the light industry works as well.


Hypertherm Powermax30 110v Plasma Cutter has a plate wrapping which allows a fast cutting speed and significantly reduces the amount of heat and ultimately reducing the chances of burning an individual’s skin.

With an auto shut off, it shuts-off the welder automatically as soon as the machine starts overheating, thus reducing the chances of an accident. This plasma cutter also has full safety measures, but you should also keep the precautions on your own.


Hypertherm Powermax30 110V Plasma Cutter, as we can see from their name, only required 110V to operate and work well. It only uses a very low voltage to deliver exceptional high output.

It is small in size that makes it portable, and it’s only required only a little space to set up. This plasma cutter has a high amperage output, and thus it has a better duty cycle as well.


As it’s very lightweight you can easily carry it along without the need for an additional welding cart. The extreme lightweight makes this special among all the plasma cutters available in the market.

It comes with 4.5m lead of torch with itself. It will suit you if you want a light plasma cutter for the best result.


  • It has a very rugged design that adds to the durability of fo the product.
  • It provides very great cutting speed with precise cuts.
  • With an instruction manual, its usage and setup become very easy.
  • It has a Duramax LT torch that gives you a perfect tight grip and keeps the heat away from your hand.
  • It has a shaded glass, rugged case, carry strap, standard, and fine-cut consumable packaging.
  • With minimal dimensions, its storage requires minimal space.
  • It works on a dual voltage of 110V and 240V and produces ample heat for precise cuts and molting metals.


  • Newbies might require some practice to get the fine cuts out of this plasma cutter.


Great for both amateurs and professionals, the Hypertherm Powermax 30 is incredibly powerful. Given its features like dual voltage support, ergonomic grip, and a premium heat-resistant make, it is undoubtedly superior to other plasma cutters in most aspects.


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