5 Picks for Best Engine Stand 2021

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Whether you are a professional mechanic, a hot rodder, or a racer, engine stands are crucial for every garage. Unlike hydraulic hoists, engine stands can hold an engine block for way longer, while also keeping it steady for access from various positions.

Almost similar to engine cradles, the stands have wheels and rotator shafts so you can move them around quite easily while working on them. Some stands even have a foldable design that takes care of the storage issues.

So how you know which one will be the best engine stand for you? Don’t get confused already, we have compiled a list of five engine stands, their pros, and shortcomings, so you can pick the best engine stand for you.

Best Engine Stands: Top Picks 

 The Sunex 8400 folding engine stand is undoubtedly one of the best products for both amateurs and experts. While the casters have ball bearings, which makes moving them more accessible, the safety lock keeps it stable when you do not want it to move. 

 The Sunex folding engine stand also comes with a mounting plate that is thick and reinforced and ensures your engine is stable and secure when working on it.

The rotating head of the stand can be locked in eight different positions, making the engine significantly easier with ample access area. Moreover, the mounting plate can be raised higher for further ease of access.

One of the best features of the Sunex 8400 is that once you have completed working on the engine, you can fold the stand for and conveniently store in a small space.

Given all its features, the Sunex 8400 is often considered as one of the best rotating engine stand in the market.

Sunex 8400 Folding Engine Stand Pros:

  • Sturdy frame
  • Eight locking positions
  • Thick, reinforced mounting plate
  • Folding design for convenient storage

Sunex 8400 Folding Engine Stand Cons:

  • Customers complain about misaligned central holes when rotating the engine.

Undoubtedly, the Performance Tool W41025 is one of the most heavy-duty engine stands, given its 4-wheel sturdy and stable construction. The stand comes with heavy-duty swivel casters, making it easy to maneuver and has a capacity of 750 lbs.

The Performace Tool engine stand has an all-steel assembly, which helps to hold most foreign and domestic engine blocks securely. Most engine stands have long bolts to go entirely through the structure, but this stand comes with short bolts that have to be placed from the inside of the frame. 

The head assembly of the stand is rotatable 360 degrees and allows six different locking positions. The six locking positions enable you to access the engine from almost all sides. But, for this product as well, customers often complain about the misaligned holes.

Although not the best engine stand, but the Performance Tool W41025 surely makes for a great pick with various features like the fully rotating head, different positioning of the engine, and more. 

Performance Tool W41025 Capacity Engine Stand Pros:

  • Heavy-duty casters, rugged construction
  • 360 degrees rotating head assembly
  • Six different locking positions
  • Weight capacity: ½ ton

Performance Tool W41025 Capacity Engine Stand Cons:

  • Lacks foldable design
  • Maybe hefty to store

The Torin T23401 is one of the best value for money engine stands. It has a sturdy steel construction that is both portable as well as easy to install. This stand has a single leg with a weight capacity of 750 lbs. 

The Torin engine stand is equipped with 360 degrees rotating head which allows you to easily maneuver the mounted engine for easy access from different angles. Also, the mounting plate comes with four fully adjustable arms. 

Moving on to the stand's legs, it has a single leg with three casters, two of which are placed at the back of the stand and one at the leg. The locking pin on the top secures the engine on the stand so that it does not wobble. Although it does not provide ample maneuverability to the engine, it is good enough to be worked on small blocks. 

The engine stand weighs about 44 lbs and can withstand a weight up to 750 pounds, and more massive blocks can even damage the stand. It is always advisable to lube the head assembly and casters before usage. 

This can be the right choice as a professional engine stand for those who work on smaller engines.

Torin T23401 Engine Stand Pros:

  • Easy assembly
  • Can be disassembled after the usage for convenient storage
  • A good stand for smaller engine blocks 

Torin T23401 Engine Stand Cons:

  • Low weight capacity
  • May wobble with heavyweight

 The Torin T26801 engine stand is a premium product that can hold up to 1500 lbs weight. The stand has a simple and sturdy steel construction that comes with high tensile steel lubes. It is a highly stable engine stand, which can withstand large and heavy engine blocks. 

The Torin engine stand has 360 degrees rotating mounting plate, which lets you access the mounted engine from various sides and positions. The four mounting arms can easily be adjusted to fit most engine blocks, but they do not come with bolts for mounting.

You can quickly fix the rotating head using the locking pin in whichever angle you work on the engine. Also, there is a turning bar on the backside of the stand, which helps you quickly turn the engine's head. 

The Torin T26801 comes with five casters that provide enhanced stability to the engine block. Two casters are placed on the back, one in the middle, and two in front.

The back casters can only move in front and rear directions, while the front casters can rotate 360 degrees.

Given all the features, the Torin T26801 is often considered as one of the heavy-duty rotating engine stands.

Torin T26801 Engine Stand Pros:

  • Durable and stable steel construction
  • Five caster wheels 
  • Folding design for secure storage
  • Quick assembly and usage

Torin T26801 Engine Stand Cons:

  • Customers complain about the stand to be too low

The Best Choice 1000lb engine stand has a steel construction that promises stability and durability of the product. It can be dismantled for more accessible storage, and the assembly is also pretty easy. With half-ton weight capacity, it is ideal for smaller engine blocks. 

The Best Choice engine stand has a regular mounting plate with four arms, each of which is movable and can be easily adjusted to fit the mounting holes. The stand does not come with mounting bolts. The four casters are also entirely maneuverable. 

The head of the engine stand is 360 degrees rotatable, giving you ample area to work on the block from different positions. You can also secure a position of the engine using the locking pin on the head of the stand.

Best Choice Products Engine Stand Pros:

  • Durable steel construction
  • Suitable for small engine blocks
  • Weight capacity: ½ ton

Best Choice Products Engine Stand Cons:

  • Customers complain of the poor quality rotation handling


Q: Are The Engine Stand With Crank Better Than Those With Bar Handles?

A: Crank handles are always more comfortable to use than bar handles. The mounted engine can be easily rotated using the crank handle.

Q: What Bolts Should We Use For Engine Stands?

A: Most engine stands come with bolts that range 3/8-16 x 3.5 inches and 3/8-16 x 4 inches, which fits most engines. But you can also purchase them separately.

Q: Are all engine stands the same?

A:  All engine stands are identical in design. Due to the unique mounting of each engine, these arms can be changed to reach a variety of positions. Typically, an engine is fastened to the stand at the flywheel end, utilizing four of the transmission's mounting holes.


A: Engine mounts are the component that secures the engine to the chassis of a vehicle. They are available in various forms and sizes to accommodate several applications, but all serve the same goal of mounting the engine and damping engine vibration. They are frequently constructed of metal and rubber.

Q: How big of an engine stand do I need?

A: A 1000 pound stand is ideal for working on compact blocks or transmissions. If you're working with a large block, you'll almost certainly require a capacity of 2000 lb. For a diesel engine, a diesel engine stand with a capacity of around three tons is required.


So which is the best engine stand for you? Our favorite is the Sunex 8400 Folding Engine Stand, thanks to its super sturdy construction, eight different locking positions, a safety lock, and, most of all, ample space to work with ease on your engine blocks.

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