AHP AlphaTIG 200X Review

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AHP alpha TIG

Big, flexible amperage range, AC/DC capability, amazing arc stability, 60% duty cycle and the ability to handle anything between 1/4’’ aluminum to 3/8’’ mild steel make this one nice welding machine.

Short Summary

POWER: 95%
PRICE: 85%

Overall Rating


TIG welding is the most aesthetically pleasing welding type or all. It is the cleanest and produces no splatter and no waste, making it a favorite amongst experienced welders.

That being said, TIG welding is a very fine art, and produces the cleanest and the most beautiful welds.

It is a slower type of welding, so you’ll need a lot of patience, skill, and, of course, a solid TIG welding machine.

Whether you are a welder by trade or just doing it in your spare time, you should take a look at the AHP AlphaTIG 200X Welder.

What is this Machine Best For?

The AHP AlphaTIG 200X weighs about 50 lbs., so it is a portable welding machine adequate for a garage, studio or small shop.

AHP includes standard TIG accessories and a control switch for the torch as well as a foot pedal to make using the TIG torch easier. It can handle heavy currents and voltage, which is especially nice for working with thin gauge metal.

This dual-purpose welder can be used by professionals and beginning welders as it is pretty easy to set up.

The thin rod and the outstanding precision of the weld from this TIG welder is very useful for precision welds on motorbike, cars, sculptures, bronze castings and other projects where a smooth surface is desirable.

AHP AlphaTIG 200X Pros

THE AHP AlphaTIG 200x is a combination TIG welder and stick (arc) welder, which offers you a wider range of welding projects you can tackle, and will actually excel on stainless steel and mild steel projects.

Great Amperage

The first thing to look for in a good welding machine is the amperage range of the machine.

The bigger the amperage range the machine offers, the more versatile it will be. A machine that has an output range of 5-230A will allow you to weld pretty much anything.

Extremely Flexible

Dishing out a whopping 200 amps and with a range of 100-220 V and an array of pulse features, the AHP AlphaTIG 200X is one of the most flexible on the market.

Easy AC/DC toggle

Another thing this machine offers is AC/DC capability. If you’re working with steel, then DC is quite enough, but if you’re working with aluminum, you will want your welding machine to be able to use AC current.

AC current allows the welder to clean the oxidization on the material and weld it at the same time. Of course, if working with AC, you will also want to have a balance control for the AC, as it will allow you to attune the welding to the metal itself by lengthening or shortening the cleaning and welding cycles.

The IGBT Technology makes it easy to switch on and off for AC/DC modes.


Combine that with amazing arc stability, a 60% duty cycle that allows you to work long hours without overheating, and the ability to handle anything between 1/4’’ aluminum to 3/8’’ mild steel, and you get an excellent tool for even the finest of welds.

Here are the pros, summarized:

  • Great output power
  • Good for a variety of projects
  • Easy AC/DC switch
  • Stable arb
  • Minimal Overheating
AHP AlphaTIG 200x review

AHP AlphaTIG 200X Cons

Improper Calibration

The regulator is not precisely calibrated, and you will get a discrepancy between how much argon you think you have left, and what you actually have left. It takes a learning curve to use it because of this, especially when you are using it on metals you haven't worked with before with this machine.

Mediocre Display Screen

The display screen does not accurately shows the amperage the machine is set on. Even if you adjust the amperage knob, the display won’t change until you reach 2T.

This leaves you having to sort of guess the setting hit or miss until you find the right amperage level for your job.


Though the AHP AlphaTIG 200X welder is an astounding product, the accessories leave a lot to be desired.


  • Poorly calibrated
  • Display screen leaves wanting
  • Lacks accessories

Warranty Information

All AHP welders are warrantied for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase against breakage, malfunction, or other unit failure resulting from manufacture defect. The faulty unit will either be repaired or replaced with a new or factory reconditioned unit at AHP weld’s discretion.

Consumable items are not covered by the warranty. Torches, foot pedals and spool guns are covered by a separate 6-month warranty and, if necessary, can be serviced without having to return the entire welding machine.


The AHP AlphaTIG 200x is a powerful combination TIG and stick welder.

Big, flexible amperage range, AC/DC capability, amazing arc stability, 60% duty cycle and the ability to handle anything between 1/4’’ aluminum to 3/8’’ mild steel make this one nice welding machine. 

AHP needs to work on improving the regulator and the display screen, as they do not precisely show you what you need to know in terms of argon level and amperage level. For the money, though, this is a great welder for its versatility and ease of use.

If you want an option built solely for power check out the Lincoln Precision TIG 225. It's powerful and a great option, but a LOT more expensive than this one, so be warned.


1. Are AHP welders good?

Despite its high price, the Alphatig welder is one of the most valuable welding machines ever created. This tig welder will get the job done with its superior technology, equipment, and features – it is powerful, versatile, and, despite appearances, extremely reliable.

2. Do cheap TIG welders work?

Since the cheapest TIG machines are only capable of welding with direct current, saving money will not help you weld aluminum. Even if you are a beginner, it is better to spend a little more on a welder capable of performing the tasks you require than to "save" money on a welder that is ineffective.

3. Is it worth buying a TIG welder?

A TIG welder may be required if you require the ability to weld fragile metals at extremely low amperage settings. In addition, a TIG welder may be required if an aesthetically pleasing weld is required on evident components. Finally, a TIG welder may be required if extremely high-quality welds are needed.

4. Can all TIG welders weld aluminum?

While any TIG welder can use welder aluminum, several variables will influence your project's ease, quality, and appearance. By far, the most critical of these is the current. While any TIG welder capable of welding aluminum does so, not all TIG welders are equal.

5. Can you TIG weld on 110?

Since TIG machines struggle the most with 110 volts of all types of electric welders, it is recommended to only weld thin sections and not place unreasonable demands on the machine. However, it is still possible to weld most metals at 110 volts, including stainless steel and aluminum.

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