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Having a great tool is like having a great friend. It can help you spot blindspots and bring out the best or worst in you. With these American Made Bench Vise you can be sure that you are getting top quality from superior brands.

Luckily, when you choose the best bench vise you’re able to achieve quality workpieces in an efficient amount of time. 

Even the best MIG welder or a top rated TIG welder won't worth a thing if your workpiece is not secured tightly. A bench wise is a vital tool for metalworking, woodworking and other manufacturing purposes.

This is best used in mechanical workshops. It’s sole purpose is to hold down the object underneath. Whether your object is metal or wood a bench vise will help you weld, saw or drill. 

Consisting of two jaws, the bench vise is an integral part to complete workpiece. Welders, engineers, and woodworkers use bench vises frequently. You want to make sure you are choosing the best bench vise that works for you. 




Our Score: 90

  • Secure
  • Great quality and price ratio
  • Easy installation

Our Score: 92

  • Cost efficient
  • Used for extreme weight

Our Score: 90

  • Stable dual lock-down nuts
  • Special swivel feature
  • Great reliability

Buying Guide

There are a lot of different products to choose from on the market. The best American Made Bench Vise won't always be the most expensive. It can be an overwhelming game of prices and exterior comparisons. What Can You Use a Bench Vise For and How to Determine the Best fit for you?

A bench vise is used for lots of woodworking and metalworking projects.

If you’re an engineer or a woodworker the right bench vise can help you with any workpiece. Use it to cut through a saw or to drill through material. Whether you’re using sandpaper or slicing a wire it can be beneficial in so many ways. 

You can secure objects through a tight grip. This clasp will enable the worker to create more precision for the object. This type of security can be great for the overall completion of the workpiece. It’s an efficient way of working for woodworkers. 

Who makes the bench vise is constantly up for question. We have provided you a bench vise review to determine which bench vise is great for you. So far we have the Wilton Bench vise as the great overall vise. A great bench vise depends on the workpiece you want to complete and the durability of the material. 

The 2 Types & How to Install a Bench Vise? 

The two main types of bench vise come in a variety of options. First it can begin with the classic woodworking vise with the wooden jaws or the engineer’s bench that is more sturdy and made from cast iron. Depending on your workbench you have to choose which vise will be the most suitable for you.

Installing a bench vise takes a couple of steps. First you want to mark your mounting holes. Make sure your positioning is precise with a pencil mark. With a sizable bit you can drill out the mounting holes you marked. In order to test your work use a bench grinder to adjust it to the right size. Use the socket wrench to create an appropriate fit. 

5 Main Features

When you are looking for the best bench vise look for these five main features. The jaw is one of the most vital features for this vise. You want to see the size and style of jaws so it can best fit the material you are trying to use. The swivel is for flexibility around the base. This feature is essential for precision. The mount type has two main types of the clamp or bolt on type. The bolt-on is the feature that is more highly advised. 

The anvil is the feature that provides a flat and durable surface. This is important to prevent any damage to your workpiece. The quick release of the bench is important if you don’t want to manually twist the spindle. 

9 American Made Bench Vise Reviews & Comparisons

blue Wilton 11104blue Wilton 11104

It is known to be a 4-inch bench vise with a lifetime warranty. It comes with free shipping and it is made from high strength steel.

The installation is fairly simple with an easy step-by-step manual. Customers are saying how the bench vise is a secure form of equipment 

The special thing about The Wilton Bench Vise   is how it is good for hobby tasks. It is a great tool for holding firearms and gunsmithing operations. It is a sturdy piece of equipment that makes the woodworking process a lot easier for users. 

The pros are shown in how the Wilton Bench Vise is excellent for chiseling operations. It it is used for further installation and woodworking needs. It also has a high quality exterior which is shown in the smoothness of the jaws. You can also move it easily through the adjustment rod that can easily slide back and forth. It also has a lasting durability because it can be a suitable vise for light to medium work. You can easily install and remove muzzles. 

The only con is that the hole spacing is slightly bigger so you would have to personally create more holes to mount it. Also the leverage bar may be slightly loose so be careful when holding onto it. This is the top ranked all USA made product and wins outright in the most popular "American Made Bench Vise" competition

Things We Liked About Wilton Bench Vise

  • Secure
  • Great quality and price ratio
  • Easy installation
  • Lasting durability

Things We Didn't Like About Wilton Bench Vise

  • Hole spacing is bigger

YOST LV-4 in redYOST LV-4 in red

The Yost LV-4 Vise is a bench vise with a swivel base that has a 360 adjustment swivel. It is used for extreme strength.

There is versatility in how this vise can hold both lightweight and heavy materials. The benefits include a smooth anvil surface and easily replaceable machinist and pipe jaws. 

This machine is meant for precision so you can adjust it accordingly and allow it to operate every time you close the vise. 

It is well known for the forged steel and quality pipe jaws. The sturdiness and craftsmanship of this machine was well received by customers. The attachments are meant for longevity as the anvil is well machined and sizable for any construction unit. The packaging came in well secured and double padded to prevent any transportation damage. 

The pros to this machine is the captivating red appearance of the Yost design. This machine is very cost efficient for the quality of the machine. Since the attachments are specifically oxidized for durability, it can be suitable for any climate. One customer shared that it is great for even during humid climates. The performance around the 

One con is that the rubber rings may be slightly loose on the handle but it is still fully functional and ready for use. Still worth a mention this brand comes as a close runner up in the "American Made Bench Vise" competition.

Things We Liked About The Yost LV-4 Vise

  • Cost efficient
  • Used for extreme weight

Things We Didn't Like About The Yost LV-4 Vise

  • Loose rubber rings


The Tekton 6-Inch Swivel Bench Vise is known for its mounting holes with a 120 degree swivel base. This bench vise is multi-functional in any situation.

Once you assemble it, you can work faster because of how easy it is to use. The serrated jaws are replaceable and the anvil showcases a smooth surface. 

This "American Made Bench Vise" is known for its best dual lock-down nuts. The performance is smooth and reliable with consistent durability. It is well received to be used for smaller household work.

This bench vise has a great medium-duty vise. Another fine machine medium duty is the best TIG welders which can refine and create beautiful products. Combined with price the vise bench is a great asset to the work bench. It covers all the fundamental gunsmithing, carpentry, and household repairs. 

Editor’s rating is 4.6/5 because the equipment is very reliable and easy to maneuver. The customers are raving about the swivel feature which makes it easy to move around. Although at times the vise can seem heavy it is a quick installment. 

One notified con was that without proper precaution you can get metal splinters. However with safe gloves this can be easily preventable. 

Things We Liked About The Tekton 6-Inch Swivel Bench Vise

  • Stable dual lock-down nuts
  • Special swivel feature
  • Great reliability

Things We Didn't Like About The Tekton 6-Inch Swivel Bench Vise

  • Prone to small splinters


The Yost Vises ADI-4 Bench Vise is known for its 360 degrees swivel base. It has a strong foundation of a steel body and a weather resistant coating.

The jaws are also created with durable steel that can be strong under any condition. There is a safe measure of guide rails for precision in your workpiece.  

This bench vise is also portable because of it’s lightweight structure. This is particularly used for extreme strength. 

Its strong built and easy process. This machine is meant for a strong hold as the body is made from cast iron. The black oxide hardware sets it apart from most vises. The customer rates this piece of equipment as a “jack of all trades”. It is praised for its vibrant red hue and the jaw alignments. 

This bench vise is praised for its great steel adaptability. It can hold extreme levels of strength with precision. The dependability of this vise’s steady performance and a sizable anvil. The only remarks are considering the bolts provided in the package. Occasionally, the bolts may be hard to recenter but due to the vise’s lifetime warranty you can easily call and reorder the package. 

Things We Liked About The Yost Vises ADI-4 Bench Vise

  • Heavy duty reliability
  • Extreme strength

Things We Didn't Like about The Yost Vises ADI-4 Bench Vise

  • Holes off center


The PanaVise 350 Multi Purpose Bench Vise is known for its special turn and rotating technology. This bench vise is all about providing the maximum efficiency for its users. 

It can be from anywhere to home repairs or sturdy construction sites. The structure is designed for gripping onto larger and heavier items.  

It is easy to adjust it with the workbench and it can be a great self-centering. It has the special qualities of angled rotations which is also compatible with other head accessories. 

It is made for a compact workspace. Customers are very happy about the wide range quality of the self centering jaws. Often times it's hard to rearrange the piece of wood constantly but with this range you’ll never fall short. Also the wide base is great for holding down the vise and it's very handy to move the little trays. 

The pros are in the high tech design. Since the base it super flat it's easy to create stability and overall control. The customers love this factor because it allows them to move the available clamps according to their liking. The only con is the misalignment of the box but that could be fixed with just one phone call with the manufacturer. 

Things We Liked about PanaVise 350 Multi Purpose Bench Vise

  • High tech rotations
  • Flat base

Things We Didn't Like About PanaVise 350 Multi Purpose Bench Vise

  • Misalignment in packaging


The Eclipse Quick Release Woodworking vise is known for its speed and quickness. The quick trigger can allow customers to have a fast arrangement of the clasp.

It can all start with just a release of the clamp and an adjustable front to help the tail of the vise. It can come with predrilled holes for mounting the workbench.

The heavy cast iron jaws and solid steel rods are made for heavy duty work. It can last any condition of rugged workpieces. 

The tommy bar is placed for safety precautions. Also you won’t have to do the work of drilling holes because they’re already pre-drilled. You can quickly change the opening of the vise. Also it is known for high quality fabrication and the performance is smooth. Customers who work with professional bench environments are raving about the versatility of this vise.

The guide rods and the fast release allow an efficient workspace. The only minor con is in the lead screw of the vise being pitted from chatter marks. 

Things We Liked About The Eclipse Quick Release Woodworking Vise

  • Fast release
  • Wide range

bout The Eclipse Quick Release Woodworking Vise

  • Pitted lead screw


The Wilton Tool 10010 Bench Vise is great because it includes the mounting bracket. This is built for the toughest road conditions so it can be taken anywhere.

The large anvil is great for forming new material. In order to prevent rust they’ve coated in powder.  

The clamping force is very reliable and even waterproof. A customer reviewed that even with rainfall the clamp was still intact with no rust. 

The heavy duty bench vise is handy for any workfield. This is known for heavy duty material and carrying it is useful for holding down pipes. It has a secure lock which is good for any form of workpiece. It’s also easily portable which is great if you want to slam iron for a service truck. 

The pros are shown in the handy hand hold which showcases the durability of this product. Since its so heavy duty it allows more precision for the object to be carried out. 

The only con is a slight shipping replacement but with one call to the manufacturer this can be easily fixed. 

Things We Liked About The Wilton Tool 10010 Bench Vise

  • Heavy hand hold
  • Comes with mounting bracket

Things We Didn't Like About The Wilton Tool 10010 Bench Vise

  • Shipping issues


The IRWIN Tools Multi-purpose bench vise is known for its rotating pipe jaws.

This creates an incorporated anvil which makes the vise consistent and steady for work. The fused steel handle allows users to move it around according to their preference. 

The swivel base is also very convenient for an entire 360 degree rotation. 

The customers are praising the higher grade cast steel design. It can be used in places such as dock levels without being chipped or broken.  The angles are multi-functional as you can swivel it to the vise. Lots of people believe that the quality of this vise is a fit price for the special features of the vise. The machined steel clamp is utilized for the depth of jaws and this feature allows people to go deeper than usual. 

The pros are seen in its adjustable swivel and design. This vise opens a lot wider which allows the workspace to be used more efficiently. The moveable parts creates smooth operation for the customers. The only complaint is in the jaws being broken off but you can contact the manufacturer for a full refund and a new bench vise. 

bout The Irwin Tools Multi-Purpose Bench Vise

  • Adjustable swivel
  • Rotating pipe jaws

Things We Didn't Like about The Irwin Tools Multi-Purpose Bench Vise

  • Shipping deficiency

Grey WEN 454BVGrey WEN 454BV

The WEN 454BV Bench Vise is best known for its spacious jaws that can easily expand. This is perfect for your workpieces that have to do with sawing, drilling, or grinding.

 Whatever the task may be the grips also allows for your object to be tightly secured. The parts don’t easily bind and screws are smooth and easy to maneuver.

The finished and detailing is minimal. The exterior is coated in a thin layer of oil and the vise is easy to assemble. It’s a sturdy and strong vise that won’t slide any object around. A great alternative could be a welding vise that you can purchase seeing the top-rated MIG welder. You can adjust the angles and the operation is steady and secure.

 The only reported con is that the vise is not as big as the customer may have wanted. Regarding this issue you can easily find larger vises or adjust the jaws according to your workpiece. 

Things We Liked About The Wen 454bv Bench Vise

  • Spacious jaw range
  • Easy installment

Things We Didn't Like About The Wen 454bv Bench Vise

  • Sizing issue


1. What is a bench vice for?

A bench vise is a mechanical device used to secure a workpiece. As part of the design, it includes two parallel jaws. The instrument is widely utilized in a variety of industries, including mechanical and woodworking.

2. Are Wilton vises made in America?

The Combination Pipe and Bench vise is proudly built in the United States of America and is designed to handle the most demanding clamping situations.

3. Why are bench vises so expensive?

Bench Vises built in the USA are essentially more expensive, but they are of higher quality and durability. Wilton is one brand of bench vises that stands out. Although Wilton's remain are extremely expensive, even a small 4′′ one can cost up to $800.

4. What Vise is the strongest?

When a heavy-duty vise at a reasonable price is required, the ADI-6 (replacing the FSV-6) is difficult to surpass. Built from extremely strong austempered ductile iron (ADI) with a tensile strength of 130,000 PSI, this vise is four times stronger than normal cast iron and the strongest bench vise on the market.

5. Is bench vise a holding tool?

Vise, alternatively spelled Vice, device with two parallel jaws for holding a workpiece; one jaw is set in place, while the other is moveable through a screw, lever, or cam. When a vise is used to secure a workpiece during manual tasks such as filing, hammering, or cutting, it might be permanently affixed to a bench.

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