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5 Top Picks


17 Hours of Research

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Our Score: 90/100

  • 14 mil thickness
  • Blue flame retardant transparent vinyl
  • Provides optical protection

Our Score: 87/100

  • Blocks most UV radiation
  • Grommeted on all four sides
  • Thickness 14 mil

Our Score: 82/100

  • Extremely versatile
  • It comes with a zinc pipe frame
  • Lightweight - 15 lbs including curtain

Our Score: 79/100

  • 14 mil thickness
  • Excellent protection from flames and heat
  • It's  transparent

Welding is a noisy process, and it creates a lot of heat and dangerous fumes. It is very prudent that you protect those around you from the heat, noise, and fumes.

How do you do that? With welding curtains, of course.

Last Updated: June 3, 2021

By Gregory Sanders: This article has been updated to reflect the most accurate information regarding welding curtains available for those who are interested in welding. The best 4 available have changed, and information has been added to assist individuals in finding the best welding curtains currently available on the market. The FAQ has also been updated.

Welding Curtain Reviews

Below are individual welding curtains that we have reviewed and placed in order of our favorite.

#1 - Tillman 604R68 6' X 8 1 Panel Transparent Blue Vinyl Welding Curtain

Tillman 604R68 6' X 8 1 Panel Pros

One of the better-known manufacturers of welding curtains is Tillman. Their curtains are widely regarded as the sturdiest while retaining the most flexibility.

Their Tillman 604R68 Transparent Welding Curtain is just that – highly resistant to both naked flame and heat, but also very flexible, and, even better, transparent (at least partially) so you can see where you’re going with the arc.

Not only that, but the curtain disperses the arc, actually, which helps greatly with your precision.

Tillman 604R68 6' X 8 1 Panel Cons

Unfortunately, not all parts of the curtain are as resistant to heat as the material itself. The curtain grommets may not be able to handle extremely high temperatures.


This is an outstanding product with the full effectiveness of what you would expect from Tillman.

It is not recommended for use at extremely high temperatures, as the grommets may not hold up.

#2 - Steiner 332-6X8 ArcView 14 mm Flame Retardant Curtain

Steiner 332-6X8 Arcview 14 mm Pros

There is nothing better for a product than to have a highly regarded brand name.

Steiner 332-6X8 ArcView is one of the best curtains on the market, but not simply because it comes from Steiner.

The ArcView is incredibly sturdy and is made from the best possible materials, fully capable of blocking heat, excessive light, and UV radiation. 

On top of that, the product is CFM certified and is known for its fire-retardant capabilities.

Steiner 332-6X8 Arcview 14 mm Cons

This curtain has been known to shrink gradually when faced with intense heat for a long period of time.  


Steiner is known for producing excellent welding accessories. The material used for the creation of ArcView is stupendous – it is fire-retardant, heat resistant, and transparent enough to see what you’re doing.

All in all, we would recommend it highly if wasn’t for the problem with slight shrinkage.

#3 - Sellstrom S97240-3 Cepro Vinyl Gazelle Welding Curtain and Lightweight Frame Kit

Sellstrom S97240-3 Cepro Vinyl Pros

Sellstorm Cepro is the one and only welding curtain we review that actually comes with a frame.

While the others rely solely on grommets, this one does not have to.

This makes the Sellstorm welding curtain much more convenient to set up and also move from location to location as the zinc pipe frame is very easy to assemble and disassemble, according to your needs. 

The curtain is fire-retardant and heat-resistant, and also transparent, all the while protecting the onlookers from the blinding light of the torch.

Sellstrom S97240-3 Cepro Vinyl Cons

Alas, no product is without flaws. Since this product is actually a kit and not a simple curtain per se, its price is higher.


Overall, the Sellstorm is an awesome product. It is the sturdiest welding curtain of all those we reviewed; however, that feature does not come cheaply as it is also one of the most expensive.

#4 - Tillman 603R68 6' X 8' Orange Vinyl Replacement Welding Curtain

Tillman 603R68 6' X 8' Orange Vinyl Pros

Last but not least is the Tillman 603R68 Replacement Welding Curtain.

But don’t be fooled by its name, this curtain is no replacement – it will be your go-to curtain from the get-go.The curtain is 14 millimeters thick and offers excellent protection from flames and heat. 

It is also transparent, and the material is made to disperse the arc light amazingly, protecting the eyes of bystanders while offering an excellent view of the inside.

Tillman 603R68 6' X 8' Orange Vinyl Cons

Being 14 millimeters thick, this curtain is quite heavy. This curtain does not have a frame but rather hangs from grommets. Under the weight of the material and when exposed to intense heat over a prolonged period, the grommets may pop out.


In essence, you can always look to Tillman to produce excellent curtains at an affordable price. The heat protection and transparency are excellent features; however, the weakness of their grommets can interfere with the product’s overall quality in situations of extreme heat.

Why Use a Welding Curtain?

Welding curtains are primarily used as a way to cordon off a part of the workshop, and create a sort of a “room”, if you will, that contains the welding process.

In many industries involving metals and metallurgy, you can bet that there will be welding. The fumes and heat can be an annoyance or even harmful.

Welding Curtain in a Shop

Sparks can get onto the clothes of your coworkers, singe them, or, even worse, cause them to catch fire! I mean, that’s why you yourself are wearing welding protective gear in the first place.

Setting Up A Welding Curtain

So, how do you set the curtains up? It’s actually very easy. Most of the curtains come with grommets through which you can run a pole.

You also have frames for the curtains, and some curtains come with frames of their own, so you can easily hang them up, and form a “room” around you so you can safely weld without endangering others.

But curtains have another function also. They not only protect from the heat, fumes, and sparks, but they also protect from light.

Welding Behind a Curtain

There are opaque curtains that contain the bright light that is associated with welding. This is the same reason you’re wearing a mask or a pair of goggles.

Welding produces flashes of very brilliant light, which can cause irreparable damage to the naked eye.

There are several welding curtains on the market and not all will suit the welder’s purposes. We have looked at most and reviewed and compared them to determine what we believe are the best 4 welding curtains currently out there.


As you can see, there are some excellent welding curtain choices on the market, and you will likely be satisfied with any of them.

Welding curtains protect those around you from the hazards of welding and will ensure a safe working environment.

They protect from the heat, sparks, and light, and are thus a necessity for any place where there is plenty of welding.

In the end, the choice is yours and comes down to how flexible you need the curtain to be and how much heat and flame resistance you need. 


1. Why do welding curtains have different colors?

Apart from serving as a visual cue to outside workers, the color of welding screens serves another purpose. The color of the welding light can affect the eyes of both the worker and any bystanders. This is because the screens absorb UV radiation, and the color is critical, as different colors absorb varying amounts of radiation.

2. What color welding screen is best?

Blue – Blue is an excellent choice for welding situations requiring moderate to high levels of protection, as the dark color protects the eyes by blocking out a significant amount of UV light. Green is an excellent choice for environments that require a high level of protection, such as plasma cutting and laser welding facilities.

3. Do welding curtains block UV light?

One of the functions of welding curtains is to prevent ultraviolet light from passing through the curtain. In general, when used at the appropriate frequencies, all colors will block approximately 90-99 percent of this light from escaping.

4. When should you use welding screens?

One of the functions of welding curtains is to prevent ultraviolet light from passing through the curtain. In general, when used at the appropriate frequencies, all colors will block approximately 90-99 percent of this light from escaping.

5. Does OSHA require welding curtains?

Plastic is used to construct the transparent welding curtains in question. Therefore, workers and others close to welding areas must either use noncombustible or flameproof screens or shields or wear appropriate goggles to protect themselves from the rays.

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