Top 6 Best Welding Shirts – Reviews & Comparisons 2020

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Looking for the Best Welding Shirts?

Buying a shirt is a pretty trivial task for most. But if you’re a welder, your life is on the line when purchasing a shirt. I’m not even exaggerating – the risk of fatal injury is more than four deaths per thousand welders. Luckily, more and more brands are cropping up and offering safer and better-looking shirts.

But it’s really not worth taking your chances on shirts that don’t already have a reputation for being reliable. Don’t fret; you don’t have to research for the best options – I’ve done it for you! Here’s a list of 6 best welding shirts that will keep you looking dapper and also keep you protected.

6 Best Welding Shirts That Look Good And Keep You Protected

#1 Revco Black Stallion

The hooded sweatshirt design of the Revco/Black Stallion JF1331 gives it an inherent advantage over other shirts on this list. 

The hooded style allows it to give you added protection while keeping you looking good. The welder’s collar doesn’t make you look out of place, and the sturdy snaps on the collar hold the removable hood in place.

The hood is large enough to hold your helmet, and you can slip it off your head any time to get some weight off your head and cool off.

It’s fire-resistant and has a CAT 2 arc rating, which means it’ll hold up to the heat from spatter a lot better than a regular shirt.

The soapstone holder is a huge plus, but the scribe pockets feel out of place to some welders that are used to having front pockets. 

But the closure over the pockets keeps sparks out, ensuring that the contents are safe.

While the material is comfortable and looks thick, the sweatshirt doesn’t get too warm. As long as you wear cotton on the inside, you’ll get through a workday without heating up.

It’s the voguish option meant for welders with an eye for utility – getting this will not only keep you safe, but its pockets and hood will make your job a tiny bit easier.


  • Soapstone holder and large, removable hood
  • Available in three sizes
  • CAT 2 arc rating
  • Doesn’t get excessively hot


  • Prone to shrinking

#2 Bulwark Flame Resistant Work Shirt

When it comes to comfort, it is hard to beat the Bulwark Flame Resistant Work Shirt, since it’s made out of 7oz. 100% cotton.

While the shirt looks like regular work-wear, it exceeds the HRC1 standards and has a CAT 1 arc rating with the APTX = 7.7 calories/cm2.

The shirt is available in four colors: light blue, navy, silver-grey, and khaki, which makes it look a lot like the much more expensive Lapco welding shirts.

The plain color, coupled with the 7-button closure gives you a classy look. But one thing I really like about the shirt is that it comes with sleeve vents.

Sleeve vents are slits located right above the buttons. These slits leave small gaps in your sleeves that aren’t usually present, making the shirt more breathable and perfect for warm days. 

But you don’t have to worry about getting in trouble in an inspection since the vents are 100% safe.

The shirt doesn’t shrink a lot, and holds up to both home and industrial wash well, which is excellent. But the buttoned pockets on the front aren’t wide enough to slip a phone into.

But overall, it’s comfortable, classy-looking, and, most importantly, supplies adequate protection – making it one of the best welding shirts in the market.


  • Excellent pricing
  • Sleeve vents
  • Minimal shrinkage
  • Classy look


  • Front pockets aren’t wide enough for phones

#3 Benchmark FR Ultra Lightweight FR Shirt

It’s common knowledge that 7 ounce fabrics are pretty thick, and if you live down South, the lightweight 5.1-ounce Benchmark FR shirt can be a blessing.

While it is noticeably lighter, no compromises are made to your safety. It has a CAT 2 arc rating, an ATPV of 9 cal, and an NFPA 2112 certification, making it one of the safest welding shirts available.

The simple shirt comes in three colors and boasts some of the industry’s best moisture-wicking capabilities, which is often acknowledged and appreciated by existing customers.

The grid structure of the fabric is loaded with Kevlar and ballistic nylon, which don’t wash away no matter how many times it’s laundered.

The front pockets are broad, but if you’re looking for a pearl snap welding shirt, this is not the right option for you, since it uses regular buttons.

But the excellent protection, high durability, and lightweight design make this BENCHMARK shirt worth every penny.


  • No shrinkage, no fade
  • Fire resistance does not wash away
  • Lightweight and super comfortable


  • Expensive

#4 Carhartt Big & Tall Welding Shirt

Carhartt welding shirts are best-known for the excellent protection they offer, but the Big & Tall welding shirt does you one better:

Since it’s a twirl shirt, it’s inherently moisture-wicking, making it the perfect shirt for warm weather. The shirt is made of 88% cotton and 12% high-tenacity nylon, which makes it more durable than similarly-priced shirts and also makes it lighter at 6 ounces.

The fabric is anti-odor treated, which is a huge plus, and the ATPV rating of 8.7 means that it’s built to meet NFPA 70E and NFPA 2112 requirements.


  • Comes in five colors and many sizes
  • Includes the standard Carhartt pen slot in the left breast pocket
  • Adjustable cuffs for enhanced fit
  • Machine-washable


  • Sizing issues

#5 Lincoln Electric Welding Shirt

If sizing problems gripe you, the Lincoln Electric Welding Shirt is right for you. It comes in five sizes, and the premium flame retardant fabric keeps you both safe and comfortable.

The shoulders, neck, button column, and the cuffs are the points where you’re most prone to injury. The shirt is double-layered at all these points, enhancing safety.

But the trade-off is the heavy weight, which is why it didn’t make it to the top of the list.


  • Top-notch protection
  • Machine washable
  • Flip-up protection collar
  • Comes with pencil holder slot


  • Heavy at 9 ounces

#6 Wrangler Fire Resistant Work Shirt

Wrangler is best-known in the welding industry for its stylish denim welding shirts and also its western welding shirts.

But the regular fire resistant work shirt rarely gets the credit it deserves. The fabric is super comfortable and wicks away moisture with ease.

The 8 Cal rating ensures that you are safe, and the high-wear areas are triple-stitched, making it so that your investment lasts years.


  • Comes in 12 styles
  • Machine washable
  • Impeccably comfortable


  • Sizing inconsistencies


What is the arc rating?

The arc rating is a measure of a fabric’s ability to insulate the wearer from second-degree burns. The higher the number, the better. 

Can a welding shirt last as long as a regular shirt?

Even the best welding shirts have a limited life, but if you don’t want your shirt to stain and look new for longer, you can consider starching it. You can do this at home, but if you’re inexperienced, you can enquire at your local laundry shop.


The Revco Black Stallion not only looks cool, but it also supplies a ton of practical features like the concealed soapstone holder and the removable hood, which make it my top recommendation.

The top-notch CAT 2 rating ensures safety, and the sleek flaps keep sparks and spatter out of your pockets. The welder’s collar seals the modern look and also keeps you safe. 

It might look warm, but it keeps you cool – making it hard NOT to recommend.

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