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Most welding professionals can relate to a distinctly different time before and after owning a good welding machine. Regardless of whether you are using MIG, TIG, or stick welding, it is essential that the welder is packed with power and has a reliable output.

After an extensive review, we feel the Chicago Electric 90-AMP Flux Wire welder is not just a good buy in terms of price but is also exceptionally powerful and versatile. Take a quick read about its features, usability, specs, pros, and potential cons.

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Choosing welding as a profession can be quite expensive. You need to look for a multipurpose premium quality welder with other welding equipment like welding helmet, cart, etc.

To overcome such issues, the Chicago Electric Welder Review is what you need.

It is one of the most durable welders with a varied range of applications. With the safety features installed, this welder has ease of usage as well. It suits for DIYs as well as for large industries.


Check out the specs of the Chicago Electric 90-AMP Flux Wire Welder

  • Voltage supply: 120V single phase input
  • Power source: AC
  • Material: Mild steel alloy, mild aluminum
  • Maximum Amperage: 20 amps
  • Gas Regulator: None
  • Weight: 36.5 pounds
  • Duty cycle: 20% of 90 amp


  • Light Indicator: To avoid thermal overloading, there is a light indicator in this system as a safety measure.
  • Auto-shutoff: The protection system auto-cuts the machine when the machine overheats, and then restart itself as soon as the device cools down.
  • Material: This welder works well with mild steel and aluminum, although it didn’t work on stainless steel.
  • Variable Steep Control: Assures long-lasting and excellent performance.
  • Input Power: It works with an input power 120V and thus standard for regular household supply.
  • Chicago Electric 90-AMP Flux Wire welder parts are made up of high-quality material and reliable.
  • Portability and Convenient Storage: With a lightweight of only 36.5 pounds, this welder is very portable and efficient.
  • Affordability: It is quite budget-friendly and suits well for household and professional usage.


Some welding machines require pretty much a lot of knowledge about the functioning and features of welders, and thus only professionals can run them well. Chicago Electric 90-AMP Flux Wire welder is different.

The set-up of this welder is very straight and simple. You can follow the Chicago Electric Welder Review manual to set-up the machine quickly. With a smooth performance and multi-functionality, even professionals can use this machine for their tedious tasks.

As a beginner, you can use this machine for essential household repairs and DIYs.

This machine supports the primary household voltage, and thus you can plug it into any outlet you want. With its cooling mechanism, this machine lasts longer with exceptional working performance.

This welder comes with a decent warranty and is quite pocket friendly as well.

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Chicago electric 90-amp welder is a full-fledged of safety measure. Like, it has an auto-cut power supply that itself switches the welder off when the machine begins to overheat and then turns the welder on as soon as the temperature balances. It also has an indicator that beeps when the welder over-heats.

But, apart from this, there are some precautions that users need to follow like, wearing the welding helmet and gloves while using the welder. Avoid touching the flux right after you use the machine.


As mentioned above, this is a low power welding machine and requires 120V of input voltage and 90 amperages with a 20% duty cycle.

But this doesn’t affect the performance of the welding machine. The machine works perfectly for light industrial purposes and household repairing.


This machine weighs only 36.5 pounds, which justifies its portability, and storage efficiency well. Apart from this, Chicago Electric 90-AMP Flux Wire welder replacement parts are detachable as well

To minimize this machine’s transport hassle, one can detach its part and then move the welder quickly.

Chicago Electric 90-AMP Flux Wire welder Pros
  • You don’t need to put much effort to operate this welder. The instructional manual makes it very easy to set-up this machine.
  • This is a gasless welder and thus doesn’t require any gas regulator.
  • It has a cooling mechanism to avoid thermal overloading. Also, it has an overloading indicator that indicates the overheating of the welder.
  • You can use it for small household projects as well as light industrial works.
  • This is quite budget-friendly and portable as well due to its lightweight.
  • It works on the low input power of 120V and 90 amps with a 20% duty cycle.

    This welder is appropriate for newbies as well as for experts because of its multi-functionality.

Chicago Electric 90-AMP Flux Wire welder Cons
  • This welding machine is not suitable for heavy industrial working because of its low power consumption.


We understand choosing the right welder can become pretty challenging. But, trust me, the Chicago Electric 90-AMP Flux Wire welder is way better than most other products in this price range.

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1. Are Chicago electric welders any good?

This item is exceptionally well constructed, quiet, and welds well—excellent value for a fantastic unit. But, don't be deceived; you get some quite substantial items with them.


The Chicago electric 90-amp welder is a complete safety device. For example, it features an auto-cut power supply that automatically shuts down the welder when the machine begins to overheat and restarts it once the temperature balances. Additionally, it features an indicator that beeps when the welder reaches an abnormally high temperature.

3. What is the power required by the CHICAGO ELECTRIC WELDERS to operate?

As previously stated, this is a piece of low-power welding equipment that operates at 120V input voltage and 90 amps with a 20% duty cycle.
However, this does not affect the welding machine's performance. As a result, the equipment is ideal for minor industrial applications as well as residential repairs.

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