Eastwood Tig 200 Review – Is It Worth The Money?

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Looking for the Eastwood Tig 200 Review?

If your Planning of welding and looking for a TIG welding solution, you are in luck! With excellent control and a versatile way of welding different metals, it’s the most efficient mechanism. One such welder is the Eastwood TIG 200.

Today we will share our Eastwood TIG 200 reviews. Take a quick read to know its pros, cons, standout features, and more.


Eastwood Tig 200 Review

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Eastwood TIG 200 welder can weld thin or heavy-gauge metals with exceptional ease due to its high-frequency technology. Its voltage self-sensing circuitry detects the power source range of 110 to 240 volt automatically.

Also, the high-frequency feature guarantees a jiff start and an instant arc with no tungsten contamination.


The following are the most critical specifications of the Eastwood TIG 200:

  • Input Voltage Single Phase: 110 VAC or 220 V AC (±15%) @50-60Hz
  • Input/Output Amperage: 28 Amps and 10-200 Amps AC/DC, respectively.
  • Frequency of AC Welding: 60 Hz
  • Output (no-load voltage): 56V DC.
  • Product Net Weight: 40lbs (20.4kg).
  • Product Dimension: 19.1× 9.8× 20.0 (inches)


  • Input: It works on both 110VAC at 15amp circuit or 220V AC at 30amp course.
  • Maximum Thickness: Capacity of welding ¼” thickness on 220V AC.
  • Controls: Precise arc control starts on high-frequency.
  • Torch Type: It collects up to ⅛” electrodes and standard cups are accepted by ”WP-17” type torch.
  • Duty Cycle: It has a duty cycle of 120V AC 60% at 145 Amps and 220V AC 60% at 190 Amps.
  • Settings and Preset: It has a programmable setting with five factors and 15 customizable presets.
  • Gas Flow Adjustment Meter: It comes with a gas flow adjustment meter.
  • Amperage Control: It is controlled by two and four touch fingers for amperage control.


Whether for home impersonator or a professional technician, you get a welder with all the industrial TIG features at a reasonable price. TIG welders are perfectly designed for Home improvement and those in this field for long. Moreover, with some additional help from experts, you can quickly learn the controls.

The power switch at the right of the rear panel serves as an overload circuit breaker, and the clearance effect controls cleanliness when penetrating occurs. There has a flow indicator gauge set between 12 to 21 SCPH.

As an expert, you can promote its quality of being suited to serve a purpose by buying additional torch and other consumables.

Eastwood Tig 200 Review

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Welding can be dangerous sometimes if correct measures are not taken. Though the instruction guide gives you all precautions to avoid any harm, few things should be noted.

The switch on the torch controls the power switch feature as the overload circuit breaker other than starting and stopping the arc. While using the torch switch, the Amperage is set on the adjustment knob. Keep in mind to wear durable flame-resistant clothing as a precaution to any unforeseen situation.

If trying to attempt this machine on an actual project, do practice on a similar material. It is extremely important to see can advise from an experienced technician.


Eastwood TIG 200 comes with industrial TIG features, which gives a powerful welding ability and power source of 110 to 240 voltage supply. It works on both TIG and Strike functions.

It has a duty cycle of 60% at 190 amps within 10 minutes, which is easy to divide into 2 minutes 30 seconds for weld and 7 minutes 30 seconds for the welder’s cooling. Welder shuts off automatically if the duty cycle exceeds its limit.


Welders are generally very expansive and resembling in weight, with great functionality. But Eastwood TIG 200, when compared to other featured brand and their units it weighs the least. With a weight of 40 pounds, it allows a convenient way to carry a machine while welding.

  • It comes with a high- frequency pilot arc.
  • It also consists of a square wave inverter giving practical welding in aluminum with 80% efficiency.
  • Voltage changes quickly from 220 v to 110v with the power adaptor.
  • It comes with a three-year warranty and at a pretty affordable price range.
  • Uses less electricity and provide a more standard welding arc.
  • WP-17 torch type accepts standard cups and collects up to ⅛ inch electrodes.
  • It does not need to be dragged around the area while working. Easy to use interface. Flexible adaptor to switch from AC to DC mode.
  • The manual given with this machine needs to be updated with more information and usage procedure.
  • The foot pedal doesn’t give a quality performance and often breaks. You have to use it until it needs replacement or get a new one.


Eastwood Tig 200 Review

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By using Eastwood TIG welder, you can get professional quality, clean, and finished work within a matter of minutes. You can undoubtedly label this digital 200-amp welder as one of the best at a reasonable price. It is recommended for experts and amateur welders both.

But above all, never miss to have your safety gear on whenever working with welding machines. They can be pretty hazardous in times of incorrect or over-usage. Apart from that, the Eastwood TIG 200 already comes packed with safety features.

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