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Looking for a Esab Rebel EMP 215ic Review that’s honest?

Welding is an integral and routine part of several industries, like auto, architecture, aerospace, shipbuilding, and space equipment. As every kind of welding process requires a specific welding machine, buying different tools for particular processes may become pretty expensive.

The good thing is that there are several multi-process welders available in the market. One such is the Esab Rebel EMP 215ic which has excellent performance ratings with faster and sharper welds. In today’s post, we’ll share our take on the Esab Rebel EMP 215ic review.

We loved its high energy efficiency, weld quality, and the compact build but have a few compromises too.

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The Esab Rebel EMP 215IC welder is a known name in several industries, including agriculture, automotive, and light fabrication. It is a pretty neatly done welder that is also multi-purpose and can be used for various metals like aluminum, steel across thicknesses.

One of the reasons both beginners and pro users prefer it is its user-friendliness. Moreover, the flexible bending provides quite decent arcs and smooth edges even if it’s not an advanced user.


A must mention in the Esab Rebel EMP 215ic review has some really amazing specs:

  • Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Works on 20% Duty-Cycle at 120V MIG and 30% Duty-Cycle at 230V MIG
  • Input Voltage: 7KWA-230V
  • Voltage tolerance: 95-270V
  • Weight: 55 pounds
  • Maximum spool diameter: 4-8 inches
  • Plate thickness: 9.5mm


  • Multifunctional performance: You can use this welding machine for MIG, TIG, stick, and flux-core welding purposes. It works well on a series of metals, including stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel, and in varying thicknesses.
  • Automatic set-up: The automatic set-up saves both time and effort. You do not need to reset the settings every time, and it can remember the pre-fed settings.
  • Multiple modes: It has two separate modes, beginner and professional.
  • TFT screen: To provide a perfect welding snapshot, it has a 4.3 inches TFT screen.
  • Cooling mechanism: It also has a cooling mechanism to avoid short-circuits.
  • Dual voltage: Works on 120V and 230V supply, with the best output power of 200 Amp.
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It is a pretty smart welding machine given the two different user modes, professional and beginner. While the beginner mode provides basic welding functionalities, you can use it for repairing or DIY. The professional mode offers features like ARC for lightweight industries.

Apart from the different modes, it also comes with an innovative display. The 4.3-inch display shows the current status of the welding project. Also, it supports quite a few different languages to add to the user-friendly interface.


Safety becomes crucial when you are using an electric device, and the welding machine is no exception.

Wear gloves, helmet, and safety goggles to avoid sparks. This welding machine has an auto-voltage cut technology that automatically cuts the power supply for a while when the machine’s temperature crosses the threshold.

It additionally has a cooling material to avoid the extensive heating of the flux.


This welding machine works on a very high voltage. It works on a dual voltage supply of 120V with 20% duty-cycle and 230V on 30% duty-cycle depending upon the materials you are using.

It works at a frequency of 50 to 60 Hz. With an auto-cut facility, it cuts the additional voltage supply.

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Weighing about 55 pounds, it becomes quite difficult to lift this welding machine single-handedly. But to solve the issue of its heavyweight, this machine comes with comfortable handles too. The handles provide a good firm grip to the users while pulling or lifting it.

But it can be somewhat difficult to store this welding machine due to its substantial built.

Esab Rebel EMP 215ic Pros
  • The procedure chart has all the necessary information about the voltage and amperage requirements for different materials.
  • The excellent bending limit makes it even more adaptable.
  • It has voltage flexibility, i.e., 20% duty-cycle at 120V and 30% duty cycle at 230V. It means it can be used for both home and commercial purposes.
  • It provides two modes of beginners and professional modes. So, a beginner can use the basic set-up. At the same time, professionals can use its advanced specifications like Arc.
  • The TFT LCD provides a preview of your work.
Esab Rebel EMP 215ic Cons
  • This machine works only on the DC power supply.
  • Some customers complain about its slightly higher budget.
  • It is significant in size, and convenient storage becomes difficult.


Our Esab rebel review was primarily based on performance, stability, and usability. We think it is a pretty great machine if you are considering low-maintenance cost as one of your criteria.

In fact, all the other features like dual modes, innovative display, five handle roller case, and voltage flexibility make it unlikely to regret buying this.

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1. Is ESAB REBEL EMP 215IC any good?

Esab rebel performance, stability, and usability were the primary criteria for our review. We believe it is an excellent machine if low maintenance costs are a priority.
Indeed, with other features like dual modes, a novel display, a five-handle roller case, and voltage flexibility, it's unlikely that you'll regret purchasing this.

2. Is ESAB REBEL EMP 215IC safe?

When working with an electric item, such as a welding machine, safety becomes paramount.
Avoid sparks by wearing gloves, a helmet, and safety goggles. This welding equipment features an auto-voltage cut feature that temporarily disables the power supply when the machine's temperature exceeds a preset threshold.

3. What is the power required by the ESAB REBEL EMP 215IC to operate?

This welding machine is used at an extremely high voltage. It operates on a dual voltage supply of 120V at 20% duty cycle and 230V at 30% duty cycle, depending on the materials used.
It operates at a frequency of between 50 and 60 Hz. It automatically switches off the excess voltage supply.

4. Are ESAB welders any good?

They are the epitome of a proper MP welder. Not only do they offer TIG and stick welding, but they also offer Flux-Cored MIG and gas-based welding. Their welders are powerful enough to tackle small industrial jobs or can be used as a comprehensive home-based solution for any do-it-yourself operation.

5. Where are ESAB rebel welders made?

The Rebel is engineered and designed in the United States of America and assembled in China.

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