Everlast PowerArc 140ST Review

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To put it simply, if you want a good wielding machine from a reputable and trustworthy brand with excellent value for the money, then the Everlast PowerARC 140ST should be your choice. Sadly, it's sold out now so we wanted to provide an ideal replacement.

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POWER: 90%
PRICE: 92%

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PowerArc 140 ST Review

Everlast offers a good variety of welding machines.

In this review we’re going to concentrate on just one of the company’s models, the Everlast PowerArc 140ST.

This unit is a small utility class welder which is flexible and portable. If you’re searching for a machine with those capabilities, the Everlast PowerArc 140ST could be a good choice.

The machine can be used for TIG and stick (SMAW) welding.

Plus, as it has dual voltage, it means you can use it anywhere as long as you have a power supply. It also has the capability to be run from a clean-power generator when there is no mains available.

Let’s look more closely at this versatile little welding marvel. Alternatively, here's a video for it from weld.com:

What is the Everlast PowerArc 140ST Best For?

This welder is ideal for those looking for a machine to start out with, as a beginner or as a hobbyist. 

It's also great if you are thinking of setting up a small workshop or business.

The Everlast PowerArc 140ST has enough power output to get you through most jobs and has everything you need for a variety of welding tasks.

If you’re a professional welder, and require an extra unit that is more portable than your other machines, this is well worth considering.

As it is portable, this machine is perfect for taking out on jobs “in the field.” You can connect it up and get started wherever you have an electricity supply or a suitable generator.

Everlast PowerArc 140ST Pros

Everlast Powerarc 140ST Review

The Everlast PowerArc 140ST has simple controls which are easy to figure out. Even an absolute beginner can get to grips with them.

All the information is on the digital display, and the controls are easy to understand and set. There is just one dial to set the amperage, and the display gives you an exact readout.

You have the option to run the machine on either 120v or 240v power supply or, as mentioned, a clean-power generator. So as long as you have one of these power sources to hand, there is no stopping you from using the unit anywhere it’s required.

Weighing only 25 pounds, the Everlast 140st is an impressive lightweight machine. Measuring only 6 inches by 10 inches by 12 inches, it is easy to move from place to place. You also get a great protective carry case included.

Marketed as the most energy efficient model of it’s type, this is perfect for those environmentally minded people who like to conserve energy, or those who just want to save on their power bills.

The Everlast PowerArc 140ST has an automatic hot start which helps to reduce the chances of the rod sticking when you strike. As you weld, the arc force control adjusts the arc length as you go. As the arc length falls, it reduces the voltage and boosts the current. This prevents the arc dropping and gives you a better performance when working with out of position welds.

For a basic machine, the Everlast 140ST has a great duty cycle that will allow you to spend more time working. The cycle is performed much better when connected to 240V but even at 120V, the cycle length is good.

For larger welds, you may be required to make a few passes, but it still handles these jobs well.

When you buy the Everlast PowerArc 140ST, or Everlast PowerMTS 211si you have everything you need to get started, right there in the box. The kit includes all the leads, gas hose and accessories. All of this comes in the carry case, which is impact resistant and includes a ground clamp and electrode holders.

To summarize, the major pros are:

  • simple controls
  • digital display
  • multiple power sources
  • automatic hot start
  • awesome duty cycle
  • can even handle large welds

Everlast PowerArc 140ST Cons

This model doesn’t have a foot pedal included and it has no solenoid built in, so you can’t add a foot pedal to the setup.

It does have a gas-mounted torch valve and, while this can take a little getting used to, it is more than capable of getting the job done.

The gas regulator is optional, so if you want to use the unit for TIG you will need to purchase one separately.

The manufacturer stipulates that the unit is not designed to weld with a 6010.  Some customers have tried and say they don’t have too many problems running the 6010. Others have tried, but had great difficulty.

If you need to get the deep penetration of a 6010, then you would be better opting for the Everlast 200ST.

The unit only has a DC output, so it is not able to TIG weld magnesium or aluminum. You could, however, stick weld these metals instead. To do this, however, you would need specialized rods, which are available, but can work out to be pretty expensive.

Customers have complained that machines have been damaged on receipt. After contacting customer services they have been left disappointed with the company’s action (or lack of it). Problems have not always been rectified, and some have experienced a long wait for a response.

To summarize, here are the cons:

  • no foot pedal and no  solenoid
  • Doesn't have amazing penetration
  • poor customer service

Everlast PowerArc 140ST Warranty Information

Everlast provides a good warranty on all its products. With all the IGBT units like this one, Everlast offers a five-year warranty.

However, in order for the warranty to be valid, you need to buy the product from an authorized distributor or retailer.

The warranty covers the product for breakage, failure or malfunction due to manufacturing defects, for the full five year period. This will cover both parts and labor and will start on the date of shipment.


 The Everlast PowerArc 140ST is a great portable unit. It is simple to use, with no complicated high-tech gadgets to get your head around. 

You get a reliable machine that will deliver a good level of performance. Considering it is such a small and compact machine, the welds it will give you are impressive. It is very versatile and you can use it just about anywhere. You will achieve some solid welds on any power setting.

If you are looking for a cheap, reliable and portable welding machine, then I’m sure you will appreciate the Everlast PowerArc 140ST. If you have a higher budget though there are certainly better options.

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