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Forney 324 TIG

One of the best welder manufacturers has got to be Forney. Their machines are very versatile and powerful, able to handle most welding jobs, delivering a lot higher amperage than most other welders. The Forney 324 is no exception and is an awesome buy.

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POWER: 85%
PRICE: 80%

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Today we’ll talking about Forney 324 190amp Multi-Process Welder, one of the most ubiquitous machines even by Forney standards.

In this article, we’ll go over some basic features and uses of the welder, and we’ll tell you a couple of cons too, as no welder is perfect.

What is the Forney 324 Best For?

It has to be said right at the start that the Forney 324 is extremely flexible.

This welder is able to weld in several styles, including stick, MIG, and TIG. The massive 190-amp output allows a great deal of adjustability to the task at hand.

Forney 324 Multi-Process Welder Pros

Here is a list of the pros. Read on to read about each one in more detail.

  • Great quality with solid build
  • Multi-functional
  • Powerful for the price

Sturdy Build Allows for Wide Variety of AppliCations

Also, its robustness is crucial to its performance.

The machine is very sturdily built indeed, and won’t buckle under overwhelming stress. This allows you to use it for a wide array of jobs, such as fabrication, industry, farm, automotive and boats.

Forney 324

Flexible for Various Types of Welding

The fact that the machine can use MIG welding makes it a great choice for any job requiring heavy-duty welding, as such welding creates strong and lasting joints. However, the machine can operate on both 120V and 220V, allowing it to take part in jobs that take a little bit of finer precision and are a bit more touchy-feely.

Also, the fact that the machine can operate on both of these voltages means that you can use it outside of United States freely.

Forney provides an adaptor with every purchase, so you don’t have to go looking for it. It also provides the MIG and TIG welding guns as well, and switching between the modes is very easy and feels very natural.

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Variable Welding Styles

The ability to change between welding styles is its greatest advantage and the strongest selling point. The versatility it offers you is just too good to pass up, and any welder worth his salt will be more than happy to work with it.

The fact that the machine can switch from one welding style to another with such ease is certainly very welcome, as it allows you to adjust to the material in the middle of a job.


Another great thing about the Forney 324 is its power. With 120/220V input and 190 amps output, this machine has the power you need to complete heavy-duty jobs. As you know, TIG welding requires low amperage, and this machine can certainly go that low.

But it is the heavy-duty jobs where this machine thrives most. Welding stainless steel requires a lot of power, and the Forney 324 can certainly deliver.

Lastly, the Forney 324 is very compact for the amount of work it can do. The machine is not overly heavy nor bulky and is easily portable.

This is also a great feature, considering that you might want to move around if there is a lot of welding to be done on some kind of a bigger construction.

Forney 324 Multi-Process Welder Cons

Of course, no welder is perfect, and the Forney 324 has some features that are less than ideal. Firstly, the wire feed speed knob is not of the best quality.

Another thing that could be called a hiccup is that the device is said to be very powerful, but cannot handle any material to weld greater than ¼’’ steel.

When it was tested on materials greater than ¼” thickness, the welder struggled. However, the welder can handle most other jobs, and welding anything under ¼’’ steel plate, you will be absolutely fine.

To summarize:

  • Low quality wire-feed speed knob
  • Not as powerful as advertised


Forney stands behind the quality of all of their products and provides great service to their customers.

There is 5-year parts-and-labor or replacement coverage on the transformer; 3 years on all other parts inside the battery charger or welder; and 1 year on external parts like cables. However, if you are using the welder for industrial purposes, the external parts are only covered for 90 days.

Customer service is very responsive as well, and they are always happy to help, whether you need info or require repairs to your machine. If they are unable to repair the issue, Forney will promptly replace the defective units without any hassle.


The Forney 324 is a great, powerful and compact welder.

It can handle must heavy-duty jobs that require a weld for material less than ¼’ thickness. The wire feed speed knob does leave a little to be desired. Still, this is an excellent welder at a great price, and we are sure that it will be a very satisfying purchase for you.

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