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Many professionals prefer MIG welding over other methods, mainly because of its accuracy and efficiency in cuts. But there are other factors to consider: input voltage, duty cycle, metal thickness, and even affordability. Keeping in mind all of this, we have put together a review of the Forney Easy Weld 271.

It is a perfect MIG welder that is feature-oriented and versatile. Quite obviously, when it comes to Forney, you can trust them on durability, but for the other specs, we have a thorough review here.

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The Forney 271 is a flux-core welder with a unique design for semi-professionals and newbies and has all the professional tools.

Forney products always have a good quality, and the Easy weld 271 is not any different. It is manufactured with durable plastic and high-quality thin gauge metal. There is no gas option, So, you can weld with it mild steel. It is quite budget-friendly as well.


  • Processes: Flux Cored (TCAW), MIG (GMAW), Stick(SWAM), TIG (GTAW)
  • Input voltage-120v
  • Weight- 24.8 pounds approx
  • Weldable materials- mild steel
  • Current type- 1-phase
  • Rated output- mig30% @90a
  • Amperage range- 10-140-amp output
  • Feed speed of wire: 97 to 197 IPM


  • Easy Set-Up: It is effortless to use and set up this welder and thus suits beginners.
  • Internal Thermal Protection: It has internal thermal protection, which is designed for safety purposes.
  • Auto-Shutoff: The auto-shutoff feature automatically turns off the welder when the unit starts to overheat and then switches the welder on as soon as the temperature stabilizes.
  • Input: The 120V input that this welder requires makes it perfect for household welding.
  • Variable Amperage Range: With a variable amperage range, this welder works very smoothly.
  • MIG Wheel: With a fabulous MIG wheel, this welder also contains a TIG lift arc appropriate for TIG welding.


It is effortless to use this welder. Its 120-volt input is coupled with its 125-amp output, which means you will get more power than expected since it has a flux core unit to operate, which makes this machine more convenient to use than ever.

The regular wire contaminated the gun liner, which makes welding super easy. However, it has a wire feed and voltage setting infinite, which allows you to work according to your requirements.

Forney Easy Weld 271 multi-process welder comes with a gas cylinder separately. It weighs only about 19 lbs that eliminate the need for an extra welding cart. With all this, it also has a large handle on its top, which makes this welder so convenient.

The overlook of a machine is very notable. Its outer shell is made up of metal, which protects the device from damage and makes the machine look super classy.

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Forney weld machine is made up of the latest flux-core design specially designed by experts to make the device even safer.

As soon as the machine starts to overheat, the auto-shut mechanism comes into action and immediately turns the welder off. It is very lightweight compared to other weld machines, which makes this easy to use and less to damage.


Although the Forney Easy weld 271 is small, still it can weld up to ½ inch of mild steel. It works on 120v input and 90amp output well. It can also weld up to 1/8 inch of the electrode.

Even you can weld 16 gauge of the project with this welder in one go. Forney Easy weld 271 also has an inverter power mechanism with an input voltage of 120-volt.

As we know, that it has very lightweight as compared to other welders in the market; this is super convenient and easy to use as a welder. All in all, the Forney Easy Weld 27 1 is the best choice for you as per the power point of view.


Forney Easy Weld 271 is made up of very premium quality material, and thus, it is both sturdy and light. It weighs about 28.9 lbs, which makes this potable.

You can fetch this welder and you at the working site without the help of any welding cart. This welder is ideal for workshops as well.

  • Its wire loads smoothly and quickly.
  • Compact and sturdy, and Lightweight, thus easy to carry along.
  • It doesn’t require any additional skills for its operation and therefore suits beginners well.
  • Multipurpose unit.
  • Infinite adjustable feed speed.
  • IT is a very versatile machine.
  • Being durable, one can use this welder in harsh conditions fearlessly.
  • It also has a pretty lightweight, and so you can move it around the workshop as per your wish.
  • You need to purchase a gas regulator separately.
  • The duty cycle is comparatively low.


If your primary requirement is versatility and power, we cannot recommend anything better than the Forney Easy Weld 271. It is an extremely convenient welder packed with features like variable amperage range, auto-shutoff, and internal thermal protection.

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