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Looking for an honest Harbor Freight Plasma Cutter Review?

While we have the basic idea of plasma cutters, it can be quite tricky when picking one. Considering aspects like the voltage, inverter, metal thickness, timespan, and operation, are points you cannot ignore, or go wrong with.

Today, we thought of sharing our take on a Harbor Freight plasma cutter review. We have picked one of the best-rated products, the Harbor Freight 45A, that has unbelievable user ratings.

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Harbor Freight is the name to go for if you engage in short metalwork. The 45A plasma cutter comes with an analog and digital display. It delivers unmatched performance with the inverter technology and in-built air filters. The primary advantage of a plasma cutter is that it does the job in a lot less messy than most other methods.

The Harbor Freight 45A provides exceptional detailing because it uses only a minimal cut width without any excess heat.


A must mention in our Harbor Freight plasma cutter review are the pretty high-end specifications this makes this product stand out from the rest:

  • 240v AC plug with 120v AC plug adaptor
  • Digital display
  • User-friendly controls
  • Integrated airline water separator
  • Max amperage:45 amps
  • Max cut depth: 5/8”
  • Input voltage: 120v AC/240v AC
  • Max open circuit current voltage:420v
  • 60% Duty cycle


  • Analog and Digital Display: The analog and digital display aids more comfortable usage for both beginner and advanced users
  • Inverter Technology: The inverter technology ensures a better performance
  • Dual voltage(120V/240V)
  • Built-in air filter for long consumable life
  • Built-in air regulator for avoiding overheating of the machine and more extended durability
  • Overload protection with the insertion of cables in it
  • The plasma cutter includes a ground clamp with 10 feet cable,12 ft. plasma torch and copper filter element
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Harbor Freight plasma cutters can be used to make precise cuts in metal for artworks too. The Harbor Freight 45A allows the artist to cut out intricate shapes, make templates or stencils.

The Harbor Freight 45A plasma cutter is small but still works on a variety of metal across thicknesses. It is primarily known for its cleaner and consistent cuts.

This ultra-compact plasma cutter delivers awe-inspiring performance with an output of 45 amps. It is also used by a lot of professional plumbers and on-site projects. Plasma cutters make cutting busted weld a much easier job than other methods.

The Harbor Freight 45A plasma cutter does quick work out of almost any metal sheet, blocks, and metallic pipes during demolition.


Plasma cutters are by-far the most economical multi-use steel profile cutters. However, they need to be handled with care to enhance productivity and reduce the likelihood of an unexpected, hazardous incident.

You should always maintain a significant distance between your workspace and the cutting area. Keeping a fire extinguisher handy is still a reasonable precaution.

Ensure the plasma cutter is grounded and wired correctly to bypass any electrocution. Wear rubber gloves in addition to welding gloves for better protection and to avoid any electrical shock-related problems.

Also, take care that the working environment and the user is not wet and should be completely moisture-free.

Maintaining safety around ground cables is but obvious. Plasma cutters can be dangerous if it comes in contact with faulty wiring in any electrical device.


Although the Harbor Freight 45A plasma cutter comes in a pretty small built, it is packed with power. It uses a dual voltage 120/240V, which helps in a versatile cutting range.

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What one needs in a plasma cutter is performance and durability. This Harbor Freight 45A plasma cutter weighs about 21.3 pounds, which is pretty lightweight, given the extensive features it has. Even then, if you find it bulky, you can use the ground clamp for a firmer grip.

The packaging includes a ground clamp, a six-foot cable, a three-pin connector, a 13-foot long torch, and an instruction manual.

Harbor Freight Plasma Cutter Pros
  • Its inverter technology provides excellent performance
  • Works on varying thicknesses. It can even cut metals that are rusted, painted, or rough.
  • The ground clamp provides a very firm grip to the cutter on the ground.
  • To increase its overall life, it has a built-in filter that keeps the dust and debris from the internal system.
  • This product delivers exceptional power and thus can be used by professional welders.
Harbor Freight Plasma Cutter Cons
  • Requires 2-3 person for its movement


Ideally, the power output of a plasma cutter should speak volumes of its performance. But, given the number of available options in different ranges, checking for the features is not a bad thing to do at all.

We think the 45A correctly strikes a balance between efficiency and value from our plasma cutter Harbor Freight review. The inverter technology, high power output, digital display, and overload protection, only makes it better.

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Without a question, their cutters are a fantastic alternative for anyone in the market for a high-quality machine capable of making precise cuts. Although they are extremely efficient, the primary disadvantage of port freight plasma cutters is their limited cutting width.


Plasma cutters are by far the most cost-effective multi-purpose steel profile cutters on the market. They must, however, be handled carefully to maximize efficiency and minimize the likelihood of an unforeseen, disastrous occurrence.
Keeping a safe distance from ground lines is self-evident. Plasma cutters can be deadly if they come into contact with any electrical item that has poor wiring.

3. What is the power required by the HARBOR FREIGHT PLASMA CUTTER to operate?

Although the Harbor Freight 45A plasma cutter is little in size, it packs a punch. It operates on two voltages of 120/240V, allowing for a more varied cutting range.

4. What makes a good plasma cutter?

One of the most critical factors to consider is the maximum metal thickness that a plasma cutter can cut. Consider the most significant thickness of metal you intend to cut and select a machine capable of doing so. If you are insured, it is prudent to choose a high-cut rating.

5. Does a plasma cutter need gas?

Compressed air is the most often utilized gas for low current plasma cutting and is effective on most metals with a gauge thickness of up to one inch. It leaves a sliced surface that is oxidized. Compressed air can also be used to gouge carbon steel with a plasma torch.

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