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The Hitbox Inverter IGBT MIG is one of the most versatile and feature-packed welding machines we’ve come across quite some time. The best part is you can use it for both gas and gasless projects, which is not very probable in this range of products.

Whether it is flux-core welding or MIG welding, you can be assured of optimal usage. In this Hitbox welder review, we’ll give you a closer look at this modern machine, its adjustability, features, pros, cons, and more.

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What we look at in a welder machine are its portability and versatility.

Hitbox welder is exactly but weighs two to three times lesser, as compared to similar welding machines. While the welder’s lightweight and compact design ensures easy portability, it is also performance-oriented and extremely durable.

It is a multi-purpose machine that can handle MIG, TIG, and arc welding without too much hassle. Apart from being pretty affordable, this welding machine provides comfortable and optimal welding to build beautiful DIYs.


As a must in our Hitbox welder review, we have listed the specifications here:

  • Input voltage – 220, 30% Duty cycle, 50/60 Hz
  • Wire feed speed – 3-18 m/min
  • Wire diameter – 0.8/0.1 mm
  • Applicable thickness – 0.8mm
  • IGBT inverter technology
  • Applicable materials: pig iron, carbon steel, galvanized iron, stainless
  • Welding Process: Gas MIG/ Gasless MIG/ LIFT TIG / ARC
  • Base Material: Carbon, Stainless, Low-alloy steel
  • Compatible with 1kg/ 5kg 0.8 1.0mm solid wire and flux core wire


  • Lightweight Design: With a unique design, it is one of the lightest welding machines in the MIG weighing only 36 pounds.
  • Easy Maintenance: The top handles it becomes very easy to carry this welding machine.
  • User Protection: With plastic edges, this machine guarantees the protection of its user. The plastic tips bypass unnecessary injuries as well.
  • Wire Speed and Voltage adjustments: Although they have voltage and wire speed controls, they are not independent of one another. That means wire-speed should be adjusted before the voltage.
  • Inverter Control mode: It, too, has an inverter control mode, which provides ease of usage of this machine.
  • With an Amperage speed of 200 IMP, this machine flawlessly cuts materials of width 1/8 inches.
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During our Hitbox MIG welder review, we could see that the instruction manual provides detailed information about the usage of different features and control of this machine. It’s also pretty easy to follow.

Due to the absence of assembly instructions in the manual, beginners may find it difficult to assemble this product initially. Once the installation is done, this product is suited for any user, whether beginner or advanced.


To ensure the overall safety of this welding machine, all the parts of this machine are handmade, prepared with premium quality material. The selectable MIG further guarantees the safety of its users. The dustproof panel of the welding machine is for the protection of its users.

With the knobs for voltage and Amperage control, one can set up the power supply as per their requirement. The motor of this welding machine avoids excessive heating. It has an auto-cut phenomenon which saves electricity. These specialties also help to circumvent any short-circuit in the device.


The most prominent feature of this welding machine is that one can use it either with gas or without gas. It additionally has an MMA function. We can change the mode of the device with a single click of a button.

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Transport and Accessories

To provide the comfort of portability, this welding machine has a very compact design to reduce its weight to just 36 pounds.

Its packaging contains four different kinds of MIG, including a gas MIG, a gasless MIG, Lift TIG, and an ARC which, ensures the multi-functionality of this product.

Use V-wheel while working on a solid wire with gas, while the kurled wheel can be used for flux-cored wire without gas.

Hitbox welder, apart from the welding machine, contains a load of other accessories which includes:

  • MIG gun
  • Earth clamp
  • Electrode holder
  • Gas tube
  • Portable plug
  • 0/0.8 mm flux-cored wire
Hitbox Welder Pros
  • It is a very lightweight welding machine that weighs only about 36 pounds and is exceptionally portable too.
  • The dustproof control panel is an excellent feature in this welding machine.
  • It can handle TIG, Lift, Arc, and MIG welding.
  • It utilizes variable voltage 110 V to 220 V.
  • Easy ignition by triggering the press-down button.
  • Durable construction.
Hitbox Welder Cons
  • It doesn’t arrive with any assembly instructions.
  • The spool connector is also not included in its packaging.


As per our Hitbox welder review, we think for a budget-friendly welding machine, the IGBT MIG is so much better than the average. The overall power, pro-quality precisions, and welds, a good duty cycle, all of this together definitely win a recommendation for this product.

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1. Is HITBOX WELDER any good?

We were pleasantly surprised by its higher-than-average duty cycle, overall power, and ability to produce good, pro-quality welds for budget-friendly MIG welding equipment. However, this gadget is not without limitations.


To assure the overall safety of this welding equipment, all of its components are handmade and constructed from high-quality materials. The chosen MIG provides additional security. The welding machine's dustproof panel is for the protection of its operators. One can configure the power supply to their specifications using the voltage and amperage control knobs. The welding machine's motor is designed to prevent overheating. It is equipped with an auto-cut feature that conserves energy. Additionally, these features assist in avoiding any device short-circuits.

3. What is the power required by the HITBOX WELDER to operate?

The most distinguishing feature of this welding machine is its ability to be used with or without gas. Additionally, it includes an MMA feature. With a single button click, we can switch the device's mode.

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