Hobart 500559 Handler 140 Welder Review

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Hobart 500559 MIG Welder

This is a well-reviewed machine from a reliable, US manufacturer. It is good for a wide range of experience and projects. This model is a great value monetarily and will offer you versatility like you have never seen before.

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POWER: 95%
PRICE: 95%

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On the hunt for a welding machine that is as sturdy as it is versatile?

Looking for something that won’t break the bank?

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the Hobart Handler 140 MIG Wire Welder, known for its arc performance and ability to perform on an industrial level.

This review will take you through the ins and outs of the Hobart Handler so you can feel confident before purchasing a machine.

What Is The Hobart 500559 Handler 140 Best For?  

The Hobart Handler can handle just about any household project.

It has a 20% duty cycle and works best for MIG welding thinner metals like steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and more. 

The maximum thickness this machine can weld is ¼ inch. If you have a construction business, need to perform maintenance welding, farm equipment repair, or auto body work, this is the perfect plug-and-play machine.

It is suited for thinner materials but can be used in an industrial capacity as well.

Reviewers used this product to create metal art, fix up auto body panels, and build fences. While it is not a 220V machine, it still can take on some heavy-duty projects.

The machine is not marketed for beginners, but it could make a great first machine, especially if you don’t know what kinds of projects you might want to work on in the future. The versatility is really this machine’s best quality.

Hobart Handler 140 Video Review

Hobart 500559 Handler 140 Pros

Easy Set-up

This machine will give you instant welding gratification from the moment it arrives at your doorstep.

The quick-release drive roll system makes for convenient wire changes. This machine is ready to go out of the box with minimal set-up. Just read the directions, set it up, plug it in, and weld!

Lots Of Extras

The welding machine comes with a kit to make sure you have everything you’ll need to start welding.

The welder has a built-in gas valve, 10-ft work cable & clamp, 10-ft power cord, extra contact tips, a sample spool of flux-cored wire, 8-inch spool adapter, dual gauge regulator and gas hose, and a 10-ft MIG gun with liner.

Leader In Versatility

From home repairs to industrial welding this machine can do it all. This 57 lb. portable machine packs quite a punch. You get power without losing portability.

The machine uses 115 volt household current and a 5-position tapped voltage control selector so you can customize your arc to meet your needs.

Thermal Overload Protection

The Hobart Handler has self-resetting thermal overload protection to prevent overheating and accidents.

The moment your machine gets too hot it will automatically shut off and restart on its own once it has sufficiently cooled.

Built-in Storage

There is a built-in storage area that gives you access to the tools you might need while welding.

It helps keep your spare contact tips organized for you so you are never searching around your work space mid-weld.

In Summary:

  • Easy set-up
  • Lots of accessories
  • Extremely versatile
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Built-in storage
Hobart 500559 handler review

Hobart 500559 Handler 140 Cons

Minimally Portable

The machine cannot operate on a generator and is not recommended for those who need to work off-grid.

It is on the cusp of hand-held portability, but at 57 lbs, you may want to purchase a cart if you will need to move it out of your shop often.

No Safety Gear Included

This might be a considered a perk for some welders who like to buy their own high-quality safety equipment in lieu of using the cheaper materials that come in plug-and-play kits. Be sure to get your own mask and gloves before using this machine.

In summary:

  • Lacks portability
  • No safety gear included (not a major con though as you probably want your own)

Warranty Information  

Hobart/Miller will repair or replace any issues with the warrantied parts or components that fail due to original defect.

The company has to be notified in writing within 30 days of the defect to honor the claim. Different parts of the machine that fail due to material defect have different coverage. You will have to read the fine print on this warranty, it is quite detailed and complex with separate time frames and warranties for every part of the welding machine.



The Hobart 140 uses anywhere from 25-140 amps and requires 115 volts of power available in all homes in the US.


Hobart Welders was previously Hobart Brothers, a small family-owned and operated business until it was acquired in 1996 by Illinois Tool Works. Illinois Tool Works is an international company that manufactures and distributes industrial products. Hobart Welders is a brand within Illinois Tool Works for welders.


The Hobart Handler 140 is a good welder that is durable, versatile, and well-priced. Its quality build and capabilities make it a must-have for hobbyists and professionals alike.


The Handler 140 is powered by standard household 115-volt power. Connect it to an electrical source and weld — no additional power is required. Weld as thin as 24 gauge and up to 1/4 inch in a single pass with the wide output range of 25–140 amps. Multiple passes simplify the process of welding thicker materials.

What kind of gas does a Hobart 140 take?

The Hobart Handler 140 MIG Wire Welder operates with a standard Argon/Carbon Dioxide gas mixture of 75% / 25%. It can run on pure Argon gas.


If you are in the market for a 115V welder, this is a fantastic option. 

It is a well-reviewed machine from a reliable, US manufacturer. It is good for a wide range of experience and projects. 

The settings are highly customizable and the safety features are solid. This Hobart model is a great value monetarily and will offer you versatility like you have never seen before. However, if you want a more heavy duty option that is professional grade, consider the Lincoln 140 HD. It's pricier, but will be able to help with more serious projects.

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