Hobart Handler 130 Review: Should You Buy It or Not?

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Looking for the Hobart Handler 130 Review?

The most prevalent use of welders is in metal industries. The Hobart Handler 130 is one such machine that enables beginners and pro users to weld efficiently. One of the primary reasons many people review this product as a stable one is its user-friendliness.

It is also a pretty portable device that can be kept stored conveniently without cramping up the area. The most notable feature about this machine is its inbuilt wire feeder and EZ mode. In this article, we would discuss Hobart Handler 130 features, and like other devices, this machine has its flaws.

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Hobart Handler 130 Review

The Hobart Handler 130 welder is very popular among new users, as it is a very user-friendly machine.

This machine is mostly used for agricultural, household, and automotive purposes. It can efficiently weld thin materials like 24 gauge and thick metals such as copper and aluminum.

This machine comes up with a Weld set-up chart that provides its user brief detailing about welding.


As per our research on Hobart handler 130 welders, it has some unique specs:

  • Welding Amp Range:30 – 130A
  • Duty Cycle:85 Amp at 18.25 VDC, 20% duty cycle
  • Open Circuit Voltage: 31 VDC
  • Dimensions:13 D× 10 W× 17 H
  • Net weight: 50.5 lb.
  • Power Supply: 115V
  • Wire Feed Speed Range:50 – 400 IPM, At no load:120 – 480 IPM


  • EZ Mode: For easy set-up purposes, a single knob is provided to adjust voltage and wire feed speed depending upon the thickness of the materials that need to be weld.
  • Adjustable Spool Hub: this machine has a wide operating window for each wire with fast and reliable adjustments for different thicknesses.
  • Build-in Contactor: This feature reduces the heat by making the electrical wire cooled down until the trigger is pulled out.
  • Dual Drive Roll: During welding, it enables wire size to change from one to another.
  • Additional Features: it has an inbuild wire feeder and requires a power supply of 115 V, which is quite useful for household purposes.


Hobart handler 130 welders have all the features that a DIY user expects from a machine so that they can easily weld anything of their choice.

The inbuild wire feeder and EZ mode are the machine’s essential features, making it unique from other conventional welding machines.

Apart from this, it comes with a Single knob Adjustment mode that allows changing the machine’s modes according to the material’s thickness. Sometimes, it can be thin, which needs single penetration on the surface, while thick one needs multiple passes.

Its dual drive roll consists of one knurled groove for .030–.035 in. (0.8–0.9 mm) wire and one smooth groove for .023/.025 in. (0.6 mm) wire makes welding smooth.

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This machine is well designed, but we recommend using safety accessories such as helmet, safety gloves, and goggles to protect eyes during welding. However, there can never be alternative to self-precaution.

Hobart Handler 130 has a unique built-in contractor feature that ensures users’ utmost safety by cooling down the electrical wire.


This machine is very much power efficient as it requires only 115 V power supply, which is perfectly suitable for household and commercial purposes.

This machine has a duty cycle of 20% at 85 Amps that enables us to weld thick and thin materials without much difficulty.


This machine can easily be transported from one place to another as it’s light-weighted and flexible.

Like other heavy conventional welding machines, it does not require much labor to carry it from one place to another; you can easily carry and place it wherever you want.

Hobart Handler 130 Pros
  • This machine is well suited for MIG welding purposes.
  • You can easily install it as it comes with an owner’s manual and maintenance guidelines.
  • It has a self-shielding flux-cored wire which requires no gas.
  • Does not require much power supply.
  • This machine is used in various fields such as farming, metal art, DIY, or any work related to maintenance and repair.
  • This machine is suitable for beginners as well as for trained users.
Hobart Handler 130 Cons
  • It can be used for MIG welding but not suitable for another welding such as TIG or Stick welding.
  • Mostly preferred for household purposes.
  • Pro users may find it quite disappointing due to less advanced features.

Hobart Handler 130 Verdict

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The Hobart Handler is known for quite a few aspects, two of the majors being its simple usage and portability. Moreover, it does not require any significant expertise to operate it, making it suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Moreover, we find this machine a bit more reliable than any other conventional device due to its portability and high safety features. Its built-in wire feeder, EZ mode, and build in contactor makes it an efficient and powerful welder machine.


1. Is Hobart handler 130A a good welding machine?

The Hobart Handler is well-known for various reasons, two of the most notable being its ease of use and portability. Additionally, it does not require a high level of experience to operate, making it perfect for novices and professionals.

2. Is Hobart handler 130A safe?

While this equipment is well-designed, we recommend using protective eyewear such as a helmet, safety gloves, and goggles while welding. However, there is no substitute for self-precaution.
Hobart Handler 130 features an innovative built-in contractor that assures the highest level of operator safety by cooling the electrical wire.

3. What is Hobart handler 130A required power to operate?

This machine is highly energy-efficient, requiring only a 115 V power source, making it ideal for residential and commercial use.
This machine has a duty cycle of 20% at 85 Amps, which enables us to weld thick and thin materials easily.

4. Are Hobart Welders any good?

You cannot go wrong with a Hobart Handler - choose from the 130, 140, 190, or 210 models to meet your power requirements. In probably more than 90% of cases, a decent Hobart welder is more than adequate for most welding work performed by contractors and do-it-yourselfers. I'm almost sure that applies to your circumstance as well.

5. Which is better Lincoln or Hobart Welders?

Both welders are lightweight, dependable, and simple to operate—even by beginners. However, the Hobart 130 and 140 are more user-friendly, have a superior wire drive (a welder's heart), and come with a more extended guarantee than the Lincoln 140.

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