Hobart Stickmate 205 Stick Welder Review 2021: Is It Worth The Price?

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Looking for a Hobart Stickmate Review?

Hobart 500502 Stickmate 205 AC Stick (SMAW) Arc Welding Power Source
  • Accu-Set amperage indicator for accurately controlling amperage or heat output
  • Infinite current control allows the operator to adjust output by as little as 1-amp increments
  • Forced-draft cooling fan runs continuously and helps to extend the life of the power source

You may have come across various kinds of welders in the market. If you are looking for a stick welder, which is both powerful and efficient, let us suggest you Hobart Stickmate 205

In this article, we will try and answer your questions regarding usability, power, longevity, safety precautions, and, most importantly, what sets this welder apart from the others available.

Hobart Stickmate Review

We must begin by mentioning that this compact structure is a heavy-duty welder, SMAW (Shielded Metal Arc Welding), often used for tough metal welding.

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It has an unbelievable amperage controlling system, which gives you the flexibility to work on any metal.

The box comes with multiple external attachments and a detailed manual to use them to get a complete welding experience.


Below are the specifications mentioned for the Hobart Stickmate 205 stick welder-

  • It handles both MIG and Plasma Welding techniques.
  • The input voltage needed is 230 Volts, and the input current is 47.5 Amperes
  • Output current ranges between 30- 205 Amperes.
  • Can work on any heavy metals and alloys
  • Duty Cycle- 20% at 25 Volts (165 Amp), 100% at 25 Volts (90 Amp)
  • Easily adjustable amperage controlling mechanism
  • Includes a looking fan to reduce heat generation
  • Weight- 89.2 pounds


  • When it comes to setting up the device, it is effortless. With the clamps included, you just have to connect the cables. Once that is done, your welder is ready to be used. There is no other assembling required.
  • The box comes with a hex wrench, which can help you connect the stinger handle with stinger cable.
  • It has a long electrode cable around 15-feet long and a long work clamp, which is around 10-feet long. This gives you the flexibility to move around without moving the welder around.
  • As mentioned earlier, the amperage controlling system installed gives you the freedom to adjust the best setting for your job at the moment. You will have to access it at the front of the machine.
  • There is also an Accu-set amperage reading mechanism installed, which indicated the heat generated during output and also the amperage.
  • You can work with any metal- steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and all other materials.
  • An essential feature installed to increase the welder’s life is the forced-draft cooling fan.


It’s always advisable to use just one welder for multiple welding materials. This device can work on all types of metals, stainless steel, and alloys using both MIG and Plasma welding techniques.

The minimum input voltage required is 230 volts and fetches an output between 30- 205 Ampere, which is significantly less than most other welders in the market. The maximum voltage in an open circuit of 80 Volts.

One important use is the amperage selection and controlling system. This mechanism suggests and also makes you adjust the voltage according to your current requirements.

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When it comes to safety, Hobart Stickmate 205 Welder has considered that. It comes with a temperature-based ampere monitoring system, where it monitors the output heat generated and the output current.

This gives you an indication of when to provide the machine with a little rest before resuming again. However, it also comes with a forced-draft cooling fan, which keeps the device cooler and increases its lifespan.


It is a mighty device with very little input voltage. The starting voltage ranges from 230 Volts, and the output current varies between 30-205 Ampere.

The heavy-duty cycle, which can go up to 100% at 90 Volts, is beyond comparison. When it comes to rigid surfaces, it can handle very efficiently and is highly preferable for that.


Well, to mention about the device being light and portable or not, we will not ideally say yes. The machine weighs around 89.2 pounds, which is relatively heavy. But the functions and the extra adjustments make up for that.

For instance, a 15-feet long electrode cable and a 10-feet long work clamp make welding easy even in the distance. Moving the device around along with you is not necessary

Hobart Stickmate 205 Pros
  • This device is best for beginners who wish to start on welding jobs and do not have prior experience as it has clearly illustrated instructions.
  • The device consists of a cooling and a heat monitoring system, which will keep the device active for long years.
  • Few users often mention it to be an external maintenance device.
  • The price range is quite affordable compared to the other welders, which can handle multiple welding materials.
  • The arc controls do not fluctuate rapidly.
Hobart Stickmate 205 Cons
  • It is not a very light machine to carry around, hence not very flexible.
  • The output current is 205 Ampere, which is comparatively lower than other stick welders, like the HYL ARC160A Stick Welder, like the HYL ARC160A Stick Welder.
  • Does not contain an in-built battery.


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In the end, we would like to mention in the Hobart Stickmate 205 Stick Welder review is that it’s a multifunction, robust, and hardy device which can handle all kinds of welding jobs over any material.

An excellent tool for beginners and experts. When you look at the functions and compare it with the price, this machine seems worth each penny. So, grab it before it’s sold out.


1. Is Hobarth Stickmate 205 Stick Welder good?

We'd like to emphasize in our Hobart Stickmate 205 Stick Welder review that this is multipurpose, rugged, and durable equipment capable of doing all types of welding applications on any material. A fantastic tool for both beginners and specialists.

2. What is stick welding best for?

Stick welding is efficient on the majority of alloys and joints and may be used both indoors and outdoors, as well as in drafty regions. Additionally, it is the least expensive procedure and enables the formation of a strong bond on rusted or unclean metals.

3. Which is better stick or wire welder?

MIG welding is significantly more tolerant of fragile metal than stick welding, which can readily burn through it. Wire welding, which comprises inert metal gas (MIG) and flux-cored arc welding (FCAW), has increased the speed, ease, and versatility of welding.

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