Klutch 140 SI Welder Review

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Klutch 140 SI Welder

This welding machine is well suited to the hobbyist or for light to medium duty use. The Klutch 140 SI is good for thin materials like sheet metal that a stick welder cannot handle and well suited for welding thicker and tougher materials. It can weld mild steel, stainless, aluminum, and many other alloys.

Short Summary

POWER: 85%
PRICE: 90%

Overall Rating


Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), most commonly known as MIG welding is the process of continuously feeding a line of electrodes through a specialized “gun”.

The electrode forms an arc with the metal you’re trying to weld and then melts, fusing the material together.

The MIG welding process also involves a protective gas bubble that protects the weld from the atmospheric air and the components within it.

Klutch MIG 140SI

It should also be said that, because a wire is being fed to the material, there are no connections between the metals being welded, which provides you with the opportunity to weld different kinds of metals together.

While MIG welding is fairly simple to learn because you only have to control the gun with a trigger, you want to be sure to get a good quality MIG welding machine. One such machine you should consider is the Klutch 140 SI Welder.

What is the Klutch 140 SI Best For?

Sheet metal needs to be cut with low current, so a wire-welding machine that has an automatic feed can get the job done with ease.

This machine can handle 16 gauge to 3/8” thick sheet metal pretty efficiently. The machine is also capable of effectively welding 16 gauge to 3/8’’ aluminum, making this device fairly versatile.

Klutch 140 SI Welder Pros

Here is a quick list of the primary pros here. Read on to see each one in more detail.

  • great power output
  • great duty cycle for machine
  • can handle a variety of jobs

Excellent Power Output

This portable MIG welder will surprise you with a nice little power package.

 This inverter-powered MIG welder is powered by 115 volts, so it plugs into any standard outlet and has an output range of 30 to 140 DC. Even at 140 amps, this welder maintains strong, consistent power output for a nice steady weld.

It has a Duty cycle of 30% at 90 amps. That is a pretty good little power package for a light-duty wire-welding machine and certainly beats out some pricier options.


Klutch MIG In Action

Some MIG welding machines are able to weld thicker or tougher materials but some are not.

This machine can weld mild steel or stainless steel up to 3/8 inch thickness, and aluminum up to 3/16 inch thickness. 

This machine can handle 3/16” stainless steel at 24-gauge quality - now that is impressive. This is a welding machine that will give you the ability to weld with any kind of light industry, repair, maintenance and small shop job.

MiG-ready Welding Machine

The Klutch 140si MIG welder comes ready to go for use with mild steel, aluminum and stainless steel materials. It comes with a gas shielding feature, the gas hose and regulator, and a MIG torch that will reach up to 10 feet.

It is lightweight at 38.5 lbs. with a top-carry handle so you can take it indoors or out to wherever you need it.

You can move this welding machine around your hobby garage or transport it to any location that has a power outlet to use for quick welding jobs.

Klutch 140 SI Welder Cons

There are a couple of small issues. Fortunately, none of these are deal breakers. Occasional issues with the following:

  •  wire feed system
  •  spool holder
  • gas trigger inefficiency

Tough To Get Wire Feed Started 

Klutch’s aluminum roller system and infinite wire feed speed control on this MIG welder don’t seem to feed the wire smoothly.

Even with the tension reduced, it can be difficult to get the wire feed started.

Occasionally, the automatic wire feed conduit can get clogged and not allow the wire to go through. Once you turn it off, even out the wire and turn it back on, the problem should go away.

Spool Holder Not Secure

Some people who have bought this welder state that the spool holder was not securely fastened by the nuts/blots on the back resulting in the spool holder falling off.

Goes Through Gas Quickly

The welder has a little time delay on the gas shut off. The gas stays on for a few seconds even after you have released the trigger

Warranty Information

“Klutch” is produced by Northern Tool and Equipment both here in the U.S and in China; which backs this welding machine with a limited 3-year warranty. Northern Tool allows its customers to return your ordered item within 45 days of receipt for a refund or a replacement.

Video Review

Klutch vs Hobart

Klutch and Hobart two very popular welding brands, but with different parent companies. Klutch is owned and operated by Northern Tools while Hobart  is owned by Illinois Tool Works. Between the two, Hobart is a bigger brand and produces great welders such as the
The Hobart Handler 140


Overall, for this price you are not likely to find a better wire-welding machine. 

MIG wire feed welders can easily run in excess of $500.00. Not the Klutch 140si MIG welder.

It can be had for a few hundred bucks. It has more power than you would expect from a lightweight welder in order to tackle quick welding jobs.

It is capable of welding thin aluminum or sheet metal from 16 gauge to 3/8” thick. This welding machine is fairly easy to use and comes ready to go.

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