Klutch ST80i Stick Welder Review

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Klutch St80i Welder

You get a smooth performance with this easy-to-use machine. Klutch ST80i is considered one of the best mobile welding machines that offers the freedom to weld on the go without skimping on power.

Unfortunately, the Klutch ST80I is no longer available. A good alternative is the 140 SI - read my review here.

Short Summary

POWER: 90%
PRICE: 90%

Overall Rating


If you are looking for a portable welding machine that is powerful and lightweight, the Klutch ST80i stick welder is an excellent tool.

This inverter-based welding machine combines mobility and power with great build quality and supports both stick and TIG welding

What is Klutch ST80I Best For?

The Klutch ST80i is an excellent tool for both beginners and experienced users. This inverter-powered stick welder with TIG option comes with 115 Volt power and delivers up to 75 Amp DC, 90 Amp Peak. 

The advanced inverter technology produces high power output from a smaller transformer, resulting in a system weighing up to 50% less than traditional models with similar power. Its weight - less than 10 lbs. - makes it ultra-portable.

Welding With Klutch ST80

This extremely lightweight and compact yet powerful unit is an ideal choice if you are working outdoors or need to move around your workshop freely.

Its price makes it the best option if you are working on small home projects or if you need a portable welder for various small tasks at your workshop. You can carry this perfectly-sized machine to almost anywhere.

The versatile Klutch ST80i is capable of welding up to 1/8 inch and allows for the use of 1/16 inch, 5/64 inch and 3/32-inch electrodes. It will weld mild steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and hard surfacing. The built-in hot start arc starting system helps the stick electrode start fast. Arc thrust and anti-stick features make operation easy.

All these unique features coming at such a great price makes the purchase of Klutch ST80i a smart investment for any welding business – whether it’s small or big.

The unit includes the inverter stick/TIG welder, a welding cable with electrode holder, a ground cable and a clamp - so you can unpack it, set it up quickly and start welding.

Klutch ST80I STICK welder Pros

Inverter-based Technology

The built-in inverter produces high power and requires up to 25% less amperage for its power value compared to transformer-based welders.

It also handles fluctuations in input power for consistent output.


Perfectly sized at less than 10lbs - you can take it absolutely anywhere. The shoulder strap makes it easy to carry the unit from job to job.

TIG-ready Design

The ST-80i is a good option for light-duty DC TIG welding. A TIG torch, Argon gas, and regulator will get you ready to weld, anywhere.

Easy Setup

Quick-connect electrode and quick-connect cable make this unit quick and easy to set up.


The built-in thermostat prevents the unit from overheating and shuts the welding power off until the fans bring the temperature to a safe range. It comes with a heat indicator to ensure your safety.

To ensure the device stays safely grounded, it is designed to automatically shut down if the ground clamp comes loose.

Again, the Klutch ST80i is great at:

  • power efficient
  • consistent output
  • portability
  • easy to start up
  • overheat prevention
  • automatic shut down

Weld Thickness

The unit has the capability to weld up to 1/8 inch steel in a single pass. You can use multiple passes to accomplish tough welding tasks.

Klutch ST80I STICK welder Cons

Low Power And Duty Cycle

Klutch ST880i is designed to be a compact unit and it is not a replacement for a larger system.

Its small size and low power rating restricts it from constant usage and limits its duty cycle. For constant and heavy jobs, consider a larger unit.

To sum up, it's not great for:

  • larger welds
  • longer welding projects

Warranty Information

The Klutch ST80i comes with a 3-year limited manufacturer warranty.

In addition, these are some extra warranty benefits when you opt for the Service Protection Plan (SPP):

  • Product replacement coverage for 1 year beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Coverage for accidents from day one: drops, falls, spills and collisions.
  • Products that either fail during the extended coverage period OR are damaged by a covered accident will be replaced one time.

Manufacturer's Warranty + SPP = Up to 4 Years of Product Protection including drops, falls, spills, and collisions.


Klutch ST80i stick welder is fantastic in its class. It has good power output that gives you a clean weld, the option to use it for TIG welding, and the perfect size that allows you to take it almost anywhere.

Having said that, it is still a portable welding machine that is not built to perform at par with heavier machines.

So don’t expect it to replace heavier and expensive machines. But for the size and price, this is one of the best multi-purpose welders in the market.

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