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When it comes to welding carts reviews, you have come to the right site. Whether you want overviews and side-by-side comparisons, or specific and comprehensive reviews, like this Klutch welding cart review, this site is the industry authority.

In this review, you will learn all the features of the Klutch welding cart. Will it stack up to our current favorite, the Yaheetech welding cart, or fall short of claiming the top prize? 

Klutch Welding Cart / Cabinet Review


The Klutch cart weighs 47 pounds, so it is nice and sturdy. It has a 135-pound carrying capacity. 

It has 2 casters of 2 inches each plus 2 solid rubber tires that are 6 inches each for easy movement. It is made of solid steel with a powder coat finish for added durability. 

When it comes to welder carts, it is important that your weld cart is durable and built to last. You also want to make sure it will fit whatever machine you use. Each cart needs to have a welding cart cabinet for storing all your welding accessories, too. If you don’t want to build your cart, you’ll want to be sure you buy a good one. 


It has a compact design. Standing at only 26 inches, this cart easily fits under benches. It is 32 length x 19 width x 26 height inches in total. The top shelf is 13 x 21 inches. The storage cabinet is 13 x 13 inches. The door opening is 10.5 x 12 inches. 

This cart also comes with built in cable wrap hangers, so your cables won’t get tangled together. These also prevent them from being damaged on the ground or potentially becoming fire hazards. 


One of the important pieces when it comes to welding carts is how durable it is. A steady cart will last much longer, and since they aren’t an insignificant investment this is something to consider.

On top of this, welders are extremely heavy. They can weigh as much as 75 pounds, so it is important to find a cart with the necessary weight to hold it without tipping over or buckling under the pressure. 

black and yellow klutch

This cart has a 135-pound carrying capacity, so it is up to the task. It also has a relatively low center of gravity, so tipping won’t be an issue with this cart. 

Storage Space

The flaw in this cart’s compact design becomes evident when you look at the storage space provided. Compared to multi-level carts with tons of drawers and chains to keep tanks secure, this cart falls short.

The storage capacity is pretty limited in this cart. It has a large cabinet with a locking door, which is nice if you need to leave your tools or valuables unattended for a little bit. Unfortunately, it only has 1 drawer and it isn’t a multi-tiered shelf space. 

black klutch with arm opening door

It must be said that we do love the compact design’s strengths as well.

The cart may sacrifice storage, but if you don’t need a lot of storage space and you don’t have a ton of space available in your workshop, this cart will be your best option. 

When you think about the 3 tier storage space of the Yaheetech cart or the extra storage tray in the Hot Max, the locking cabinet doesn’t seem like a good enough trade for the lost shelving space in the Klutch unless you’re a novice, DIY welder who doesn’t have tons of professional use tools and a plasma cutter to fit into the cart.  

It fits neatly under any workbench. Some people say that they’ve been able to store it on shelving units, but given its weight we would say use caution with that method. 

The compact size is able to handle portable MIG welders and includes space for a bottle of shielding gas, which can be secured in the cylinder rack. 

Wheel Construction

While it is important to have a durable cart, if you can’t move it around you might as well not bother. That’s why it is also important to look at the wheels that come with your cart. Wheels should be hard rubber if they are going to stand up to the type of industrial use most welding workshops see.

The Klutch has 6-inch rubber wheels, so it provides a nice size. The caster wheels up front will make it easy to maneuver around obstacles and turn, while the rubber tires keep it from breaking down under the weight or problems in the floors. 


Welding materials are a pretty big investment. Carts are no exception to this. Because each cart is priced based on construction and storage, the range fluctuates greatly. Great carts can be found for as low as $50 or as high as several hundred! Make sure that you know your budget going into things. 

 As far as the Klutch goes, our team wasn’t very impressed. It’s priced within the normal range for welding carts, but it’s significantly higher than comparable models. We think that the Yaheetech cart blows this one out of the water, and the fact that it costs a mere fraction of the Kluch’s price doesn’t hurt that assessment. 

This cart is a decent value for the price, so if you have the budget it wouldn’t be a terrible investment and you would be getting a fair price… but it couldn’t hurt to shop around for comparable model pricing or wait for a coupon. 

Competitor Comparison 

There’s no question that this is a decent welding cart. The real question is whether it is good enough to steal the top spot on our reviews from the popular Yaheetech Welding Cart or even measure up to the solid Hot Max WC100 Welding Cart

When stacked up net to the Yaheetech cart, the Klutch falls short. In terms of brute strength, the Klutch’s 135-pound carrying capacity pales in comparison to the 176-pound capacity of the Yaheetech.

The same is true when it comes to storage; while the Klutch’s locking cabinet is a nice touch, the superior storage capacity of the Yaheetech is a better option. Finally, the Yaheetech cart most assuredly wins in terms of affordability, at a mere fraction of the cost. 

The Klutch and the Hot Max are pretty even when it comes to comparisons, even in terms of pricing, but the Klutch has a slight edge. Hot Max has slightly more storage space than the Klutch, but the difference is small enough that having the locking cabinet may be more of a benefit here than a sacrifice.

It’s also lighter than the Klutch, with a much smaller load capacity. If your welder weighs 75 pounds, the Hot Max will only offer another 20-30 pounds worth of tool weight. 


Our team likes the Klutch. It’s a decent welding cart for domestic use. We would not really recommend this cart for professional welders, though. It just can’t hold up to heavy duty carts with much more storage space.  If you want to know whether we would buy this cart… we would, but only if the Yaheetech carts were completely sold out and never being made again. 


1. Are Klutch welding carts good?

The Klutch is a favorite of our team. It's a respectable welding cart for home use. However, we would not recommend this cart for professional welders. It simply cannot compete with heavy-duty carts with significantly more storage space. So if you're wondering whether we'd purchase this cart, the answer is yes, but only if Yaheetech carts were completely sold out and never made again.

2. What are the specs of Klutch welding carts?

It has a slim profile. With a height of only 26 inches, this cart fits easily under benches. It measures 32 inches in length, 19 inches in width, and 26 inches in height. 13 x 21 inches is the top shelf size. 13 x 13 inches is the size of the storage cabinet. 10.5 x 12 inches is the size of the door opening.

Additionally, this cart features integrated cable wrap hangers to prevent your cables from becoming tangled. Additionally, this protects them from being damaged on the ground or becoming potential fire hazards.

3. How durable is  klutch welding cart?

Durability is a critical factor when it comes to welding carts. A steady cart will last significantly longer, and given their cost; this is something to consider.

This cart is capable of carrying 135 pounds, so it is up to the task. Additionally, it has a low center of gravity, which means that tipping will not be an issue with this cart.

Additionally, welders are pretty heavy. They can weigh up to 75 pounds, so it's critical to find a cart that can support them without tipping over or buckling under the strain.

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