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is the Lincoln Power Mig 210 a good welder?

For those just starting out in welding, you want to look for a welding machine that’s affordable, tuned to common household current (a range of 25-140 Amps) and can handle light-duty MIG welds. One welding machine that should be in your list of those to consider purchasing is the Lincoln MIG 210 welder.

Short Summary

POWER: 80%
PRICE: 80%

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What is Lincoln MIG 210 Best For?

The Lincoln MIG 210 is a welding machine that will give you the ability to weld with any kind of light industry, repair, maintenance and small shop job.

This multi-process welding machine comes with a ton of accessories like 120v and 230V input cables, clamps, adjustable gas regulator and hose, gas and gasless nozzles, a Magnum® PRO 175L Gun, 10 ft. with a gun cable liner, spindle adapter, spools of MIG Wire and Flux Cored Wire, Drive Rolls, Wire guides etc.

MIG welding is generally considered the easiest style to learn, while also being the quickest.

Not only that, but MIG is incredibly clean, produces a very powerful joint, and just plain looks nicer. MIG also allows welding on thinner metals.

Lincoln MIG 210 Welder Pros 

This Welding machine is a nice lightweight portable machine at 40 pounds. It has a sturdy handle on the top, which makes transportation easy. You can move this welding machine around your hobby garage or transport it to any location that has a power outlet to use for quick welding jobs.  

Able To Handle Thick Materials

Some MIG welding machines are not really able to weld thicker or tougher materials. This machine can weld mild steel or stainless steel up to 3/8 inch thickness, and aluminum up to 3/16 inch thickness.


This welding machine is a multi-process welder as it not only can weld with MIG process but with a coated electrode, it can also be used for TIG welding and weld with tubular wire.

Additionally, because it is lightweight, it can be transported between home and job sites and stored easily.

Simple Set Up And Operation

The Lincoln MIG 210 welding machine is equipped with push and turn digital controls and a color display screen which guides you through the setup process easily. The very qualities we praised in our Hobart 210 MVP review as well.

Just plug it in, digitally set your settings and options and you are ready to start welding. 

Lincoln MIG 210 Welder Cons 

It would be tough to find the “perfect” welding machine for every job and the Lincoln MIG 210 is no exception.

While it has some very attractive features, there are a few things that are less than desireable.

Cords And Leads May Be A Little Short 

This welding machine does come equipped with power cords and leads. Some people have found the cords to be a little too short. Of course, the easy fix is to use an industrial extension cord to provide the extra cord and lead length you need.

Not A Lot Of Power For TIG Or Stick Welding Jobs

Don’t rely on the Lincoln 210 for TIG and stick welding jobs that require lots of power. The Lincoln 210 doesn’t really have the amount of power that you would need to produce exceptional welds for all materials. 

The welds produced may not match up to what you would get from a machine that is only designed for either TIG welding or Stick welding.


At over $1,000, this is an expensive little machine. 

Compared to other light duty welding machines, the Lincoln 210 MIG welding machine ranks at the top of the price range.

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