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lincoln precision tig 255 review

To put it simply, if you want a good wielding machine from a reputable and trustworthy brand with excellent value for the money, then the Lincoln Precision TIG 255 should be your choice.

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POWER: 90%
PRICE: 90%

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True to its name, the Lincoln Precision 225 welder does indeed deliver precision and it is designed to do both stick and TIG welding.

With AC and DC output it’s a versatile TIG welder for the serious hobbyist or professional. it can make even a first-time welder look like someone with years of experience.

What the Lincoln Precision TIG 225 is Good for

TIG of course is great if you are working on aluminum and magnesium. If you are working on your boat or restoring the body work on a car, this is a fantastic machine.

If you’re looking to do stick welding too, this machine has you covered. It can handle electrodes up to 5/32 inch.

The Lincoln Precision TIG 255 isn’t just for the occasional hobbyist; it can handle professional work. It’s even tough enough to handle the load in a trade school. It’s not a high-end manufacturing machine, but it can easily handle auto shop work or smaller fabrication shops.

As you would expect from a machine of this power, it requires 208/230 volt input.

Review of The Lincoln Precision TIG 255

This is a powerful machine that still offers the sophistication for fine projects. It offers a huge amperage range - from 5 to 230 amps. It can output in either AC or DC for both TIG and stick modes, depending on your needs.

With a built-in pulsar, you’re better able to control the heat for those hard-to-weld metals that TIG is so great for.

The controls are a combination of digital and knobs. There’s sufficient space between them to be able to handle them relatively easily.

Timers allow you to set the flow of your shielding gas for both pre-flow and post-flow needs. The fan runs when needed, helping to cut down on dust passing through the machine.

Lincoln Precision Video Review

Lincoln Precision TIG 225 Pros

Considering the range and power of this machine, it’s extremely easy to set up and run.

It’s easy to start an arc. It uses the Lincoln Micro Start II system, which does seem to function rather well.

As we’ve stated, this is a great machine for moderate usage.

With a range of 5 to 230 amps and outputting both AC and DC, it’s definitely versatile. At 90 amps, the duty cycle is nearly 100%, although at 230 it’s around 10%. Still, not bad.

That range is also going to let you weld anything from aluminum cans on up to ¼ pieces - even if you have to let it cool really often at that thickness. However, where it really shines is welding stainless steel. You're able to get a lot of penetration and maintain good control.

In fact, the Lincoln Precision TIG 225 gives you all the control you could ever dream of .

You get a 115volt plug on the machine - great for powering other tools or a water cooler to keep the welder running smoothly.


  • Easy setup
  • Great arc starter
  • Good duty cycle
  • Great control
Using Welder

Lincoln Precision TIG 225 Cons

The price on this machine can seem a bit steep if it’s not something you’re going to use regularly.

This is a transformer-based machine - that means it’s heavy. At around 200 pounds, you’re going to want to have a cart for it. (It does include a removable lift eye).

This machine will not run on normal household 110-volt current. That’s not really a con, but it is something to be sure you’re aware of before making such a major investment.

In summary:

  • Not cheap
  • 200 pounds (not portable)
  • Doesn't run with a normal 110-volt current

Warranty Information

This product comes with a 36-month warranty from the manufacturer both for the parts of the machine and the potential that will be required.


If you’re ready to make a commitment to a serious TIG and stick welder, the Lincoln Precision 225 could well be the machine for you. With a good duty cycle and broad amperage range, it can handle a wide array of tasks.

It’s sturdy enough to handle moderate use in a shop - and even good enough for vocational school use. We definitely recommend you keep it on your list of options.

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