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Lincoln Electric Pro Mig 180 review

To put it simply, if you want a good wielding machine from a reputable and trustworthy brand with excellent value for the money, then the Everlast PowerARC 160STH should be your choice.

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POWER: 80%
PRICE: 95%

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When you need to find a suitable machine for your welding jobs, your level of experience and your individual needs should be major influences in your choice of what to buy.

Good tools should be an investment, and to make the right choice from the start is going to save you frustration on the job – and of course, money

It may be difficult at times to make a decision but going for a known and respected brand is always a wise decision.

That respect for the brand is just one factor that could lead you to consider the LINCOLN MIG 180 Welder.

It is a good performer when it comes to handling a variety of tasks and will help you keep on top of your work. Let’s take a look at its features.

lincoln pro mig 180

What To Expect Of The Lincoln PRO MIG 180 Welder

Out of the box, the machine is set up for flux-core welding but includes the nozzles for MIG as well.

This heavy-duty machine features dual-voltage capability. Since it can run on both standard household current as well as 220, it’s good for just about anywhere. It’s definitely suitable for the hobbyist or the pro.

A simple control knob lets you switch between the appropriate output levels for thin sheet welding and flux-cored welding for thicker steel. If you’re at home or working off a generator, the 120 setting works great for welding aluminum or light steel.

Got a heavier job to do? The 208/230 volt feature serves well in welding thicker material.

This machine is strong enough to handle heavy metals but adjustable enough not to melt finer materials like aluminum. Of course, just remember to make the adjustment yourself!

In terms of size, it’s somewhat portable - weighing in at 66 pounds. Along with the dual-voltage feature, the weight makes it a good tool to be able to take it to where the work needs to be done – whether that’s on a construction site, out on the farm, or wherever you may need to go.

Of course, a good welding cart will serve you well – it’s manageable but not something you’re going to want to carry for too long!

Lincoln PRO MIG 180 Pros

Dual Input Power Capability

When you need more power, the option to use 208/230 V is a huge help. This makes this machine a lot more versatile for handling a wide range of projects.

Diamond Core Technology

This patented technology from Lincoln Electric is supposed to provide a “more forgiving” arc.

The machine definitely has a stable arc and lays a good bead, as should be expected from a quality machine.

A True Midrange Tool

This welder has a midrange price and a great deal of versatility. It’ll set you back more than a hobbyist or starter MIG Welder, for sure.

But it also offers a lot more power, since it can run on 230V, making it usable for heavier work and around a professional shop. On the other hand, with its support for household current, it’s still suitable for home or small shop use.

Build Quality

This is a sturdy machine, well-built inside and out

Lincoln PRO MIG 180 Cons

Limited Power Output

This machine outputs 180A, which is a good bit lower than a lot of other 230V machines. For day-in, day-out heavy use, that’s probably not sufficient. It’s built for versatility more than a concentration on professional heavy use.

Heavy Weight

Again, this is a machine built for versatility, not for a particular use. So it’s not something you’re just going to pick up and walk around with. It’s manageable, but not something you’ll want to be lifting regularly.


Lincoln Electric offers a three-year guarantee on all purchases from its authorized distributors or authorized service facility. In case of machine problems or defect within the period of warranty, you are covered.

You can get repairs or replacement, if necessary. The warranty starts with the date of purchase.

Comparison to Other Brands

Lincoln is considered a leading brand for good reason. It's one of the most well known and it has earned that title. Comparing Lincoln vs Miller for MIG welders, Lincoln is overall better. They are typically more powerful and higher quality, but Miller tends to be a little cheaper, especially  compared to the models like we covered in the Lincoln Electric handy Core Review.


If you are looking for a versatile machine capable of some heavy work, the Lincoln Pro MIG 180 is a powerful tool that will serve you well in your welding projects. However, if you want a welder for more casual projects and want a good welder for the money, check out the Hobart 500559.

It’s a great choice when you want to do more than work with light metals but aren’t looking to be doing heavy work all the time, either.

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