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Square Wave TIG 200 Welder from LE

For long-term use and portability, there are few TIG projects this machine can’t take on. Its versatility and light weight are its hallmark strengths that make this award winning machine a better-than-safe bet.

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POWER: 90%
PRICE: 90%

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Looking for portable TIG welder to take with you on the go?

The Lincoln Square Wave Tig 200 might be the machine for you. It can be tough to find a welder that is as durable and it is portable without breaking the bank.

While the machine is a long-term investment, the Square Wave is a multi-process TIG and stick welder known for its easy setup and user-friendly interface.

It also won the 2015 Global Media Award - so you know it’s something special. Perfect for your man cave or to use around the shop, here is the lowdown on the machine that every DIYer seems to be talking about.

What Is The Lincoln Square Wave Tig 200 Best For?

The Square Wave TIG 200 welding machine offers both TIG and stick welding for small scale fabricators, hobbyists, and craftsmen.

This welder is used by working men and women of many different persuasions from pipefitters to farmers. It is a great machine for quick car fixes and any welding required around the house.

With options for wider or tighter beading, craftsmen can explore their artistic side thanks to this machine’s ability to perform on more detailed projects.

It is a good machine for beginners that are serious about pursuing welding since it is has a quick setup and straightforward interface.

Some might want a cheaper machine while getting their start to see if the shoe fits before committing to a quality machine like the Square Wave, but once you know welding is for you, it really is designed for a beginner’s use.

You can use the features you understand to start welding right away and expand upon your existing knowledge base as you become more confident in your abilities.

Weighing in at only 46 lbs it is sturdy, yet convenient to tote around from job to job. Plug it in where you need it - in the garage, the shed, the basement, the shop or bring it over to a buddy’s house.

The drumbeat rhythm feature creates a pulsing TIG weld for filler metal deposition, which is incredibly useful for novice welders.

While the AC TIG welding option is best for aluminum, the DC TIG welding works on steel, stainless, and chrome-moly to create a precise bead.

If you are working on aged aluminum this machine provides good cleaning action as well. The machine is multi-process, and with the ability to switch to stick it can be great for outdoor work with thicker materials.

Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200 Pros  

I've outlined the pros here, but read on to see them in more detail:

  • Lightweight and extremely portable
  • Multi-process machine
  • Extra accessories
  • Easy interface, making it great for beginners


The Square Wave Tig 200 can go just about anywhere you need it. It runs off a standard 120V circuit or 230V for maximum output.

It weighs only 46 lbs so it is easy to transport around. All you need is an outlet and you are ready to weld. It is perfect for working in smaller spaces or taking back and forth from the shop to the tool shed.

Multi-process Machine AC/DC TIG

One of the biggest selling points for this machine is its ability to work on a variety of projects.

It can TIG weld when you need your bead appearance to be on point and precise.

It has the added advantage of being able to work on thicker materials beyond your average aluminum. The machine also gives you the option to switch to stick welding for even more versatility.  

Bonus Accessories

This machine comes ready with everything you need.

A Torch Ready-Pak, Foot Amptrol, Gas Regulator, 200A Stick Electrode Holder, Ground Clamp and Cable, and 120V and 230V input cords.

 Simple Interface

Some welding machines are hard to get oriented to, but in this case, users boast that they set up the machine and started welding within fifteen minutes of unboxing.

That is what makes the Lincoln Square Wave Tig 200 an excellent choice for beginners. Operating the welder is extremely intuitive and straightforward to help you get welding faster.

Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200 Cons

Here is a list of the cons. Read on to learn about them in more detail.

  • Short ground clamp
  • Can't change time on pulses or customize background amperage
  • Arc can be unpredictably strong

Short ground clamp

The ground clamp that comes with the welding machine as an accessory is a little short. The height could be fine for smaller projects, but you might need to purchase a better clamp to fit your needs.

Cannot change time on pulse and amperage

With the Square Wave, you can customize the pulses per second. But you cannot change the time on the pulse and the background amperage.

It’s set to 50% pulse and 50% background amperage this cannot be changed. The baseline amperage might be a little high for some welders.

Strong arc

While this might be a pro for some, the arc was a bit harsh for others. The post flow is 15 seconds which is considered long for more detailed work.

This setting can tend to use more gas than necessary when just simply tacking things together in a pinch.

Warranty Information  

The machine comes with a 90-day warranty on the gun and cable, in addition to a 1-year warranty on parts and labor. The warranty starts from the date of purchase and must be purchased from a Lincoln Authorized Distributor.

To get the machine repaired the owner must contact a Lincoln Authorized Service Facility and is responsible for shipment to the service facility. Reviewers have applauded the company’s customer service and ability to repair the machine quickly and efficiently.

lincoln square wave tig 200 vs miller dynasty

The Miller Dynasty is often compared to this model because of its comparable price and performance. However, it is definitely more expensive, while offering a wider range of functions. A vast majority of welding practitioners don't need these additional features though.

Although both have good brands attached to the products, the miller dynasty is MUCH more expensive, and overall not worth it. Instead, just go with the Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200 or wait for a new Miller machine to be released.


While it may be tempting to get a $600-900 machine for smaller projects and welds under a ¼ inch, users practically beg other welding enthusiasts to join them in making the investment in the Square Wave 200.  

For long-term use and portability, there are few TIG projects this machine can’t take on. Its versatility and light weight are its hallmark strengths that make this award winning machine a better-than-safe bet.

Whether you are a new welder or an old timer, this machine creates strong, aesthetically pleasing welds.

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