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Looking for an honest Lincoln Viking 3350 Review?

If you have an idea about the raw power a welder works with, you’d probably consider protection as your topmost priority. While comfort and wearability are two very important aspects of a helmet, safety features are equally crucial.

Features like an auto-darkening filter, multi-shade lens, high-class optics, sensors, and a good viewing area, are primary standards to look for in the right helmet. Our team has reviewed quite a number of welding helmets, and we are sharing our feedback on one of our favorites.

The Lincoln Viking 3350 review will be the perfect guide for you to understand the standout features and possible issues of one of the best-rated welding helmets.

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The Lincoln Viking 3350 is a pretty comfortable helmet that will protect you from sparks while welding. You can use this welding helmet while working with plasma cutters, grinding, and gouging.

This helmet is also perfectly suitable for professional welders since it works well, even in low amp TIG welding. With very high sensitivity, you can use it for grinding as well.


  • Viewing area- 3.74 by 3.34 inch
  • Solar-powered batteries
  • 4C lens
  • Four dedicated arc sensors
  • Materials: Plastic, nylon and polycarbonate materials
  • Lens shade range: 5-13
  • Ratchet Headgear
  • Speed- 1/25,000 seconds
  • Weighs about 3.2 pounds


  • Adjustable headgear knob: With an adjustable headgear knob, one can adjust it according to their need.
  • Viewing window: It provides a massive viewing window with dimensions 85mm x 95mm.
  • Clarity: It provides viewing clarity in all the optical categories, including the diffusion of light class, angle dependence on light class, optical class, and diffusion of light class.
  • 4C lens: It has a 4C lens embedded in it, which provides crystal clear view and reduces straining the eyes.
  • Sensitivity: It has sensitivity varying from DIN5 to DIN 13, making it suitable to workwear in all the conditions.
  • Sufficient ventilation: It provides proper ventilation to its users.
  • Battery: The chargeable solar batteries last pretty long. They also have an LED indicator.
  • Protection: It circumvents unnecessary flashes while you are working.
  • Durability: Very durable and ensures the safety of its user.
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With the perfect optical clarity, variable style, flash protection, and HD view, the Lincoln Viking 3350 is quite a deal.

Moreover, the lightweight design limits the tension on your necks and shoulders. This is a significant problem with many helmets and can lead to several back and shoulder issues in the long term. The extra padding on the sides helps in evenly distributing the pressure of the helmet.


With a durable body and a solid viewing window, the Lincoln Viking 3350 is perfect from a safety perspective.

One of the few Lincoln Viking 3350 problems is that it lacks an electromagnetic sensor. But it compensates with four arc sensors on the inside of the helmet.

These arc sensors are quite effective with a response time of 1/25000 seconds. It keeps monitoring the condition on all sides of the helmet. So, if there is a spark near any of the four sensors, it automatically switches on the filter and powers itself off.


No doubt, the Lincoln Viking 3350 is one of the most comfortable and lightweight helmets in this price range. The design sits comfortably without any adjustability issue for most.

While if you have any issues, it also comes with an adjustable knob to find your optimal fit. With this feature, you can also adjust the viewing window’s distance from your eyes, so is you wear glasses that will not be an issue?

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The packaging and accessories are also pretty luring. We cannot go about with the Lincoln Viking 3350 review without a mention to these:

  • Inner protection lens
  • Outside protection lens (5)
  • Sticker
  • A welding helmet bag
Lincoln Viking 3350 Pros
  • It provides an extensive viewing area.
  • Use a 4C lens to reduce eye strain and provide a clear view.
  • You can also use a magnifying lens with this helmet to get a perfect view.
  • The chargeable solar batteries are not only environmentally friendly but long-lasting too.
  • It is a comfortable helmet with an adjustable headband and ensures proper ventilation to its users. It allows precise head movement.
  • It is manufactured with durable material to ensure the safety of its users.
  • Its 4-arc sensor ensures to catch the flash of light in just 1/25000 seconds.
Lincoln Viking 3350 Cons
  • This helmet although supports the neck, but the user’s complaint that it is a bit heavy. One can’t wear it for a long time.
  • It is easy to scratch the headgear easily because of its shiny texture.
  • Some users also complaints about the fogging up of lens instead of the 4c Lens.


Frankly, only a few helmets can be compared with the Lincoln Viking 3350 in terms of comfort and protection. It has excellent versatility, and the perfect clarity of lens to effortlessly do any welding job. The four arc sensors and adjustable knobs surely deserve a special mention in any Lincoln Viking 3350 review

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1. Is LINCOLN VIKING 3350 any good?

In terms of comfort and protection, only a few helmets come close to the Lincoln Viking 3350. Its exceptional adaptability and great lens clarity enable it to do any welding task with ease. The four arc sensors and adjustable knobs are unquestionably noteworthy in any Lincoln Viking 3350 review.

2. Is LINCOLN VIKING 3350 safe?

With a sturdy body and a secure viewing window, the Lincoln Viking 3350 is ideal for safety.
One of the minor shortcomings of the Lincoln Viking 3350 is the absence of an electromagnetic sensor. However, it compensates for this using four arc sensors located on the interior of the helmet.

3. Are Lincoln welding helmets good?

Lincoln is an excellent manufacturer of welding helmets; their goods are fantastic. Apart from the Lincoln 3350, our budget pick for the Best Lincoln welding helmet is the Lincoln 3419-1. It is ideal for TIG welding at a maximum current of 5 amps. With solar power, easily accessible AAA batteries, a low battery warning light, and a rapid reaction time of 1/25,000th of a second, this helmet is an excellent value at this price.

4. How do you test a Lincoln welding helmet?

Welders will assess their work area, snap their necks to secure their helmets in the proper position, and begin welding. If your flame comes into contact with metal before lowering your helmet, you will experience a "flash." This is the result of exposure to bright light and UV rays.

5. How do I know if my welding helmet is bad?

With a snap of your neck, your helmet should click into place. If the helmet does not automatically fall downward with a neck snap, you either overtightened the sides to keep it in place or have a malfunctioning helmet. This downward attitude is critical to protect your face during the welding process.

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