Longevity 200S MIG Welder Review

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The portability factor is what makes Longevity 200S welder seem like a must-have for any welder using MIG technique. However, the lack of reliability may be the reason Longevity 200S is currently unavailable, about a year after our review below. Here's our update!


Here's one reliable MIG machine to get the job done! It's also very easy to set even for novices!

Highly durable and versatile MIG welder with great transformer technology that does not let down.

Longevity 200S Short Summary

POWER: 79%
PRICE: 64%

Overall Rating


Finding a MIG Welder that has the strength you need without breaking the bank can be tough.

There are a lot of really great machines out there for your projects, whether you are a hobbyist or need it for a fabrication job. You’d like to be confident that the machine you have chosen will get the weld done and done well.

It isn’t just about finding the best welder; it is about finding the best fit for your personal welding needs.

You also probably want a good value, the best bang for your buck.

Today we will discuss the Longevity Migweld 200S, a great option for the DIY-ers, casual home welders, and fabrication shops. Sadly, it turned out to be a disappointment so we cannot recommend it.

What kind of welds can the Longevity Migweld 200S take on?

The Longevity Migweld 200S boasts 60% duty cycle at 200 amp.

As far as size goes, this welder is mistakenly comparable to the Lincoln Electric Handy Core or Lotos MIG175, but at about a third of the price. It weighs about 37 lbs without the packaging and extras, making it easily portable. It can do both MIG and stick at the flip of a switch. However, the quality and performance are nowhere near to the alternative welders I mentioned above.

The machine is capable of welding up to half an inch of steel... when it works.

The MIG gun and the stick electrode come included with the Migweld 200S, so you can use all of the available processes straight out of the box. For an extra $300 you can order the Longevity with the spool gun option for your aluminum welding needs.

The Longevity seems Migweld 200S is perfect for those who have been using the Migweld 140, but find they need more power without losing portability. The machine can be best used for fabrication or quick home repairs as long as the wire feeder gets a serious overhaul. It jams frequently and won't feed the wire.

longevity 200S MIG Welder Review

Longevity 200S MIG welder Pros

Here is an outline of the pros, but you can learn about each in more detail by scrolling down:

  • Powerful
  • Affordable
  • Built for comfort
  • Good flux core to gas transition
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Cutting-edge transformer technology

Powerful and affordable

The welder operates on 220/240 volts. The super duty cycle is excellent for the price. All you have to do to start welding is plug it in.

It is priced at $909.99 with the spool gun capability and around $600 without.

Ergonomic trigger and strain relief

The MIG gun has a swivel on the trigger head to help you get into tight spaces and weld in awkward corners.

The trigger is comfortable and easier on the hands than a lot of other welding machines. There is strain relief on both sides of the machine’s brass tip, helping to prevent kinks in the wire.

Easily converts from Flux Core to gas

You can use the welder without gas by simply changing the polarity setting above the wire feed. This offers an added element of portability.

By running on a standard 220v power cord you can weld anywhere with or without gas.

Thermal Overload Protection

This can be an easily overlooked feature, but it enhances the safety of your welding dramatically. It ensures the machine will function reliably and minimizes accidents.

Innovative Transformer Technology

Longevity has been creating cutting-edge welding solutions for decades. With the Migweld 200S they have included an exceptional transformer that is reliable and built to last.

The machine still maintains a lightweight and sleek appearance in addition to having versatility and power.

Longevity 200S MIG welder Cons

No Readout

There is no readout or door chart with the welder which can make it hard to get it properly adjusted.

The gun is low quality and often breaks down.

However, with some times and a little effort it is quite simple to learn what settings work best for different kinds of applications IF the gun works as it should.

Warranty Information

The Longevity Migweld 200S comes with a guaranteed one-year warranty, parts and labor. You can add an additional 1-year warranty with parts and labor for $200 or 2 years for $375. The machine is insured against any shipping damage.

Out-of-warranty service customers who own machines that have gone out of warranty but still require service must contact Longevity for an estimate. The company often offers an exchange program and will help customers with their repairs or replacements.


The verdict for the Longevity Migweld 200S is that it is not reliable although it is a versatile machine.

It can weld anything from steel to more exotic metals and even aluminum with the added spool gun.

It is a good value for the power it offers however, we do not recommend it. We recommend the Lincoln Electric Handy Core or Lotos MIG175 for more quality and better reliability. 

The portability factor is what makes this welder a good pick but that's all to it.

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