Longevity TIG Welder 200 SX Welder Review

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Review of the Longevity 200S

Looking for the Longevity TIG Welder? This is an excellent and affordable choice for any beginner TIG welders or experienced welders looking for a portable, yet powerful machine.

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POWER: 80%
PRICE: 90%

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Looking for a TIG welder with a great value and durability can be tough. The Longevity TIG Welder could be your top pick.

There are so many conflicting reviews and products with similar specifications. When shopping around for a new welding machine you should consider the following factors before purchasing: weld quality, price, portability, and reliability.

This review will discuss how the Longevity 200 SX measures up in all of these categories to help you make an informed purchase.

What is this Machine Best For?

The Longevity 200SX is great for entry-level TIG welders.

It is perfect for jobs that require portability since the machine weighs only 41 pounds. For hobbyists, metal artists, DIY-ers, and fabrication shops this welder can offer a lot of versatility.

You can use it in your garage for home projects, boat repairs, or small fabrication jobs. It is also great to take out on jobs or for shop use.

It can produce clean, strong welds on a variety of materials: steel, aluminum, and other exotic metals.

The machine is able to produce 200 amps on both AC and DC TIG. When welding stick, it can produce 140 amps.

The dual voltage and portability accommodates working in unconventional or tight spaces. It has the capability to create uncontaminated welds on very fine aluminum.

If you are looking for precision with thinner metals this welder is definitely up for the task. It can also lay down smooth bead without spatter.

Longevity TIG Welder 200 SX Review

The Longevity 200 SX Pros

  • Great start
  • Foot pedal for maximum control
  • AC/DC easy toggle
  • Portable

Longevity 200SX . TIG and stick welder for light work or the hobbyist

The Longevity 200 SX Cons

Oversized torch - Some people may find that the torch is massive and ungainly. The torch and cable can be rather heavy for some welders, making for a clumsy welding experience. In fact, some have burned their hands on it because it is rather difficult to weild.

Unreliable gas regulator - Other welders liked the torch, but found the gas regulator to be unreliable. There are some reports of trouble getting the argon gas to flow at all mid-weld. But this could be due to the learning curve with the machine settings, pedal, and TIG welding in general.

In summary:

  • Not a great torch
  • Bad gas regulator

Warranty Information

Longevity offers customers a one-year warranty that includes parts and labor. It is recommended that if you purchase from Longevity you get an estimate for a longer term warranty through the company.

There is also a 30-day risk-free trial that states Longevity will cover all costs to replace your machine should there be any malfunctions or damage during this time frame.


The TIGWELD 200 SX TIG & Stick Welder is an excellent and affordable choice for any beginner TIG welders or experienced welders looking for a portable, yet powerful machine.

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