Lotos LTP5000D Plasma Cutter Review

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Lotos LTP500D review

For those quick cuts prior to assembly or making ornamental pieces, the Lotos gets the job done with precision, proving itself to be a top-of-the-line DIY plasma cutter. It's a great purchase for anybody.

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POWER: 85%
PRICE: 90%

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Are you in the market for a plasma cutter that will offer you portability and dependability for all your personal metalworking projects?

The Lotos LTP5000D might be just what you have been looking for.

Investing in a machine can become a daunting decision-making process. After reading through a gauntlet of different user reviews, you can end up even more confused about which cutter to purchase than before you started researching.

This review will help break down the pros and cons of this non-touch pilot arc plasma cutter for you.

What is the Lotos LTP5000D Plasma Cutter Best For?

The Lotos Plasma cutter is for cutting through stainless steel, alloy steel, brass, aluminum, and any other conductive material.

The machine’s compact nature makes it perfect to take back and forth from the shop to the home garage. It is designed to work on smaller scale industrial projects, DIY home repairs, and metal art.

Whether you are just doing rough cuts or working on ornamental pieces, the LTP5000D has the durability and precision for both.

With 50A dual voltage (110/220VAC) and the non-touch pilot arc it can cut up to a ½ inch without distorting the metal.

Lotos LTP5000D Plasma Cutter Pros

Non-touch Pilot ARC 

The pilot arc is designed to cut through a variety of surfaces from painted to rusty to stippled with virtual ease and no slag.

You don’t need to touch the tip to the metal with the pilot arc, allowing for higher quality cuts. This technology additionally helps users save on consumables.

Comes fully equipped 

The machine comes with a variety of important additions to get you started. It is ready to use right out of the box coming with the following accessories:

  • Plasma cutting torch CP133
  • Ground cable & clamp
  • 4 air hose clips & 2 air hose connectors
  • Mounting bracket for air filter & air filter AR01

Inverter Technology 

Lotos has brought their inverter technology to provide the latest and greatest high-frequency inverter technology. The cutter uses IGBT to give metal workers and DIYers a constant, consistent, concentrated, and precise current.

Customizable Torch 

The torch trigger is adjustable so that you can get a fit that is customized. It can be positioned in the finger or thumb positions.

The torch head is perfect for fitting into hard- to-reach or tighter spaces with its low profile.

Lotos LTP5000D Plasma Cutter Cons

Short ground clamp

A common complaint users had was that the ground clamp was quite weak and short for certain projects.

Many chose to replace the accessory and purchase their own clamp to meet their specific needs.

Uses a lot of consumables

It’s a good idea to buy extra consumables as the machine seems to run through them quicker than anticipated.

But maybe this is due to the fact users like working with the machine so frequently that they are burning through their consumables.

Cutter guide issues

The cut is large and wide on this machine. Some people have said that they wish that the guide was more accurate and sturdier to accommodate them.

Warranty Information

The Lotos Plasma Cutter comes with a standard limited 1-year warranty. You must pay 2-way shipping for any repairs you need which isn't great compared to other warranties. Their customer support is decent despite this, but they aren't going to win any awards.

For complete machine replacement they provide only refurbished machines in exchange for the original one you purchased. If you would like additional protection the company sells extended 3-year warranties.


If you are looking for a versatile, affordable, and portable plasma cutter for your home shop, garage, or workshop the Lotos LTP5000D is an excellent choice.

It is not only affordable but dependable.

For those quick cuts prior to assembly or making ornamental pieces, the Lotos gets the job done with precision, proving itself to be a top-of-the-line DIY plasma cutter.

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