Welding Schools in the United States

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Find Affordable Welding Schools in the US


At the bottom of this page, you can find contact information for some of the 72 accredited welding programs in Alabama. When you are reviewing welding programs, make sure you review the course listings to make sure that the program offers the course you want at your level and prepares you for certification exams.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the annual pay scale for welders nationwide ranges from $24,490 for the lowest 10 percent to $55,240 for the highest 10 percent, with the median 50th percentile earning $35,920 a year. Certified welders are more likely to earn better salaries, as they have demonstrated a certain level of competency by earning their certification.


The 3 highest paying states for welders are:

Alaska median salary is $70,685

Hawaii median salary is $64,712

District of Columbia median salary is $55,786


While the 3 lowest paying states for welders are:

Idaho median salary is $33,542

Kansas median salary is $33,500

South Dakota median salary is $31,898

According to the BLS, nationwide employment opportunities for welders are expected to rise at an average rate of 3-4% per year through 2024.

The 5 states with the highest concentration of employment opportunities are Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

The 5 states with the lowest concentration of employment opportunities are: Hawaii, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts