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If you’re a beginner or want a welding setup for your home, getting a tig welder plasma cutter combo is the best way to go.

While these aren’t the most powerful tools you can find, they are powerful enough for most applications, and also tend to be affordable. There are plenty of three-in-one combos available in the market, but not all are worth looking at. 

A lot of them are downright weak and supply bogus features. Don’t worry, though – I’ve got you covered! Here are the five best welder plasma cutter combos money can buy.

Top 5 Tig Welder/Plasma Cutter Combos

#1 PrimeWeld CT-520D (3-in-1)

The CT-520D makes for the perfect fully-inclusive beginners kit. The 3-in-1 tool includes a cutting torch, a TIG gun, and a stick electrode holder. 

It’s also the perfect combo to buy for weekend projects at home and the occasional repair.

The control panel is easy to follow, and it won't take long for you to learn how to use the machine. The selector switch enables you to switch between the three tools, and the control knobs allow you to set output amps and gas flow.

You can use the PrimeWeld combo with both 120V and 240V power, and since built-in inverter has an impressive efficiency of 85%, you won’t be wasting much energy.

The TIG and stick can use a maximum of 200A, which is surprising for a multi-tool package this light, and the plasma cutting tool can use 50A.

The charm of the device comes from its portability. It has a carrying handle on the top, and it’s the lightest machine on this list weighing in at 35.7lbs.

For an inexpensive 3 in 1 welder plasma cutter combo, the CT-520D packs quite a punch and delivers excellent value for money.

PRIMEWELD CT-520D (3-IN-1) Pros

  • Built-in air gauge
  • Minimal setup required – works right out the box
  • Three-year warranty
  • Up to 1-inch thick metal severance

PRIMEWELD CT-520D (3-IN-1) Cons

  • Beginners will have trouble with setup
  • No pilot arc

While the Lotos CT520D classifies only as a medium-duty machine at best, it boasts higher quality than other combos in the market. The combination of tools is the same as the PrimeWeld CT-520D – it comes with a cutter, TIG, and stick.

The control panel is super user-friendly – the digital screen displays the output current amongst other parameters. It also comes with an air delay function that you can adjust between 2.5 and 6 seconds.

Assembly is easy, and it comes with a ¼” NEMA coupler for the air and gas hose. The inverter can function with both 120V and 240V supplies, and the plasma cutter is rated to 50A. The TIG and stick welders, on the other hand, can use up to 200A.

Overall, it’s one of the most user-friendly machines in the market, which, coupled with the quality of the tool, makes it the perfect tig welder plasma cutter combo for less experienced metalworkers.

LOTOS CT520D (3-IN-1) Pros

  • Comes with industry-grade air filter regulator
  • HF start welding
  • Excellently-mechanized TIG welder allows welding thin-gauge materials
  • ¾” max severance

LOTOS CT520D (3-IN-1) Cons

  • Pigtail not included for voltage conversion

Both DIY metalworkers and professionals in the field say great things about the LTPDC2000D. The multi-process welder plasma cutter can slice a metal bar ¾ of an inch thick and cut a ½" block of metal with a clean finish.

The high-quality TIG enables you to precisely weld thinner gauge materials. The HF start coupled with the pilot arc function makes it super easy for beginners to start their welding sessions without damaging the metal.

The LTPDC2000D supports a foot pedal perfectly for welding heat control, but it is not included with the package.

The dual-voltage operation makes things convenient, but considering that the LTPDC2000D is pricier than the CT520D, it is disappointing to see no pigtail connector included with the machine.

Overall, however, it’s power and durability are what make the multi-process welder worth the money.

LOTOS LTPDC2000D (3-IN-1) Pros

  • Can cut a ½” block of metal clean
  • Made with Infineon IGBT – super durable 
  • Dual-voltage operation

LOTOS LTPDC2000D (3-IN-1) Cons

  • Smaller welding leads are tough to find 

The Everlast SuperUltra 206Si is named aptly – you get tons of power packed into a simple package. It supports both 110V and 220V power, and the 3-in-1 tool includes a TIG, a Stick, and a plasma cutter.

It uses MOSFET-based inverter technology, which enables it to deal with thicker pieces of metal while remaining lightweight. Inverter efficiently is also super high, which means if you do a lot of projects at home, you won’t have to deal with a bank-breaking electricity bill.

It is a portable tig welder plasma cutter combo so that you can use it outside your home for professional tasks. You can also tackle some industrial tasks with it.

The small machine can weld together steel pieces an eighth of an inch thick, which is impressive. It can also cut through ¾ an inch of metal with ease.

The HF plasma and the pilot arc function make use a lot easier for beginners, and since it comes with a DC TIG, you can carry out delicate repairs on Stainless Steel, Chrome Moly, and Steel with it.

While it may not look like an aggressive machine, it is quite powerful, and the control panel ties the features together nicely and gives you easy access.

Overall, it’s worth every penny.


  • Uses MOSFET-based inverter
  • Excellent welding and cutting capabilities
  • DC TIG – fine repair made easy


  • Expensive

The Everlast PowerUltra 206Pi has the same body as its counterpart, the SuperUltra. However, the features it comes with are a lot different than the first multi-process welder.

It’s the perfect universal tool for the garage and a revamped version of the popular Everlast PowerUltra 205P. The machine comes with a new digital control, making setting parameters a lot more convenient than the old version’s finicky dials.

Since it uses DC output in the Stick and TIG mode, you will be able to cut all kinds of material with it expect aluminum and magnesium.

The TIG’s pulse on the 206Pi is fixed to 0.5Hz to 25Hz, and you don’t have to optimize any frequency settings yourself. You only need to turn on the pulse and get to welding.

Overall, it’s a compact and convenient to use alternative to any given tig welder plasma cutter combo.


  • Durable and compact
  • DC TIG
  • Five-year warranty


  • Can be challenging to use for complete beginners


Q: What is a “non-touch pilot arc”?

A: Non-touch pilot arc is a newer technology that enables you to start cutting metal with the cutting tip of away from the metal.

Q: How long will my plasma cutter tip last?

A: If you use it often, it may only last a few days. If you take up projects on the weekends, your plasma cutter’s tip should last a few weeks.

Q: Do 4 in 1 welder plasma cutters exist?

Sure! It can be difficult to find these locally and even on sites like Amazon, but you can find some on AliExpress.

Q: Can you TIG weld with a plasma cutter?

TIG welding with a plasma cutter is entirely possible if you have access to a multi-process machine.

Q: Are Combo Welders any good?

At the very least, as long as they are not required for industrial-type work. For such, you'll almost certainly need numerous dedicated welders to ensure performance and durability. However, a combo welder is the best option for the average consumer if you want adaptability without committing to multiple distinct types of welders.


The PrimeWeld CT-520D offers a set of features that make it just right for use by welders of all skill levels. It’s durable, lightweight, and loaded with features.

The build quality is high, the design is excellent, and its price is equally enticing. 

It’s well-rounded, which makes it the best tig welder/plasma cutter combo on this list.

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