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This Tweco Fabricator 211i Review will be based on performance, durability, ease of use and price.

The Tweco Fabricator 211I is a solid, but if you want a good wielding machine from a reputable and trustworthy brand with excellent value for the money, then the Everlast PowerARC 160STH is better choice.

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Tweco Fabricator 211i Review

Any welder knows the beauty that is a multi-functional welding machine. Tweco Fabricator 211i is one of the best such machines, as it delivers a very good performance across all of the most prominent styles of welding.

Tweco is a multiprocess welder - it can do both a TIG and MIG welds, but it produces enough power to be a very effective stick welder too, making it a very useful tool for anyone to have.

If you would like to learn something more about Tweco, here is a short review in which we’ll discuss the best features of the machine, as well as what it’s best for.

What’s The Tweco Fabricator 211i Best For?

Like we said, Tweco Fabricator 211i is equally a stick, MIG and TIG welder. We see this machine as one of the most versatile on the market. It is really impressive to find any such machine, as these three styles differ, and by quite a wide margin and the Fabricator can switch seamlessly between the different modes.

It’s most impressive that the machine can weld in TIG style, which is a much more delicate style, where MIG and stick produce very strong welds and are better used for thicker materials.

The reason the welder is so diverse is because it has a very wide amperage output. The welder can weld at 10 amps but can go up to 210 amps. As we know, TIG welding is done at very low amperage, and the fact that there is such a spread is outstanding.

The machine can also switch from 230V input to a 115V input, but then the amperage cap is much lower (10-150).

As such, Tweco Fabricator 211i is applicable in a wide range of situations. It can be used for fixing farm equipment or in the automotive industry. From aluminum to steel - it can handle it all.

It can weld dirty and rusty materials if you’re using a stick, and it can weld thin sheets of steel and produce very fine and artistic welds if you’re using TIG.

Tweco W1004201 Fabricator 211i

Tweco Fabricator 211i Pros

One of the best things about the welder (aside from its wide array of applicable situations) is an incredible control that it gives you when you’re welding.

The machine features Infinite Voltage Control which allows you to adjust the voltage in such a way where it’s in tune with the material you’re trying to weld and its thickness.

The welder also has adjustable arc force control, which is especially useful for stick welding. Stick welding is done at high power output, and this control will let you reduce the power so you don’t burn through the material.

Continuing with the various controls, Tweco also has the Lift TIG Start function.

As we said, TIG welding is done with thinner materials, and this function will allow for better starting, and rein in the power so you won’t burn through the metal.

Lastly, it has to be said that this machine is incredibly light. At 58 pounds, Tweco Fabricator is lighter than most similar models.

This makes the device very portable and mobile, and you can move around with it more freely, which is a great thing if you’re working on a larger project where repositioning is a must.

Tweco Fabricator 211i Cons

Lastly, we have to say something about the bad sides of this machine. It is a very good device, and it’s hard to find something wrong with it, even if we nitpick.

One negative remark that could be made regards the cheap steel clamp the machine comes with. However, if you contact the manufacturer, they’ll send you another, copper, clamp within a week.

It is the most affordable multi-purpose welder out there, but that doesn’t make it cheap. But to spend less, you’ll have to sacrifice some of its breadth of functionality.


All Tweco products have a two-year warranty on the power source and a three-year warranty on the gun, the electrode holder, and the work lead. It is a solid warranty, and Tweco typically has good customer support.


As you’ve seen, the Tweco Fabricator 211i is one of the best machines of its class on the market. In terms of the Tweco Fabricator 211i Review, It's versatile, powerful but also very gentle when needed. Tweco is a splendid piece of equipment that allows you to control every aspect of welding and leaves nothing to chance.

It’s a rare machine that allows quality MIG, TIG and stick welding. Because of this, we can warmly recommend Tweco to anyone wishing a serious welding companion. That in mind, a better choice might still be the PowerArc 160.

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