6 Best Welding Schools in Idaho

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Through this article, you can learn a little about the welding trade in Idaho. You’ll learn a bit about the welding programs available to help you prepare for this trade. You’ll also see how much Idaho welders earn at different levels of expertise, and how many opportunities for employment exist in the Gem State.


At the lowest end of the wage scale, a welder in Idaho can expect to earn around $11.62, or about $24,000 annually when working full time. The average in the top 10% of earners is $25.17 per hour, or roughly $52,000 full time. The range can depend on certification, experience, and type of position. The median wage for an Idaho welder is $17.43 per hour – about $36,500 per year.

Idaho welders earn less than 68% of all trades careers in the state. Compared to all careers, welders earn less than 62% of the average income. Compared with the rest of the states, Idaho ranks 32th in terms of the average salary paid.

Welding Job Market in Idaho

Staying current with changes and improvements in welding technology is essential to be able to work in the best jobs and make the most money.

It’s good to not that welding skills are highly transferable. If you learn to weld in one region of the country, there’s not much difference in skills or requirements elsewhere. The biggest employers of welders are the construction and manufacturing sectors. Electric and gas utilities also employ many welders.

There are currently about 2500 welding jobs in Idaho in 2019. The BLS expects the number of available welding jobs to increase slightly to about 2750 by 2024, around 10% growth.

While the number of welding jobs in Idaho isn’t huge, considerable growth is expected over the next several years. It’s anticipated that 1040 positions will be available per year, between new positions and replacements. Idaho is pretty close to average in the US amongst all metrics in the field and the same is true for openings, though growth is proportionally higher than in other states.

What cities are most popular in Idaho for welders?

Below are the cities in Idaho that hire the most welders. $ amount in parentheses represents the average wage for the city. Remember to take cost of living into account when considering wages, as it is more expensive to live in some cities compared to others.

  • Idaho Falls ($17.52 hourly, or about $37,000 annually)
  • Lewiston ($28.13 hourly, or about $58,500 annually)
  • Twin Falls ($20.88 hourly, or about $44,000 annually)

What companies are hiring in Idaho?

The following companies are some of the most popular companies to hire welders. They may not indicate the median or average.

  • Trinity Trailer Mfg., Inc
  • In the Ditch Towing Products

Top Schools in Idaho

Name of Institution
Phone Number
Institution Type
Centennial Job Corps3201 Ridgecrest Dr
Nampa, ID 83687
(208) 442 4500
(208) 442 4506
Adult (All Other)
College Of Southern Idaho315 Falls Ave., P.O. Box 1238
Welding Dept. Desert Bldg
Twin Falls, ID 83303
(208) 732 67952 Yr. College
College Of Western Idaho1464 University Drive
Boise, ID 83706
(208) 562 2345
(888) 562 0461
2 Yr. College, CTE, 2 Years (Welding Associates)
Dehryl A. Dennis Technical Center8201 W. Victory Road
Boise, ID 83709
(208) 854 5810CTE
Lewis-Clark State College500 8th Ave
Lewiston, ID 83501
(208) 792 2210
(208) 799 2816
4 Year (Bachelors)
North Idaho College1000 W Garden Ave
Coeur D Alene, ID 83814
(208) 769 3311
(208) 769 3459
2 Yr. College