8 Best Welding Schools in New Mexico

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This article will help you learn a little about the educational opportunities available to learn welding in New Mexico. Is the Land of Enchantment really enchanting for welders? With the information presented here, you’ll have an idea of where you can get started and how much you can expect to learn in this trade if you work in New Mexico.


In New Mexico, a starting welder can expect to earn around $13.63, or about $28,500 annually when working full time. The top 10% of welders’ earning are around $38.59 per hour, or $80,000 full time. The range can depend on certification, experience, and type of position. The median wage for a New Mexico welder is $22.11 per hour. That comes to about $46,000 per year.

New Mexico welders earn less than 48% of all trades careers in the state. Compared with the rest of the states, New Mexico ranks 7th in terms of average salary paid.

Welding Job Market in New Mexico

Keeping up with the latest changes and improvements in welding technology is essential to be able to work in the best jobs and make the most money.

Also, welding skills are universal; it’s relatively easy to practice your trade in a different state if you decide to move for any reason. The biggest employers of welders are the construction and manufacturing sectors, followed by electric and gas utilities.

There are currently about 1660 welding jobs in New Mexico. The BLS expects the number of available welding jobs to increase to about 2300 by 2024, about 39% growth.

There aren’t a huge number of jobs for welders in New Mexico, but rapid growth is expected in the trade over the next decade. But the state ranks highly in terms of wages for highly skilled and experienced welders. We hope the information here has been a help as you begin researching the welding trade in New Mexico!

What cities are most popular in New Mexico for welders?

Below are the cities in New Mexico that hire the most welders. $ amount in parentheses represents the average wage for the city. Remember to take cost of living into account when considering wages, as it is more expensive to live in some cities compared to others.

  • Santa Fe ($22.22 hourly, or about $46,500 annually)
  • Albuquerque ($24.32 hourly, or about $50,500 annually)

What companies are hiring in New Mexico?

The following companies are some of the most popular companies to hire welders. They may not indicate the median or average.

  • Rite-Hite
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory

Top Schools in New Mexico

Name of Institution
Phone Number
Institution Type

Albuquerque Job Corp Center1500 Indian School Rd W, Albuquerque, NM 87104(505) 346-2562
(505) 346 6727
Adult (All Other)
Central New Mexico Community College525 Buena Vista Se
Albuquerque, NM 87106
(505) 224 3347
(505) 224 3720
2 Yr. College
Clovis Community College417 Schepps Blvd
Clovis, NM 88101
(575) 769 4917
(505) 769 4190
2 Yr. College, 2 Years (Welding Associates), 2 Years (Certificate Of Completion)
Dona Ana Branch Community College3400 S. Espina St, Box 30001 Dept Msc3da
Las Cruces, NM 88003
(505) 527 7597
(505) 527 7774
Eastern New Mexico UniversityPo Box 6000
Roswell, NM 88202
(505) 624 7318
(505) 624 7188
4 Year (Bachelors)
New Mexico Junior College5317 N Lovington Hwy
Hobbs, NM 88240
(575) 492 2575
(575) 492 2558
2 Yr. College
Roy Municipal SchoolsPo Box 430 5th & Roosevelt Roy, NM 87743(505) 485 2242
(505) 485 2497
University New Mexico Gallup Branch200 College Rd
Gallup, NM 87301
(505) 863 7510
(505) 863 7579
4 Year (Bachelors)