Welding Schools in South Dakota

Are you interested in working as a welder in South Dakota? In this article you’ll find helpful information about where you can learn welding. You’ll also learn what the average wages are for a welder across different levels of experience.


South Dakota welder starts around $12.67, or about $6,400 a year for full-time work at the low end of the scale. The top 10% make about $21.91 per hour, or $45,600 full time. The median wage for an experienced South Dakota welder is $16.63 per hour, which is about $34,600 per year.

South Dakota welders earn less than 62% of all trades careers in the state. South Dakota ranks 51st – last – in terms of average salary paid compared to other states and the District of Columbia.

Welding Job Market in South Dakota

Continuing education is important for welders, as in most careers. Keeping abreast of the latest technological advances is important for those who want to earn the highest wages.

Welding skills are also universal; it’s easy to practice your trade in a different state if you decide to move for any reason. The construction and manufacturing sectors are the biggest employers of welders are, followed by electric and gas utilities.

There are currently about 3250 welding jobs in South Dakota. There’s expected to be a good amount of growth in the numbers of jobs by 2024, with an expected total of 3660 positions (a 13% increase). Between growth and replacement, there will be about 130 job openings a year.

In South Dakota, there are a lot of jobs available for welders, and the need is expected to continue to grow. While the pay for a welder in South Dakota ranks at the bottom of the scale nationally, this always has to be judged against the cost of living in the state, as well. Using the information you found here, you can hopefully take the next step in deciding whether to work as a welder!

Name of Institution
Phone Number
Institution Type
Boxelder Job Corp CenterPo Box 110
Nemo, SD 57759
(605) 348 3636
(605) 578 115
Adult (All Other)
Huron High School801 18th St. SW
Huron, SD 57350
(605) 353 7800
(605) 353 7807
High School
Leola High School820 Leola Ave.
Leola, SD 57456
(605) 439 3142
(605) 439 3206
High School
Mitchell Technical Institute1800 East Spruce Street
Mitchell, SD 57301
(605) 995 7313CTE
Mobridge-Pollock High School1107 First Avenue East
Mobridge, SD 57601
(605) 845 9200
(605) 845 3455
High School
Montrose Schools309 S Church Ave
Montrose, SD 57048
(810) 591 8822
(810) 591 7281
High School
Southeast Technical Institute2320 N. Career Ave
Sioux Falls, SD 57107
(800) 247 0789
(605) 367 4356
2 Yr. College
Sunshine Bible Academy400 Sunshine Drive
Miller, SD 57362
(605) 853 3071High School
Western Dakota Tech Institute800 Mickleson Dr
Rapid City, SD 57701
(605) 394 4034
(605) 394 1789
2 Yr. College
Lake Area Technical InstitutePo Box 730
Watertown, SD 57201
(605) 882 5284Adult (All Other)
Regional Tech Educational Center1200 W 21st West
Yankton, SD 57078
(605) 668 5700CTE