Welding Schools in Washington DC

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The nation’s capital is not only made up of government offices; it’s also home to businesses and industry, as well as the residence of many. In fact, it’s among the areas with the highest pay for welders. If you’re a resident of Washington DC or the surrounding areas, this article will give you some useful information to help you make choices about a career in welding.


The pay scale for a welder in Washington DC ranges from $19.00, or about $39,500 a year for full-time work all the way to about $42.00 per hour, or $87,500 full time. The range can depend on certification, experience and type of position. The median wage for an experienced Washington DC welder is $28.50 per hour, or about $59,000 per year.

Washington DC welders earn less than 48% of all trades careers in the state. Compared with the rest of the states, Washington DC ranks 7th in terms of average salary paid.

Welding Job Market in Washington DC

Like most careers, in welding it’s important to keep up with the latest changes and improvements in technology. Welders who do so will normally earn better than those who fall behind.

Also, welding skills are universal; it’s relatively easy to practice your trade in a different state if you decide to move for any reason. The biggest employers of welders are the construction and manufacturing sectors, followed by electric and gas utilities.

There are currently about 80 welding jobs in Washington DC. The BLS expects the number of available welding jobs to increase to about 100 by 2024, around a 25% increase.

There’s just a few welding positions in the tiny District of Columbia, but if you’re lucky enough to secure one, you’ll likely be among the top-earning welders in the country. Hopefully the material here has provided you with some basic information you need in deciding if and where to pursue your career as a welder.

While the American Welding School doesn’t list any welding schools in Washington DC itself, we encourage you to check out our articles on nearby Maryland and Virginia, where we do have lists of many programs to learn to be a welder.

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