Weldpro 200 Amp Welder Review 2020: To Buy or Not to Buy!

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What is unique about this multi-purpose welder from Weldpro? Well, a lot. Not only can it carry out close to 3 welding tasks, but it also is extremely affordable. Let us take a more in-depth look at Weldpro 200 Review, and then we will leave it on you to decide.


The first thing to notice is how user-friendly and versatile the machine is for someone who wishes to start welding.

To begin with, it has a synergic design, which means that when you adjust the voltage or material thickness, other settings like wire speed or current changes. Isn’t that a boon for beginners?

Weighing nearly 30 pounds, a compact and multi-purpose welder is the right choice if you are using it in garages, workshops, or even factories.


Listing the important specifications in the Weldpro 200 Review at a glance:

  • Three welding tasks – MIG, Lift TIG and Stick
  • Input Voltage – 110V/240V
  • Output Current under 110V- 40-120A(MIG), 40-120A (MMA) 15-120A (TIG)
  • Output Current under 240V – 40-200A (MIG) 40-200A (MMA) 15-200A(TIG)
  • Duty Cycle at input 220V- 30 percent @200A, 100 percent @110A
  • Weight- 30 pounds
  • Base Welding Material- All metals including aluminum (using extra spool gun)


  • A compact machine loaded with features and weighs significantly lesser than other welders. Easy to carry and very less storage space
  • The machine uses IGBT inverter technology, which helps control the voltage in case of a high-speed power switch.
  • Digital display which works efficiently in both dark and very bright light. Its dual display shows wire speed and ampere rating on one and high temperature on another.
  • You can weld on any metal surface in MIG mode, and for aluminum, you will need an additional spool gun in MIG mode.
  • The synergic design of the welder allows users to avoid fine-tuning the settings in every welding task. When you change one setting, the consecutive settings get adjusted automatically.
  • Different welding amperes for 230V: TIG uses 15-200A, MIG uses 40-200A and MMA uses 40-200A. For 115V: TIG uses 15-120A, MMA uses 40-120A and MIG uses 40-120A.
  • The diameter for TIG welding needle is 0.063 0.094, for MMA electrode diameter is 0.063-0.157 acid electrode, alkaline electrode and for MIG wire diameter is .023 .030 .035.


A compact, easy to understand the device is any beginner’s go-to device. The user instruction manual inside the box quite merely guides you through the nobs and settings available. It can handle multiple welding tasks.

Hence there is no requirement for a separate machine. And most importantly, it can weld on any metal surface, including aluminum with little extra settings.

The TIG and MIG settings perform welding jobs in equal precision with maximum output to be 200 Ampere. The easily adjustable wire and ampere settings make every weld easy. For such versatility, the Weldpro 200 finds its uses in car workshops, personal garage, factories.


The device is installed with a display that indicates the VRD’s high temperature. When overloaded, there are indicators to intimate, hence protecting the device from heat damage.

The Weldpro 200 Amp welder runs of Inverter technology, which automatically adjusts the output power depending on the input voltage—hence giving the welder a longer shelf-life.


There is enough evidence on the internet, which proves that this is an extremely powerful and versatile welder in the budget.

With dual voltage input, the output ranges up to 200 Ampere. As mentioned earlier, it can handle not only MIG and TIG welding, but also Core flux and stick arc welding.


Extremely lightweight design weighing just 30 pounds is genuinely portable. The compact structure takes significantly less storage space.

The dimensions are 17.72 x 8.66 x 14.96 inches with some additional structures. It has an overhead rod that gives a good grip while carrying the welder from one spot to another.


  • A closely packed structure which can handle multiple welding tasks with ease
  • Astonishingly lightweight with additional support to carry
  • Works perfectly well on all metal surfaces, including aluminum
  • Works on significantly less voltage input due to its inverter technology
  • The price is ultra-affordable
  • Synergic design making it even easier for beginners to work with


  • Does not come with additional spool gun
  • Does not have auto-temperature control/cooling fans


We have come towards the end of our Weldpro 200 Review. And in the end, all we can say is, if you are a beginner or a pro and looking for a flexible, resourceful, and cheap welder, you need to consider the Weldpro 200 Amp Inverter Multi-Process Welder.

It is a user-friendly, portable, and versatile welder that is worth the investment.

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