10 Awesome Welding Helmets For A Safe Welding Session

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Sure, your welding helmet might keep you safe – but does it also look fantastic? Welding helmets don’t have to be boring, and you can find a whole selection of helmets with awesome patterns online that also have excellent safety features.

Not every one of these helmets is worth your money, and since safety always comes first, it’s not worth taking chances and spending money on something that won’t keep you safe. 

But you’re in luck – I’ve compiled a list of ten awesome welding helmets that will offer both the safety and features that make them worthwhile.

10 Best Welding Helmets That Look Awesome


The design of the Red Tail Red Skull helmet may remind you of the Ghost Rider, but it continually works to keep you safe.

It comes with an auto-darkening feature that protects your eyes from the sudden and sharp increases in illumination when welding. The feature works well and activates instantly.

The fit is comfortable, meaning you can work with it for longer, and since it comes with batteries included, you can get started with welding as soon as you receive it.

Customers report that they experienced ZERO eye fatigue after long welding sessions. It’s hard not to recommend this cool-looking helmet!

The composite material used to design the Instapart GX990T is what makes it both lightweight and durable. You can count on it to get you through a long welding session effortlessly.

The 3.94”x3.86” panel gives you a pretty broad field of view, and the lighting fast switching time of 1/30,000th of a second is super impressive for a helmet that’s moderately priced.

It comes with built-in solar cells, and the replaceable CR2450 battery powers all its functions. The four arc sensors are what make the ADF fast and accurate.

But it’s really the rad bald-eagle design that makes it a must-have in any welder’s arsenal!


The Forney 55707 welding helmet reminded me of the Mark I suit’s helmet from Iron Man. Whether they look similar or not is debatable, but one thing is certain – these will keep your eyes safe!

The 7.70 square inch viewing area is impressive, and the auto-darkening function is flawless. The shade adjustments are on par with 2020 standards, and the Forney Master Series boasts 4C optical clarity, enabling you to see clearer and safer.

Some may find the design a little too barebones, but since it’s also loaded with excellent features, I consider it the best welding helmet for beginners.

The Antra AH7-850-001X is the epitome of cool welding helmet designs. The Carbon Fibre version looks like its straight out of a cyberpunk movie!

But the helmet offers a lot more to like than just the design.

The combination of the double-layered auto-dimming LCD shutter and the passive filter with permanent shade (13 to UV/IR) makes it one of the safest welding helmets out there.

It comes with four redundant arc sensors, is comfortable to wear, and can handle everything from plasma cutting to stick welding.

It is truly one of the most awesome welding helmets on the market!


There’s no lapse between the look and the features of the Forney 55702 – it’s durable and impact resistant.

It comes with an external shade selector, and the 1/16000 second switching speed makes it worth the money.

It’s also lightweight and comfortable to wear, and it’s not hard to see why it’s so well rated. 

The Venom print from the Spider-Man 1994 cartoons is enough to impress – but the Save Phace Kannibal 40-Vizl2 doesn’t stop there.

It’s the world’s first and only 4”x4” ADF-integrated 180° welding lens. Talk about awesome!

The helmet is multi-point adjustable, cheater lens compatible and boasts the world’s fastest lens change system. Customers agree that it’s super comfortable to wear, and the solar panels are a much-loved feature since these ensure that you never run out of battery.

It comes with a bag, which is surprising considering the low price. Considering all its features and the cool design, it’s easily the best welding helmet 2020 deserves.

The Lincoln Electric Variable helmet is awesome because skull designs are universally cool and staple when it comes to trendsetting designs. 

While the viewing angles are limited by the 3.81”x 1.75” lens, the ADF is superfast at 1/25000th of a second. The impact-resistant, clear lenses do not require a battery to operate, and the built-in battery is kept charged by the solar panels.

The fit is adjustable, and the adjustable sweatband is absorbent, which will keep you comfy throughout the day.

You can weld both TIGs and MIGs with this awesome welding helmet without hurting your eyes!


The CAT edition of Miller Electric’s welding helmet supplies four modes that are suited for four different applications.

The weld mode has shades 8-13, the cut mode has shades 5-8, and the grind mode has shade 3. It’s super versatile already!

The fourth mode, termed the X-mode, is designed to eliminate interference. It also prevents the low-amperage lens from opening if sensors are obstructed.

It comes with an exceptional three-year warranty, a bag, and a total of seven lenses.

Save Phace’s Gen-X welding mask looks boasts a hyper-modern design – it looks like it’s straight out of a video game!

The 180° lens boasts a high-quality ADF fixed shade (3/10), which will keep your eyes free from strain when you weld.

It boasts the second-largest viewing area in the world of welding masks, measuring a whopping 23 square inches. 

While the helmet looks cool, it’s neither big nor bulky and does an excellent job helping you reach tight spaces. Easy to recommend!

The Lincoln Electric Viking 3350’s spec list is just as intense as its design. It boasts 4C lens tech, which is the best lens type you can find in welding helmets.

But that’s not all.

It has a 1/1/1/1 optical clarity rating, which means that the lens lacks imperfections like distortion and blurriness.

The lens is large, and the headgear contours to your head, eliminating pressure points. It is one of the most comfortable welding helmets available.

You can switch between the weld and grind profiles at the push of a button – making you super productive in the shop.

The rad design and the three-year warranty make it a no-brainer!


I need more internal lenses for my welding helmet. Where can I find these?

Visit your local gas and weld supplier. They likely have the internal lenses you’re looking for.

How do I test the auto-darkening feature of a welding helmet?

One smart way to test the ADF feature of a welding helmet at home is by looking at a lightbulb through it and then somewhere a lot darker immediately after.

Can I wear my glasses under the helmet?

Yes, you can safely wear your glasses under the helmet.

Are cheap auto darkening welding helmets safe?

Yes. When correctly utilized, auto-darkening welding helmets are as safe as passive welding helmets. Auto-darkening helmets eliminate the need for welders to take their helmets on and off, allowing them to concentrate on their work and limit the danger of errors and injuries. When it comes to welding helmets, welders have a variety of options.

Are auto darkening welding helmets any good?

Yes. There is no reason why you should continue to wear a vintage welding helmet. Whatever you're doing, an auto-darkening helmet will improve your welds and simplify your life.

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