2021’s 6 Best Welding Carts: What To Look For In Welding Carts

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Last Updated: February 27, 2021

By Gregory Sanders: This article has been updated to reflect the most accurate information regarding welding carts available for those who are interested in welding. The best 6 available have changed, and information has been added to assist individuals in finding the best welding carts currently available on the market. The FAQ has also been updated.

A quality welding cart should ideally be sized to fit most welding machines. It should be made of strong, durable materials and include space for gas tanks and a storage tray for accessories and smaller equipment.

Here are 3 of the top welding carts on the market




A Welding Cart

Our Score: 94/100

  • It has 3 levels
  • Easy tool access
  • Constructed of premium metal and PVC wheels

 Welder Cart

Our Score: 92/100

  • Constructed of premium steel
  • It has four sturdy drawers
  • It has back shelf for putting gas cylinder

Our Score: 90/100

  • All steel construction with durable finish
  • Fits most MIG and plasma machines
  • Handle doesn't get in the way of leads

Depending on the equipment you plan to haul around and your storage needs, this handy guide and our reviews should help you select the right cart for your welding needs.

Best Welding Cart Reviews

#1 - Yaheetech Universal Welding Cart

Yaheetech Universal Welding Cart Pros

The Cart has 3 levels and plenty of storage space. It also have a raised handle for easy pushing and pulling.

Slanted top shelf accommodates most welding equipment and keeps welder controls at an easy-to-use angle.

It is constructed from sturdy metal, it also have hooks to store torches and other pieces. 

Chain in back keeps gas tank in place. It is worth mentioning that cart is able to hold both a welder and a plasma cutter.

Yaheetech Universal Welding Cart Cons

Cart is not suitable for heavy-duty industrial use

Final Thoughts

The Yaheetech Welding Cart is everything a DIY user could want. It’s affordable, Sturdy, Easy to Maneuver and has plenty of shelf and storage space to accommodate a welder and a cutter.


Goplus Universal Welder Cart Pros

The GoPlus Universal Welder cart can be used for MIG, TIG, ARC Flux welders and Plasma Cutters and has 4 drawers and a sliding cabinet.

It comes with 4 Drawers and a Cabinet to keep welding tools and supplies organized. Top drawer can be locked for securing valuables.

It fits t MIG, TIG and plasma cutters. It is built from sturdy steel construction with a durable black finish.

Goplus Universal Welder Cart Cons

Assembly can be challenging as no instructions are provided, just a picture.  On top of that drawers are only 8 inches deep.

Final Thoughts

This cart is worth the price for a small welding set-up as it is sturdy, durable with loads of organizing drawers and cabinets.

Best Welding Cart for Plasma Cutters

A plasma cutter cuts metal by sending air or an inert gas through a plasma torch, sparking an electrical arc, and then forcing plasma through the torch top to cut metal. Here are 3 of the best plasma cutter carts on the market.


Hot Max wc100 Welding/Plasma Cutter Cart Pros

Assembly is pretty easy and cart is heavy duty, most cutters and welders fit without any problem.

There is  a plenty of space on the cart for welding accessories.

It comes with a strong steel handle on the front, which does not get in the way of wiring and two safety chains on the back of the cart hold gas tanks in place.

Hot Max wc100 Welding/Plasma Cutter Cart Cons

The cart is a little small and will not hold both a welder and a plasma cutter all at once.

Final Thoughts

The HOT MAX WC100 is a good value. It is sturdy, well-engineered, durable and will hold many accessories as well as a gas tank.

Best Welding Cart for MIG/TIG Welders

The most important characteristic of a cart suitable for MIG or TIG welders is mobility. You want durable construction, space for the welder, gas tanks and hoses and portable enough to roll around the shop for various projects.

A TIG welder is often used for precise welds on thinner metals and will require filler wire and an electrode to match the metal that you are welding. The TIG welder relies on either 110V or 230V power.

A MIG welder is used with wire and relies on a constant shield of shielding gas to protect the weld from contamination. The gas is pumped into the welding gun for a gas tank.

Here are 3 of the best MIG TIG welding carts on the market.

#1 - Chicago ELECTRIC MIG TIG Welding Cart

Chicago Electric MIG TIG Welding Cart Pros

Chicago Electric MIG/TIG welding cart is made from sturdy formed steel and it is easy to assemble.

Top shelf is tiled for easier access to welder controls.

It includes two additional shelves below the welder shelf for extra storage. 

It comes with two safety chains to secure the gas tank and it has a hook for the torch assembly.

The machine can handle anything between 1/4’’ aluminum to 3/8’’ mild steel.

Chicago Electric MIG TIG Welding Cart Cons

Cart is small and will not hold a welder and plasma cutter. This is a handy little cart for home shop users that don’t require multiple welding and cutting machines.

Final Thoughts

A solid cart that will not disappoint. Sturdiness is a big plus for the welding world and this cart is sturdy like a brick.

Currently unavailable notable mention

Arksen Universal Welding Cart for MIG TIG Pros

Arksen universal welding cart fits most MIG TIG and plasma cutter machines.

It has 3 shelves for easy access and storage of accessories and supplies, sturdy and flexible front handle.

Two front swivel casters allow for easy maneuverability and two fixed rear wheels provide stability.

It also comes with two safety chains to hold gas tanks in place.

Arksen Universal Welding Cart for MIG TIG Cons

Assembly requires some effort as parts do not fit together smoothly so bending and stretching of the parts might be required.

Final Thoughts

The ARKSEN is a nice little cart that is strong, durable and versatile. While not for industrial use, DIY and hobby users will be pleased with the price and the ease of use.

Welding Cart for Beginning Users or Those Learning to Weld

If you are just learning to weld or are a relatively inexperienced user, you don’t really need to sink a lot of money into a welding cart. A simple, sturdy cart that can hold a variety of welding machines and gas tanks with some room for supplies is all you need.

#1 - The TOPEAKMART Welder Welding Cart

The Topeakmart Welder Welding Cart Pros

Topeakmart welding cart is easy to maneuver with its  two rear wheels and two swivel front casters.

Total load capacity of 80kg so it can be used for quick welding jobs.

It also comes with 3 lever storage space and two safety chains to keep gas tank in place.

The Topeakmart Welder Welding Cart Cons

Can be tough to navigate in small spaces. Assembly can be challenging, as only pictorial diagram is available for instructions.

Final Thoughts

For less than $50, this a nice sturdy, useful cart with ample storage room and easy to navigate.

What To Look Into For When Buying Welding Carts

A good basic welding shop should be equipped with the right tools on hand, multiple power options, good ventilation and protection from arc flashes.

Basic supplies include a welding helmet, gloves, and reliable welding machine. Accessories such as grounding cables, a saw, grinder, sandpaper, wire brushes, cleaning tools are essential to prep metals before welding.

In addition to the welding machine, a cutting torch or plasma cutter are affordable options for making clean cuts on thick metal. For the welding process itself, you will require shielding gas, welding wire, electrodes and torch tips to fit the welding machine you will be working with.

Since welding creates a lot of heat, a sturdy metal table designed for welding is a must. A welding cart makes it easy to keep your welding machines and tools out of the piles of dust that accumulate on the floor and move them into position for welding.

Some welders can weigh up to 75 pounds, so you will want to invest in a sturdy welding cart to increase portability between job sites.


Why are welding carts angled?

Welding carts are angled to have a lower center of gravity, make it easier see the controls,  and to prevent the machine from falling. Although you might think a flat one might be better, most welders would likely pile in too much things so they can't move it from site to site, defeating the purpose of having a cart.

What is the best welding cart?

Our Top Picks for Welding Carts

- Yaheetech Welding Cart OUR TOP PICK
- Goplus Welding Cart RUNNER UP
- Hot Max WC100 Welding Cart
- Chicago Electric Mig Tig Welding Cart

What should I look for in a welding cart?

A well-designed welding cart will hold all of your equipment while remaining compact and maneuverable. Our top picks and a buyer's guide are included below to assist you in choosing the best one for you.

  • Gas bottle storage.
  • The angle of attack of the welder.
  • Welding Cart Wheels
  • Wire hooks
  • Loading Capacity.
  • Assembled in a convenient manner.
  • There is sufficient space for tools.
  • Shelf counts.

Currently Unavailable Notable mentions

#1 - XTREMEPOWERUS HD Welding Cart

Xtremepowerus HD Welding Cart Pros

This cart is very easy to assemble, it comes with heavy duty 3” swivel caster front wheels that allow for easy maneuverability.

On the rear side there are heavy duty 7 ¼” fixed caster rear wheels that holds the cart in place while welding or cutting.

There is also an separate shelf for storage of accessories and chain on the back of the cart that holds gas tank in place.

Xtremepowerus HD Welding Cart Cons

The cart handle mounts on the inside and can sometimes interfere with welder placement

Final Thoughts

For an inexpensive cart, the XTREMEPOWERUS can’t be beat. While not for heavy-duty industrial use, it should meet the needs of DIY users just fine. 

#2 - Eastwood Welder/Plasma Cutter Cart

Eastwood Welder/Plasma Cutter Cart Pros

The Eastwood Plasma Cutter cart is well designed and very affordable. The cart is easy to assemble and has very high-quality wheels.

It is sturdy and easy to move around with all gear on board. The cart can carry both a welder and a plasma cutter.

There is a separate shelf to store welding accessories.

Eastwood Welder/Plasma Cutter Cart Cons

The cart can be a little hard to navigate in small spaces.

Final Thoughts

For the price, the EASTWOOD PLASMA CUTTER CART is a great choice for most home or light duty plasma cutters/welder users.

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