Welder Salary | How Much Do Welding Pros Earn?

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Have you ever been interested in becoming a welder? There’s a lot of exciting aspects of welding. Since it is so labor-intensive, you may be curious about the welding salary. A welder’s salary can range, depending on your position. You want to be aware of all the components of welding before you commit to it.

At the start of anything, it can appear difficult, but once you understand the basics you’ll get the hang of it. As you gradually improve your skills, you’ll be able to work your way up the ladder.

Maybe you are already an experienced welder looking for a better-paid job in another state? We have you covered when it comes to figures!

Welder salary - How Much Do Welders Make?

An average welders salary

For welders, you have to focus on fusing material. Some jobs may require experience, while others will focus on your entry-level skill sets. Attention to detail is one of the key characteristics that your employer will look for when determining your pay.

On average welders make around $31,000 to $40,500 annually. The salary will also be based on your qualifications and position as a welder. Fortunately, many welders have the chance to earn promotions and gain a higher salary. Many also weld on the side to sell some things.

Top-level welder earnings

Are you concerned about the financial aspect of becoming a welder? Certain types of welders have a higher salary average than others. For instance, if you’re a pipe welder you can earn up to $58,998. This category is 4% of all welders, therefore you’ll have to work your way up into this role.

Additionally, there are underwater welders which have an earning of $57,474. Since this job may require you to also earn a commercial diver license, you’ll have several underwater responsibilities.

An AWS welding certification will certainly be a huge plus for all welders starting their career.

The top two welder positions are if you’re a pipeline welder ($71,620) or a certified welding supervisor ($61,867). The pipeline industry focuses on the oil transportation.

This job will require you to be knowledgeable about the oil industry as well as natural gas distribution. If you’re a supervisor you’ll have the role of checking on each employee and make sure they’re performing their duties with attention and accuracy. 

Senior-level welder earnings

Generally, senior-level welders will earn $23.52 at an hourly rate. The great thing about senior-level welders is that you’ll be highly eligible for a bonus pay. This pay can amount up to around $1,300. Your overall salary can range up to $76,592.

Your market worth over time can increase because of your seniority. Usually a welder’s job responsibilities will include blueprints and measurements, however, as a senior-level welder, you’ll be in charge of monitoring.

This position will require you to understand each welder’s position. The more you’re aware of each responsibility the better you’ll recognize the inner workings of your team. 

Mid-level welder earnings

Mid-level welder earnings will make $18.45 hourly. By this time you’ll be accustomed to the welding lifestyle. You’ll have an upper hand at checking your co-workers’ projects. The total salary will be around $30,438 with a range of more 

The weekly tasks will require you to cut and join metal pieces, while you also set up and operate different welding machines. You’ll need to shop for equipment until you get a consistent workflow.
They’re constantly known for their intensive physical labors. Once you get the hang of your projects, you’ll be able to be eligible for senior-level earnings. 

Junior-level welder earnings

For junior-level welder earnings, it could be similar to entry-level welder salaries. The average pay for a welder is $15.93 hourly. The average salary will consist of $24,629. It can be hard, in the beginning, to work your way up, but when your employer recognizes consistent delivery it’ll increase your eligibility.

You want to think about the fundamentals of how to become a welder for this position. Understanding the basics of becoming a welder will be highly beneficial for you in the long run. Since junior-level positions are on the lower rank, higher employees may be constantly monitoring your work.

Starting-level welder earnings

When you’re beginning your journey as a welder your employer will look for two things: experience and your overall certifications. Before you begin submitting job applications you want to see your distinct qualifications. To make yourself stand out you want to choose from the best welding schools in the United States.

A starting-level welder will make $14.26 hourly which will range your annual salary from $22,883-$43,236. The starting-level requirements will allow you to maintain and repair the machinery. You want to follow and enforce safety regulations.

Since you’ll be starting you want to understand each set of rules not only as a welder but in regards to your company’s specifications. 

Welder salary by US state

How much do welders earn in US

Depending on your state, your welder salary may increase or decrease. There are several factors that will contribute to your overall pay. One of the factors being the area you work and where you’re employed.

For instance, if you’re in a metropolitan area chances are the taxes are higher and the average income will be more. Also if you’re affiliated with governmental associations you’ll have the opportunity to gain further employee benefits.

Down below is a list of welder salaries by US state. 


Hourly Wage

Annual Salary

New York - Welder Salary



Massachusetts - Welder Salary



New Hampshire - Welder Salary



Maryland - Welder Salary



Nebraska - Welder Salary



Hawaii - Welder Salary



Washington - Welder Salary



California - Welder Salary



Vermont - Welder Salary



North Dakota - Welder Salary



Alaska - Welder Salary



Idaho - Welder Salary



Nevada - Welder Salary



Montana - Welder Salary



Wyoming - Welder Salary



Connecticut - Welder Salary



Virginia - Welder Salary



West Virginia - Welder Salary



Delaware - Welder Salary



Rhode Island - Welder Salary



Arizona - Welder Salary



Pennsylvania - Welder Salary



Colorado - Welder Salary



New Jersey - Welder Salary



South Dakota - Welder Salary



Minnesota - Welder Salary



Oregon - Welder Salary



South Carolina - Welder Salary



Tennessee - Welder Salary



Kentucky - Welder Salary



Indiana - Welder Salary



Ohio - Welder Salary



Louisiana - Welder Salary



Oklahoma - Welder Salary



Iowa - Welder Salary



Kansas - Welder Salary



Utah - Welder Salary



Wisconsin - Welder Salary



Arkansas - Welder Salary



Alabama - Welder Salary



Maine - Welder Salary



Georgia - Welder Salary



New Mexico - Welder Salary



Texas - Welder Salary



Illinois - Welder Salary



Michigan - Welder Salary



Missouri - Welder Salary



Mississippi - Welder Salary



Florida - Welder Salary



North Carolina - Welder Salary



Popular Employer Salaries for Welders

There are top employment opportunities if you’re looking at popular employer salaries. 

Huntington Ingalls Industries $25/hour
Caterpillar, Inc.$21/hour
Trinity Inc $17/hour
General Electric Co (GE) $23/hour
Great Dane Trailers LLC $16/hour
Waste Management, Inc. $17/hour
FreightCar America $18/hour
Eaton Corporation $17/hour

Underwater and pipeline welders earn the most. You’ll have to understand that you’re going to play a crucial role in the infrastructure of buildings. The main duties will consist of oil rigs and refineries. You’ll also be needed in the automotive industry, shipbuilding, and aerospace.

If you’re an underwater welder, it can be dangerous, but one of the highest paying welding jobs with $80-$97,000 annually. In addition, to the dangers of water pressure, you’ll be working completely submerged. You’ll also have to know how to scuba dive and top-side weld.

Lastly, becoming a welding technician is a great skill set to have for several employable job opportunities. You’ll have to learn the functions of each machine and be able to work in unpredictable workspaces. If you’re well versed in these skills you can have a steady job with good pay. 

If you're not a fan of water, consider structural welding as a career opportunity.


1. Can welders make 100k a year?

There are numerous high-wage contract welding possibilities available. Contract welders can make well over $100,000 per year due to the particular skills required and the potential for risk associated with these types of operations.

2. How much does a hyperbaric welder make?

According to commercial divers and global data, the average yearly income for underwater welding is $53,990, and the hourly rate is $25.96. However, the majority of incomes hover between $25,000 and $80,000. Diver welders in the top 10% earn $83,730, while those in the lowest 10% earn $30,700.

3. How much does a pipeliner welder make?

In the United States, the national average compensation for a Pipeline Welder is $43,620.

4. Is a welding degree worth it?

Yes, welding school can be worthwhile because businesses are increasingly requiring postsecondary welding knowledge, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Additionally, there may be other advantages to finishing a welding training program.

5. How much do NASA welders make?

How much does the Welder position pay at NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration? In the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area, the average income for the position of Welder at NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration is $52,100.

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