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Welding can sometimes be stressful with all the different controls, fast speed, and safety precautions. Exactly why we should always consider the various aspects and usage of a welder before finally buying it. But, if you are familiar with welding, you must have come across Esab at some point in time.

They are known for their extraordinary welders that makes tackling these tedious jobs so much easier. We are reviewing one of the most impressive products from Esab today, the Esab Miniarc 161LTS. Let’s take a more in-depth look into this pre-assembled that all-set to weld.

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If you weld as your hobby or a DIY enthusiast, Esab Miniarc 161LTS can be your perfect welding partner. With a reliable stick and TIG welding, this machine will serve you for an entire series of projects.

This welder has all you are looking for as a beginner: automatic configurations, easy controls, and an informative manual. You will love the fact that it is easy to use, and you will be able to do precise welding almost effortlessly.

As an experienced welder, you will love its fantastic duty-cycle and the reliable voltage supply that it supports.


Esab Miniarc 161lts has the following specifications mentioned below:

  • Current tolerance: 5A to 160A.
  • Input Voltage Tolerance: 115V and 230V, DC.
  • Product net weight: 18 pounds.
  • Products Dimensions: 5.75 x 15.75 x 10 inches.
  • Duty cycle: 35% at 32 A.


  • It can perform both stick and TIG welding effortlessly.
  • Works on dual DC voltage of 115V and 230V, making it convenient for homely usage.
  • Using the stick process, you can get a 35% duty cycle at 160V and 16.4 A. And when TIG, you can have a 35% duty cycle at 110V and 11.4 A.
  • It has a shoulder strap that makes it portable, along with its lightweight.
  • It’s packaging also has a 10-foot welding cable, work cable as well for convenient welding.
  • It also has an LED thermal overload indicator that signals the overheating of the welding machine’s motor.
  • You can manually set-up the amount of current you want in between 5 to 16A using the AMP knob regulator.


Right from simple repairing, maintenance, and constrictions, you can use this welder for multiple purposes, like personal, workshops, DIYs, or even professional welding.

With MIG and TIG functionality, you can manage almost all the operations and challenges. You can use the regular power outlet for this welder because it supports dual voltage.

Some people may find it difficult to set up manual configurations in their welding machines as a beginner. To tackle this problem, this welder has a unique in-built functionality such that it can automatically configure options depending on the power supply.

Although, you can set-up the configurations manually if you want to. It doesn’t have a durable build for heavy industrial purposes, so that you can use it in a small workshop or at home as a hobby.

Also, this machine is not suitable for thick materials but works very smoothly over thin metals.

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With extensive welding and TIG cable that provides a perfect grip to its users, Esab Miniarc 161LTS guarantees complete user safety.

It has an LED indicator that signifies the thermal overloading so that you can stop the welder for a while and wait until it cools down. In this way, it avoids short-circuit, reducing unnecessary accidents.

Along with this, its manual guide jots down all precautions that a user needs to follow to avoid any harm.


It is a very compact welder with an impressive power tolerance. It can work on a dual voltage supply of 115V and 230V.

Also, as it supports TIG welding, it can have a 35% duty cycle at 110 V and 11.4 A, when working in the TIG mode. When working with the stick process, it can work at 16.4A and 160V provides a duty cycle of 35%.


Welders usually have a very extensive size and corresponding weight. But, Esab Miniarc 161lts has a very compact size with great functionality. To further enhance its transportability, it has a shoulder strap with which you can easily carry it along wherever you go.

Esab Miniarc 161LTS Pros
  • You can quickly assemble and use this machine.
  • It provides precise TIG welding as well, making it suitable for several projects.
  • With its primary automatic configurations, even newbies can use this machine without thinking twice.
  • Weighing just 18 pounds, this machine is transportable as well.
  • With a shoulder strap, you can carry this machine single-handedly.
  • With its 10-foot long welding and working cable, it can easily weld even at compact spaces.
  • An overheating indicator indicates that it is time to stop working for a while and cool the machine.
Esab Miniarc 161LTS Cons
  • Although it supports TIG welding, yet it doesn’t include a TIG torch.
  • It also doesn’t provide a foot peddle, and so you have to stick at the torch itself.


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You can perform a varied range of welding processes using this welder, and you will never need to compromise on quality and precision.

It is an ideal welder for entry-level users, as you cannot really perform massive industrial tasks using this welder. With a full three years of warranty and sound quality, this device guarantees long-lasting support to its users.


1. Is ESAB MINIARC 161LTS any good?

This welder can have a wide variety of welding procedures, and you will never have to sacrifice quality or precision.
It is a perfect welder for entry-level users, as it is incapable of performing large industrial operations. With a three-year warranty and high-quality construction, this device ensures long-term support for its users.

2. Is ESAB MINIARC 161LTS a safe welding machine?

Esab Miniarc 161LTS ensures complete user safety with its extensive welding and TIG cable that gives an ideal grip for its users.
It features an LED indicator that indicates thermal overload, allowing you to safely shut off the welder and wait for it to cool down. As a result, short-circuits are avoided, resulting in fewer avoidable accidents.

3. What is the power required by the ESAB MINIARC 161LTS to operate?

It is a small and lightweight welder with an excellent power tolerance. Moreover, it is capable of operating on two different voltages: 115V and 230V.
Additionally, it can operate at a 35% duty cycle at 110 V and 11.4 A when in TIG mode because it supports TIG welding. When used in conjunction with the stick process, it may operate at 16.4A and 160V, providing a duty cycle of 35%.

4. Are ESAB welders any good?

They are an authentic MP welder. Not only does it support TIG and stick welding, but also flux-cored MIG and gas-based welding. As a result, this welder can light industrial work or serve as a comprehensive home-based solution for any do-it-yourself operation.

5. Does Miller own ESAB?

No, miller is not the owner of ESAB. However, ESAB acquired Victor Technologies. They design and manufacture cutting torches, welders, and plasma cutters.

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