Hobart 500553 MIG Welder Review

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Hobart 500421 Stickmate LX 235

The Hobart 500553 is quite powerful, but also very adaptable, making it very popular.

Short Summary

POWER: 95%
PRICE: 90%

Overall Rating


For big welding jobs, you need a big welder, and Hobart 500553 is one of the best.

This is an extremely powerful welder, purposefully built for heavy-duty jobs. Yet, a novice can also use this device – it’s that easy to operate it.

Hobart actually uses two power outputs, 115V and 230V, with the former being more suited for welding around the house, and the latter being used for serious jobs.

What Does the Hobart 500553 Have to Offer?

Hobart 50053 can change its voltage.

In fact, the machine is so easy to switch from one voltage to the other, it only takes a twist of the adaptor. This, in turn, gives the machine great versatility.

While at full potential, the machine is capable of handling heavy-duty jobs such as welding of farm equipment, car frames and like things. This makes the welder a viable choice for serious workshops.

On the other hand, the 115V adaptor makes the welder an excellent tool for a hobbyist. At this voltage, you can use the machine for lighter welding jobs, such as welding fences and racks and metal sculptures.

In fact, Hobart has such a wide range that it can weld anything from 24 gauge to 3/8 mild steel.

It should also be noted that the Hobart is a MIG and Flux Core welder and that it isn’t as good at welding cast iron or titanium.

using hobart welder

Hobart 500553 MIG Welder Pros

Here is a summary of the pros. Continue reading to see the details around each pro of this Hobart machine.

  • versatility
  • great for novices
  • powerful MIG
  • well made, high-quality

One of the greatest pros is exactly that flexibility of the machine we talked about.

Hobart is one of the most flexible machines on the market, and it allows you to transform it from a powerful, industrial-grade welder, to a hobbyist’s best friend.

The welder is such a joy to work with, as it welds with such ease and grace, and is very forgiving for novices, especially if you’re going with Flux Core.

However, the welder is at its best when you use it for MIG welding and at full power.

The machine is so strong it will weld the thickest steel with incredible and frightening ease.

MIG is, actually, a welding style used for heavier welds and stronger joints, so the Hobart 500553 feels right at home when fusing metals using immense heat.

Another good thing about the Hobart is that it fine-tunes itself automatically to the metal you’re welding. This prevents the machine from burning through the metal right at the start.

The welder gives very clean welds, from start to finish, and you’d wish you could use it for TIG welding too.

Lastly, Hobart is a very sturdy machine.

Nothing about it says “cheap” or “flimsy”. The entire machine is of superb quality and it’s nigh unbreakable.

The welder is made in China, but the parts are assembled in the US, and the Quality Control is very strict, making sure you receive a product in pristine condition.

Hobart 500553 MIG Welder Cons

Unfortunately, no machine is perfect, and the Hobart 500553 is no exception. Here are some cons:

  • low portability
  • mediocre duty cycle

It is hard to find a flaw with such a great welder as Hobart 500553, but, alas, there are some.

However, be sure that these flaws are by no means deal-breakers, and we would still recommend this welder anytime.

One of the cons for this machine comes from the very quality of the welder. Hobart is quite heavy – it weighs almost 88 pounds.

For a workshop machine, this isn’t that bad; but for a home welder, this might be a bit of a problem.

At that weight, you simply don’t have that range of motion and reach that you would have with a lighter machine.

Another problem with the machine is that it has a relatively bad duty cycle. At 115V and at max amperage, the duty cycle rating of the welder is only 20%, while at 230V it’s at 30%. This can, in part, be explained by the machine’s power.


Hobart covers this welder with a 3-year limited warranty on all parts.

If you were to receive a DOA machine, you can contact Hobart immediately and they’ll send a replacement unit at once.

Final Thoughts

The Hobart 500553 is quite powerful, but also very adaptable, making it very popular.

We wish it had a better duty cycle rating, but, then again, it’s hard to nitpick when it comes to such an outstanding piece of hardware.

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