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Looking for an honest review on the hypertherm powermax 45xp?

Nowadays, choosing a perfect plasma cutter that’s reliable and lasts longer can be challenging.

However, you can directly look at the Hypertherm Powermax 45XP plasma cutter, a blend of durable build and the latest technology. It is exclusive for people who find it difficult to set all the plasma cutter specifications manually.

With smart sensor technology, it automatically puts all as per your selection on its own. Read on to know more its features, standout points, and possible drawbacks.

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If you are looking for a versatile plasma cutter that consumes less energy and is eco-friendly at the same time, then you must consider the Hypertherm Powermax 45XP. It is not only power efficient but also provides excellent cutting speed with a perfect duty cycle.

You will love this plasma cutter because it is simple to control, which is understandable for even beginners. If you wonder what all features this exclusive plasma cutter provide, we have listed all its aspects below.


Take a look at the specifications of Hypertherm Powermax 45Xp:

  • Output power: maximum of up to 6.5 kW.
  • Output voltage: 145V Dc.
  • Dimensions: 17.4 in x 6.8 in x 14.1 in.
  • Product weight: 35 pounds.
  • Duty cycle: 35 % using 230V at 32 A and 50% using 400V at 41A.
  • Voltage supply: 230V to 400V.
  • Cutting speed: 320 mm/min for stainless steel, 340 mm/min for aluminum or 400 mm/min for steel.


  • It can precisely cut up to 16 mm thick metal.
  • It operates on a 50% Duty-cycle that further enhances the performance of this welder.
  • You can manually choose with a single button whether you want to perform cutting, gouging, or marking by simply rotating it.
  • Its power-on button provides it a quick start.
  • Its maximum cutting power is 45 Amp and can cut up to 5/8-inch thick metal accurately.
  • Its Torch’ 20 provides a perfect grip far away from flame and excessive heat.
  • With a very compact size, it is portable as well. You can quickly assemble it as well using its instruction manual.
  • It automatically sets the required air pressure according to the option you choose because of its smart sense of technology.
  • It also has drag cutter functionality that makes it hassle-free to cut all the metals, even for newbies.


Being a high-power plasma cutter with several latest advancements, Hypertherm Powermax 45XP is perfect for professional purposes. But this does not mean that it is not suitable for beginners. For newbies, its smart sense of technology makes welding very quick and easy.

This plasma cutter is perfect from a learning perspective, but it can become their perfect helping hand for professionals. As an expert, its quick ignition start and quick-cutting speed will help you finish your work quickly.

It also provides five cutting, two gougings, and marking optionality with which you can perform several jobs right from regular repairing to heavy construction. You can again DIY using this plasma cutter.

Working with aluminum, mild and stainless steel, this plasma cutter makes precise cuts even on rusted or painted material. It further provides perfect air pressure, and thus no need to worry about manually setting it.

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Since this plasma cutter has a quick ignition mechanism, it sometimes may hurt the user. And thus, it becomes essential to take safety precautions while using a plasma cutter.

Moreover, wear gloves and a helmet while using the plasma cutter. Avoid touching hot torch and other parts with a bare hand as it can injure your hand as ultimately, your safety lies in your hands.


From a power’s perspective, this plasma cutter is ideal for massive welding works. It can work on input voltage ranging from 240V to 400V and can produce equivalent pressure as well.

It also provides 50% of the Duty cycle at 41 amperages, which is quite impressive for a plasma cutter from the price perspective.

With 240V and 32 A, it provides a duty cycle of 32%, which can serve small scale welding purposes well.


With a weight of just 35 pounds, this plasma cutter rocks in terms of portability. It additionally has a handle at its top with which you can easily carry it single-handedly. Hence, it reduces the additional expense of the welder cart for transportation purposes.

Hypertherm Powermax 45XP Pros
  • It is a powerful plasma cutter that can cut up to 16mm thick metal smoothly.
  • It comes with a range of consumable and torch’ 20, which further enhances its functionality.
  • It works on the IGTB inverter mechanism and is pretty electrically efficient.
  • It is a lightweight plasma cutter that justifies its portability.
  • It provides an excellent cutting speed and versatile cuts and, thus, perfect for professionals.
  • With a simple rotatory button for adjustment, even newbies can enjoy using this plasma cutter.
Hypertherm Powermax 45XP Cons
  • It is a bit overpriced.
  • You might need to get an air-compressor explicitly.


Finally, this plasma cutter is a perfect combination of a versatile and portable plasma cutter that helps you finish your work quickly. With an almost automated system, you will enjoy working with this plasm cutter without any trouble.

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Due to the rapid ignition mechanism of this plasma cutter, it may occasionally cause injury to the user. As a result, it is critical to use caution when operating a plasma cutter.
Additionally, while operating the plasma cutter, wear gloves and a helmet. Finally, avoid handling the hot torch and other parts with your bare hand, as this might hurt your hand and ultimately puts your safety at risk.

2. What is the power required by the HYPERTHERM POWERMAX 45XP to operate?

From a power standpoint, this plasma cutter is excellent for large-scale welding operations. It operates at input voltages ranging from 240V to 400V and may also generate equivalent pressure.
Additionally, it offers 50% of the duty cycle at 41 amps, which is highly excellent for a plasma cutter at this price point.
With 240V and 32 A, it has a duty cycle of 32%, which is ideal for small-scale welding applications.

3. How thick will a hypertherm 45 cut?

Plasma metal cutting and gouging system of professional-grade for handheld cutting 1/2". The compact dimensions and lightweight make this a highly portable 1/2" rated cutting system. Usage options include handheld and mechanized operation via the CNC interface and FastConnectTM torch connection.

4. How loud is a plasma cutter?

It's about the same volume as a two-stroke chain saw 30 feet distant or a loud toilet flush 3 feet away. Dry plasma cutting will produce noise levels of approximately 90 to 120 decibels, which is significantly above the threshold for hearing damage.

5. Will a plasma cutter cut through rust?

Plasma cutting 1/8 inch metal neatly and quickly is as simple as drawing a line. Without preheating, plasma may cut any electrically conductive metal, including stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum. Plasma is also an excellent tool for cutting coated, unclean, or rusty metal.

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