Longevity 140 Review – A Nice, Lightweight Stick Welder

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Longevity 140 stick welder

The Longevity 140 Stick Welder is a decent enough general-purpose welder that is easy to use and lightweight enough for hobbyists and repairmen to use on various jobs.

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POWER: 90%
PRICE: 95%

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Many welding professionals prefer stick welding to other forms of welding as it is the oldest type of welding, can be used for quick jobs and it produces exceptionally strong welds, even on thick materials.

There is an art to stick welding though, as it does not rely on a wire-feed mechanism, which is simpler to use. Instead it relies on charged electrode rods that heat the metal when touched with the rod.

When looking for a good stick welder, you may want to consider the Longevity 140 Stick Welder.

What is the Longevity 140 Best For?

This machine is great for repairs and as a tool in your hobby.  However, you want to consider other stick welders I recommend.

Stick welding allows great versatility - it can be done almost anywhere, on any type of surface - including in windy areas and closed spaces.

The Longevity 140, with its exceptionally light weight, makes this particularly versatile. If you’re only an occasional welder and have to work under a variety of conditions, this machine could be ideal for you.

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Longevity 140 STICK Welder Pros

  • lightweight & portable
  • great for beginners
  • powerful given its size
  • thermal overload protection
  • industrial strength stick holder

The Longevity 140 is lightweight and portable, which makes it ideal for hobbyists and repair professionals. It weighs a mere 13 pounds and may be the lightest welder on the market. It looks a little bit like a toolbox with a handle that makes it easy to tote from job to job.

Despite its light weight, this welder packs a punch and is capable of welding at 110v and 220v current with a range of 30-140 amps. The Longevity welder can be operated with a generator, and a switchover from one current to the other can be accomplished pretty easily.

The Longevity 140 contains an industrial strength stick holder, which is rated at 300 amps. The welder includes strong springs to clamp any size electrode rods up to 1/8” thick to metal for a consistently superior weld.

The Longevity has thermal overload protection, which alerts the user when the duty cycle has been reached and shuts down the unit until it is cool enough to begin welding again.

Longevity 140 STICK Welder Cons

  • doesn't come with welding rods or power supply
  • shield and wire brush are mediocre
  • settings not easy to control

The Longevity 140 does not come with the welding rods or power supply, which are the more expensive parts of a stick welding machine.

Additionally, the welding shield and the wire brush and chipping hammer that come with the Longevity 140 are very cheaply made and won’t last long.

You might be better off purchasing protective gear on your own.

The digital dial to set the amps on the welder can be difficult to set to the exact amps you want, and once it is set, it has a tendency to clear out that setting once the machine is turned off.

Warranty Information

Longevity’s warranty is not the standard manufacturer’s 5/3/1 warranty but a limited 1-year warranty, which only covers parts and labor.

Compared to other welding manufacturers, the warranty coverage is not as broad or as long.


The Longevity 140 Stick Welder is a decent enough general-purpose welder that is easy to use and lightweight enough for hobbyists and repairmen to use on various jobs.

The thermal overload protection offers a nice safety feature.

Unfortunately, the digital amp control leaves something to be desired in that it cannot be set to an exact setting.

This welding product is affordable, as it costs about $299 and comes with a very limited warranty. All in all, it is not a bad welder for its intended purpose.

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