7 DIY Miter Saw Stand Ideas for Your Next Project in 2021

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Miter saw stands are crucial and expensive accessories for carpenters. This stand can improve your efficiency, accuracy, and safety. A reliable miter saw stand can guarantee you accurate cuts every time. In fact, with a mobile miter saw stand, you can easily set up a cutting station anywhere.

So, instead of making cuts on a makeshift table or the ground, whyd on't you try these customized DIY miter saw bench ideas? After all, if you have purchased a miter saw, then you have a passion for woodworking.

If that is the case, you already have the skills and tools to build a unique stand. So, here are some of the best DIY miter saw stand ideas that will give your saw a stable surface.

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The Best DIY Miter Saw Stand Ideas

1. Folding Miter Saw Stand

This folding stand is an excellent option for sliding miter saw owners with a small workshop. In fact, it can be a perfect replacement for your current stationary miter saw bench. Start by cutting all the rectangular parts for your cabinet using a track saw. The most challenging part is cutting the supporting wings. For the side supports, cut one large rectangular-shaped piece of wood and then split it diagonally. Tape the two parts together and cut the top-notch using a band saw. WWN suggests that you should always use the band saw's fence when making long cuts.

Assemble your cabinet using a jig and then add the wheels on the bottom. You can add a shelf and then attach the folding wings and supports to your stand using a piano hinge. Don't forget to add a drawer for storing.

DIY project Folding Miter Saw Stand

2. Miter Saw Stand From a Barbecue Pit

You can turn an old BBQ stand into a compact miter saw stand. This idea is ideal for individuals with small workshops where space is an issue. You can start by removing the burner from your old BBQ grill and then add a platform where your saw will rest. Next, add two wings on the BBQ support arms.

Make sure you have a temporary frame on the back to help you align the wings and platform. Screw your miter saw on the platform and add a backup fence. If the stand is still wobbly after you have attached the saw to the platform, you can strengthen the BBQ frame by adding some shelves right below the miter saw platform. 

DIY Project Miter Saw Stand From a Barbecue Pit

3. Miter Saw Stand With Extendable Wings

This stationary table saw can harbor more than just a miter saw. Set up a temporary miter saw stand and use your saw to cut your 2’’by 4' 's for the base. Remember, it has three parts (two wings and one for your drill press). Assemble the three components separately.

Drill the holes for your steel pipes using a Forstner bit on one of the wings to create an extendable wing. And make sure the pipe can slide in and out smoothly. Prepare the stopper pieces of woods on each end of the two steel pipes and then assemble the extendable wing. Add the top parts of all the three parts. Align your three tables and make sure you leave the space to add the platform for your miter saw. Once everything is aligned, you can attach the platform for your saw between the wings and then screw everything together. Finally, you can add the T-tracks and stop blocks on your bench, and you are good to go.  

DIY Project Miter Saw Stand With Extendable Wings

4. Mobile Miter Saw Stand

This simple mobile miter saw stand can be ideal for sliding miter saws. Start by preparing your pieces of wood for the frame of this stand. You can cut your pieces for the top frame, shelf, and the bottom frame using a miter saw. Next, assemble your frames, making sure the centerboards are aligned. Attach the two frames using supporting boards. Add the shelves and then make the saw's platform with a wall for deflecting the sawdust. Attach the side wings to the frame using some hinges. Add the wheels and install the top platform. Don't forget to cut the removable wing supports.

DIY Project Mobile Miter Saw Stand

5. A Sliding Miter Saw Stand

Unlike the other stands with wings, this one only has one part. This is a long station with the miter saw at the center of the stand. For this project, you need some long wood pieces to make the front and back of the stand with a pocket in the middle for the saw. Attach the two pieces and cut the pocket for your saw using a circular saw and finish with a hand saw. Line up the two side pieces and attach them using your support pieces. And then assemble the middle section, which will serve as your saw's platform. Next, assemble the legs and install the wheels. Add the side tops and finish with a fence.

DIY Project A Sliding Miter Saw Stand

6. Simple Miter Saw Stand

This simple miter saw stand has three parts (the saw's platform and two side pieces). Start by building the side benches (one is longer than the other). Add the top panels and then assemble them with the miter saw's platform in the middle. The platform is actually a rectangular structure screwed to the legs of the two benches.

DIY Project Simple Miter Saw Stand

7. Miter Saw Stand With Storage Space

This stand has a lot for lockable storage spaces and wheels; therefore, you can move it around in your workshop. For this project, you need wide pieces of plywood for the mainframe of the bench. Assemble the top, bottom, and side pieces of plywood to create the table's main skeleton. Add the base and the wheels. Create pullout shelves for your stand and then add the drawers and the cabinet doors.     

Build the tabletops leaving a space in the middle for your saw. The height of the tabletop will be determined by the height of your miter saw's table top. Lastly, add the fences and the T-track. Make sure you have positioned the saw on the table to determine the exact place where you will install the fence.

DIY Project Miter Saw Stand With Storage Space

Final Thoughts

A DIY miter saw stand can be a great addition to your workshop since you can customize it to your liking. Besides saving you money, it will fit perfectly in your workspace regardless of the size of your workshop. A perfectly designed miter saw stand can create extra storage spaces in your workshop.


1. Do I need a miter saw stand?

Is a miter saw need to have a stand? A miter saw does not require a stand to operate properly. Using a stand, on the other hand, increases productivity and precision. Additionally, employing a stand will benefit your health by ensuring that your body is in an appropriate position when using the instrument.

2. Do you need a bench for a Mitre saw?

You do not need to carry a vast, cumbersome workbench. Due to the minimal weight of the folding stand, you will be set up in minutes. Whether in the garden or on the job site, moving the saw about will be a breeze.

3. Can I put a table saw on a miter saw stand?

True—but do not! Technically, a miter saw stand could be used with a table saw, but it's wise to exercise extra caution to avoid harm whenever you're working with a powerful instrument. Placing a table saw on a miter saw stand is risky.

4. Where do you place a miter saw?

Please attach it to a workbench or place it in the center of a long wall. This enables cutoffs to be made on either side of the blade if there is no longwall. Attempt to site the saw near a doorway or other aperture that allows for longer boards to pass through.

5. How long should a miter saw station be?

The Miter Station is comprised of a left side that is 96"L x 24"D x 36"H, a right side that measures 48"L x 24" D x 36"H, and a saw center piece that varies in size based on the saw.

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