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Last Updated: March 12, 2021

By Gregory Sanders: This article has been updated to reflect the most accurate information regarding spot welders available for those who are interested in metal joining. The best 5 available have changed, and information has been added to assist individuals in finding the best spot welders currently available on the market. The FAQ has also been updated.

Metal makes up a huge part of the world’s total landscape. It’s involved in so many parts of our life, and if you’re a fan of this site, you’re probably manipulating it regularly as a professional or a hobbyist using a spot welder cutter.

Our Top 3 Spot Welder Cutters




Our Score: 95/100

  • Easy cutting action
  • Extra pilot included
  • Made of M2 high speed steel

Our Score: 93/100

  • High-Quality Heat Resistant Steel
  • Quickly Separates Spot-Welded Panels Without Distortion
  • No Spinning in Chuck

Our Score: 91/100

  • Reliable and durable
  • Double sided 3/8" rotary cutter blade
  • Fits most 1/4" drills

Spot welding is a technique commonly used to join two pieces of metal, especially sheet metal. This can be for a temporary weld, or a weld on thin material like auto body panels.

Here we’ll talk about one small but basic tools that are handy when you have to remove those spot welds.

Reviews Of The Best Spot Weld Cutters

Here, we offer you helpful information on some of the best spot weld cutters in the market. Read on for aid on picking out the most suitable hand tools for your work styles and metal projects.


Blair Spotweld Cutters are the Professional's choice for removing spot welds. The Blair 11096 is one of their hottest-selling kits.

This kit comes with three (3) 3/8” Cutters, an arbor with a “skip-proof” pilot, and an extra pilot. Blair Spotweld Cutters guarantees fast cutting of spot welds.

The 3/8” double-ended blades cut more holes efficiently and will fit 3/8” and ½” hand-held drill chucks.

The blades are manufactured from a high-grade steel which does seem to keep them sharper longer, making this cutter kit that much more attractive.

2. KCC Industries DR4402 Value Pack

The DR4402 value pack includes 2 Arbors with Cutting Blades plus 2 Replacement Cutting Blades.

You get durable double-ended 3/8” high-speed rotary metal cutting blades manufactured from high-quality heat-resistant steel.

3/8” is an ideal size for removing spot welds. This is great for quickly separating spot-weld panels leaving no distortions.

The 1/4" Standard Size Arbor with Flats helps eliminate spinning in the chuck (fits 1/4" and larger drill bits).

3. Kauthof RM1905 3/8” Double Sided Rotary Spot Weld Cutter

This precision spot weld cutter does not come as part of a kit, but it’s one you definitely need to consider, nonetheless. It is a double-sided 3/8” rotary cutter blade that will fit most ¼” drills as well. 

Kauthof’s spot weld cutters are known for drilling out spot welds accurately. They leave a clean hole without needing to file away any metal burrs.

It’s a spot weld bit that not only cuts clean but is non-invasive, too. This means that it does not distort the pieces of sheet metal that you are drilling through. 

4. SG Tool Aid 18000 Spot Weld Cutter

This is another standalone spot weld cutter that offers value for time and money. It’s a double-sided 3/8” rotary cutter blade that will fit most ¼” drills, too.

When one end loses its sharpness, you just flip the bit around without needing to go out and buy a new spot cutter.

It is very affordable and will last you a long time. However, it’s best to use it at low drill speeds and with cutting oil to help prolong its lifespan.

5. JECR Spot Weld Cutter Kit

Here is another spot weld cutter kit which offers great value for time and money. The center pin on the bit is spring loaded and it depresses to allow for tension. This very feature provide the needed guidance to begin the cut.

One of the benefits is that it will not distort the metal or damage the underlying panel. It also decreases the need to pry and break welds.

Since it comes with quite a few tips,, it would take a long time to wear all them out. You won't see signs of wear or slowing of the cut for quite some time. Overall, a great option.

What Is Spot Welding?

Spot welding is often used with certain types of sheet metal or wire mesh. It’s not such a great method for thicker structural steel because the heat flows into the surrounding metal more freely. Spot welding is seen on sheet metal goods like metal buckets or on auto panels.

Aluminum alloys can be spot welded but since aluminum has higher thermal and electrical conductivity, it requires higher welding currents.

For this, you’d need larger, more powerful, and more expensive welding transformers. It can be done even though it’s not recommended. The same goes for copper or copper alloys.

Automobile manufacturing industry is the most common area that spot welding is used. It’s the most common way to weld the sheet metal panels to form the outside of the car. Spot welding can even be completely automated. It’s one of the uses robotics on the assembly line.

Spot welding may even be used in the orthodontist's clinic, where small-scale spot welding equipment is used when resizing metal "molar bands". But we don’t recommend you try to use a spot weld cutter to adjust your own braces!

Another application of spot welding is in the manufacture of batteries. The cells in batteries are joined by spot welding thin nickel straps to the battery terminals. Spot welding can prevent the battery from getting too hot, which is a possibility if you use conventional soldering instead.

The advantages of resistance spot welding are various. It makes for a quicker process time, for one. It also uses a lower amount of consumables, such as brazing materials, solder, or welding rods.

Since it’s using less energy and material, it’s cleaner and more environmentally friendly. Finally,  it produces very reliable joints.

The spot weld cutter you are looking for will leave very few burrs when you cut and will leave the holes drilled with them extremely smooth. This will make it far easier to continue your work on the piece of metal you’re working on.

Spot weld cutters usually come in kits. It is best to get your spot weld cutters in sets of three or more. The extra blades or bits mean there will be no down time in your project as you wait for the blade to get sharpened. It is also ideal to get a kit with different-sized blades.

Some kits will also come with centering tips. These centering tips are very useful for guiding the bit into the center of the spot weld for an accurate and smooth cut.

What To Look For In A Spot Weld Remover

Holding Spot Weld Remover

Now that we have an idea of how resistance spot welding is done, we know that spot weld metal interfaces will be very sturdy and reliable.

But some projects call for the removal or tearing apart of soldered joints.

This is very likely if you work with car restoration or any other projects that involve plenty of sheet metal with spot welds.

Spot welds need thorough care when being removed, especially when you want to save as much of the original metal as you possibly can. There are several methods to remove spot welds, but the difference lies in the tools you have to accomplish the task.

A good spot weld remover helps you easily cut around the spot weld, freeing up the panel while keeping the underlying panel intact.

On the market today, double-ended spot weld cutters are more common. These cutters quickly remove spot welds without damaging the underlying panel. With double ends, you can cut twice as many holes as with single-ended spot cutters.


What can you spot weld?

You can spot weld metal sheets (they can be both similar and different). Spot welding applies both pressure and heat to the weld so you don't need any filler material.

How strong is a spot weld?

How strong a spot weld is can be very strong, but is determined by the electrodes and the metal . The electrodes' size and shape are the most important point since the joint between the metals is created at the point in which the electrodes touch the metal. 

The joint can be weak if there isn't enough force or head in connecting the metal so a strong current only helps.

What size spot weld cutter do I need?

-car and ASE recommend 5/16" "'. Utilize a center punch to precisely mark the center of the spot weld you intend to drill—this aids in locating the weld's center during drilling. If you employ a 3/8 ", It will be much easier to separate the two panels if spot welds are removed.

How do you remove a spot weld without drilling?

If you lack a drill or drill bits but still wish or need to remove spot welds, another, more robust method is available. This task will require a cut-off wheel, a hammer, and punch, or an air hammer equipped with a chisel attachment.

How do I find a spot weld?

Sand the welded flange areas with coarse sandpaper several times by hand. This will remove rust and paint from flanged areas but leave a residue of paint and rust in low places. These common areas are where the spot welds are located. Next, pass a wire brush over the welded area repeatedly.


Resistance spot welding is used in tons of types of projects involving sheet metal. It’s a particular favorite for work on patching panels on your car or restoring that old classic.

Whether you are into automobile restoration, furniture art, or any other field dealing with spot welds, you’ll definitely want a quality spot-weld remover to be able to cut out the section you’re replaced without harming the rest of your work piece.


Grizzly T10296 Double End Spot Weld Cutter

The Grizzly T10296 is one of the highest-rated spot welders that you will find on the market today. It will efficiently cut through the top piece of sheet metal but not the underlying piece. 

This spot-weld cutter comes in a very useful kit. It includes six 3/8″ double-ended cutters and three spring-loaded centering tips.

The centering tips are handy for guiding the blade into the center of the spot weld so the cut is smooth and precise.

The kit itself is lightweight and compact enough to fit even small toolbox compartments.

It’s moderately priced but with all the extras in the kit, the Grizzly T10296 will give you great value for your money.

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