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You probably navigated here while doing your research on the top flux core welders on the market. Flux core welders are a major investment so you want to be sure that you get the right one for your flux core welding needs. While there are plenty of round up articles, many of them fail to go into enough detail to really help you understand the product. This Sungoldpower review is different. 

This article is not a roundup. It is a comprehensive review of the Sungoldpower gasless welder. In this Sungoldpower review, you will get to know all of the features and attributes of this product. By the end, you’ll know for sure whether it’s the right product for you. 



The Sungoldpower Flux Core Welder is a really nice gasless welder.  It’s packed with some great features. 

This is the perfect welder for beginners. Anything you need to start welding comes included with this machine.

The unit comes with a really easy to understand user manual.

Easy to Use and Portable

While it’s less suitable for professional use than the GoPlus MIG 130, it’s a great welder to learn from because of how easy it is to use. It’s also ideal for any outdoor welding job. 

The manual will teach you everything from what electron setting to use for what job to ho w to use the right drive rolls for maximum effectiveness. It’s also completely portable, weighing just under 40 pounds! While that’s 5 pounds more than the GoPlus welder, it’s still really light, sitting right in the middle of the GoPlus and the Forney weights. 

Low Input Power

This welder only runs on 110 volts of input power, which is extremely low. The Forney runs on higher voltage, as does the GoPlus. In fact, this is the average household current so you can use the machine right form the comfort of your own home with no complicated workshop electricity required! It’s also got a maximum opening voltage of 37 volts, so it’s safe for beginners. 

Thermal Overload Protection System

Speaking of safety, it has an automated thermal safety protection. This thermal overload protection system will shut the machine down when it gets too overheated, protecting it from damage.

It detects the temperature of the components using internal sensors that will stop the motor before it’s too late. It will automatically restart the welder once it has reached a cool enough temperature to be within safety standards again. 

The torch also has an on/off safety control. Although it doesn’t have as many vents as the GoPlus, it does come with 4 levels of adjustable heating for optimal control. The system outpaces the Forney. All of these features work together and the end result is a much longer lifespan for your welder. 

Gasless Unit

This is a gasless welder, so you don’t need to worry about shielding in windy weather. It doesn’t require you to buy tons of gas for your welding projects. This makes it really ideal for year round use anywhere you need to weld. Although it doesn’t pack quite the same punch as the GoPlus, it can definitely get the job done well. 

Loads of Extras

This unit also comes with tons of other extras. It’s a really nice machine.

The Sungoldpower has feed speed control and an IP21 protection degree. Like it’s competitor, the GoPlus, it also comes with a safety face mask, wire brush, hammer, contact tips, an easy to understand user manual, nearly 100 inches of cable, an earth clamp with another 60 inches of cable, a wire spool made for .5kg flux cored welding, and more. 


  • User friendly for beginners to welding
  • Low input power
  • Includes a starter kit with brushes and helmet
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Budget friendly
  • Gasless so outdoor projects need no shielding


  • Not as affordable as the GoPlus
  • Cord isn’t as nice as the Forney
  • Not professional grade
  • Can’t handle industrial jobs
  • Thermal overdrive protection doesn’t include as many air vents as the GoPlus welder

Additional Information

While this is a great beginner’s welder, unfortunately, it just isn’t as reliable as the GoPlus welder. You’re definitely going to have some issues with the machine.

The cable may be a bit longer than the Forney, but it’s also made of questionable quality and is prone to ripping and splitting apart easily. It’s just a little too inconsistent to recommend as more than a starter. 

This model is also very friendly to your budget.

Especially if you’re a beginner, you won’t know whether you’re planning to stick with welding long term or not. Welders can get quit expensive, especially the heavier ones that require carts to carry around, so having an affordable welder is nice. The Sungoldpower welder is a bit pricier than the GoPlus one, and about the same price as the Foley. All of them are great deals. 

Although we still prefer the GoPlus MIG 130, there are a lot of things to love about the Sungoldpower model…. More, even, than the Forney Easy Weld 299! 


This is a great welder for beginners. It comes with a starter kit of extra safety equipment and an extremely intuitive control panel. The user manual is very easy to understand and it’s gasless, so you don’t need shielding in outdoor usage. It’s compatible with home voltages and lightweight for easy portability, but if you want to learn more about this technique here are some tips.

Unfortunately, that’s where the recommendation ends. It’s not able to stand up to industrial grade jobs and not meant for heavy-duty use. Professionals prefer the GoPlus MIG 130 to this for small, portable welders because at the end of the day it’s got more bang for relatively the same buck. While home users won’t be disappointed with this one, which can outpace the Forey Easy Weld 299, at the end of the day the better welder is going to be the GoPlus MIG 130. 


1. Are Sungoldpower welders any good?

We discovered that it burns DV Reverse rods fairly nicely. We used E6010, E6013, and E7018 rods, all 3/32s, and were able to weld from nearly any angle.

2. Is flux core welding any good?

Self-shielded flux-cored welding is a good procedure for welders of all skill levels who are frequently required to weld outdoors or on unclean material. Self-shielded flux-cored welding is a type of wire welding in which the weld joint is welded using a continuous hollow wire electrode fed by the welding gun.

3. Is flux core welding as strong as MIG?

Metal Penetration vs. Flux Core in MIG Welding Flux core welding is known for its superior metal penetration to MIG welding.

4. Is flux core welding easy?

When using flux core MIG welding, you can begin welding immediately after unpacking. This slag is eliminated when welding with the MIG (metal inert gas) procedure since the weld bead emerges smooth and clean.

5. Is a flux welder the same as a Mig welder?

Among the distinctions, this is the most significant. MIG welding utilizes a solid wire electrode, whereas Flux Core welding utilizes a tubular welding wire. The distinction between these two types of welding wire is that tubular welding wires are hollow. It is constructed of metal on the exterior and flux in the interior.

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