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Intense welding flames can be hazardous for a welder’s eyes. Therefore, the right welding helmet is probably the most critical safety factor to consider while welding.

But the concept of ‘expensive is good’ no longer applies given the numerous helmet options available at budget prices. Every welder has a different set of requirements, so taking time to find the right one is essential not to hamper productivity and weld quality.

Considering factors like the passive or auto-darkening lens, different arc sensors, viewing sizes, sensitivity, and delay controls, built quality, can really help you make the right choice. We have covered the difficult part for you and looked through countless helmets to find the five best welding helmets under $50.

Best Welding Helmets under $50: Our Top Picks 

Antra Ah6-260

By far, the Antra Ah6-260 is one of the best welding helmets under $50. The feature the stands out in this welding helmet is the auto-darkening feature.

The helmet comes with four light sensors, which allow the helmet to pick up light from the arc, thus triggering the darkening process. It also provides complete protection against UV and IR. 

The Antra welding helmet further has two additional adjustments, which help in tuning the helmet. While one regulates the sensitivity of the helmet (when the darkening process is triggered), the other monitors the delay (the speed at which lens return from dark to light).

Moreover, the variable shade lens in this welding helmet ranges from as low as 4 to as high as 13. The variable shade helps cover almost any kind of welding or cutting jobs. So, you do not need to switch to different goggles or hood when changing jobs. 

Speaking of built-quality, the Antra welding helmet has a high impact polyamide nylon make. It can operate in the temperature range of 14°F-131°F. 

Antra Ah6-260 Welding Helmet Pros:

  • Lightweight and budget-friendly
  • Four light sensors
  • Auto-darkening feature
  • Extra lenses

Antra Ah6-260 Welding Helmet Cons:

  • The helmet shell may be slightly flimsy
  • It has a smaller viewing area
Miller 251292 welding helmet i

With a premium make and affordable price, the Miller 251292 welding helmet is one of our favorite Miller welding helmets. Unlike most helmets, this model comes with an electrical viewing panel.

The LCD panel has two light sensors, which automatically adjust the shade of the helmet during welding. You can easily set the variable shade ranging from 8 to 12.

Two replaceable AAA batteries power the LCD panel of the Miller welding helmet with a shelf life of 2000 hours. The good thing is that even if the power runs out, you can still power the lens through the solar panel on the outer side of the helmet. 

If you are using the helmet for purposes other than welding (no radiation exposure), you can also lift the electric panel and only use the protective glass shield.

One significant aspect of this helmet is that it comes with detents on the sides, which helps hold the helmet in place without sliding down. This has solved a major problem in most welding helmets.

Its additional features include five layers of protective cover lenses on the outside and two on the inside, a quick light to dark switching speed, 1/10000 of a second, and mode selection (grinding, or welding).  

Miller 251292 Welding Helmet Pros: 

  • Extremely lightweight nylon make
  • High switching speed 1/10000 of a second
  • Several cover lenses on both sides of the helmet
  • Easy switch modes

Miller 251292 Welding Helmet Cons:

  • Relatively small viewing window
Deko Pro Orange Solar Powered Welding Helmet

The DekoPro welding helmet is one other high-performance, low-budget helmet. It has a unique design that has a fully adjustable headgear, and also a lightweight built. It uses super-strong PP materials that are both wear-resistant and anti-aging. 

The helmet battery is powered by a CR2032 Lithium battery (life up to 5000 hours) and uses solar panel technology. It is a standard helmet used by welders in industries like petroleum, architecture, shipbuilding, and more.

The DekoPro helmet has an auto-dimming or darkening feature which automatically adapts to even the most complex work environments. It has a high-definition protective filter that provides a clear view when welding goods. 

The auto-darkening filter can switch between dark to light in a matter of 1/15000 seconds, which is excellent. Not only does it protect you from the UV rays, but also IR radiation. 

You cannot agree more that the DekoPro welding helmet is a great deal and one of the best welding helmets under $50.

Deko Pro Orange Solar Powered Welding Helmet Pros:

  • Portable and lightweight design
  • Both Lithium and solar power technology
  • Quick auto-darkening switch 1/15000 seconds
  • Protection from UV and IR

Deko Pro Orange Solar Powered Welding Helmet Cons:

  • Customers often complain about poor built-quality
#4 Yeswelder Lyg-L500A

The Yeswelder LYG-L5000A is one of the best welding helmets under $50. It is an extraordinarily budget-friendly yet feature-packed helmet for welders. The true color technology in the helmet not only improves the visibility but also significantly reduces eye strain. It provides accurate color viewing preserving the 1-1-1-2 optical clarity rating. 

The Yeswelder welding helmet is quite lightweight, while the headgear makes it both appealing and comfortable. The headgear has an incorporated an oversized comfort cushion on the inside, which further leads to secure adjustment.

The viewing panel is somewhat small and has two light sensors. The auto-darkening response time is about 1/10000 seconds, noteworthy, given the price range of the helmet. 

Yeswelder Lyg-L500A Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Pros:

  • True color technology for better visibility and clarity
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Oversized comfort cushion for added adjustability
  • Auto-darkening response time: 1/10000 seconds

Yeswelder Lyg-L500A Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Cons:

  • Users complain of reduced switching speed from dark to light
  • Some of the products have had built issues
Instapark ADF GX990T

The Instapark ADF GX990T Welding Helmet is an ergonomically designed product using lightweight composite materials. It is powered by one replaceable CR2450 battery as well as solar cells.  

The four arc sensors of the helmet activate auto-darkening automatically within a matter of 1/30000 seconds. The interior of the helmet is padded and has a ratcheting headband that offers a custom snug fit. The viewing area is also quite large and even protect from UV and IR. 

The features and make of this Instaspark welding helmet makes it one of the best welding helmets under $50.

Instapark ADF GX990T Welding Helmet Pros:

  • Sensitivity control
  • Excellent response time: 1/30000 seconds
  • Four arc sensors
  • Solar cell and replaceable CR2450 battery

Instapark ADF GX990T Welding Helmet Cons:

  • Users complain of weak and tiny controls
  • Less space inside the helmet


Q: Which is the best welding helmet under $200?

A:  Brands like Antra, Forney, DekoPro have numerous options in different budget ranges. You can look for Hobart 770756 or Antra AH7-X90-001X helmets.

Q: How long do welding helmets last?

A: Most welding helmets are battery-powered and have solar panels. While the budget welding helmets last 3-4 years with constant welding, the high-end models can last up to 5000 hours of continuous usage.

Q: Are cheap welding helmets any good?

A: With its four light sensors, additional lenses, and adequate room within the helmet for comfortable wear, the Antra Ah6-260 Welding Helmet is unquestionably the best purchase in the budget range. It's ideal for individuals purchasing a welding helmet as a hobby. Not only is it one of the most affordable helmets on the market, but it is also highly well-made and robust.

Q: How much should I spend on a welding helmet?

A: The cost of welding helmets varies considerably, ranging from roughly $15 for a basic standard helmet to more than $100 for auto-darkening helmets.

Q: Are more expensive welding helmets worth it?

A: According to the majority of reviewers who have made such purchases, it is truly worth every penny. Make yourself a better welder by purchasing the most expensive welding helmet available.


Knowing your requirement is the key to finding the right welding helmet. But suppose we had to recommend an all-rounder. In that case, the Antra Ah6-260 Welding Helmet is undoubtedly the best deal in the budget range with all its features like four light sensors, extra lenses, and ample space inside the helmet for comfortable wear.

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