Best Save Phace Welding Helmet Review 2020

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Looking for the Best Save Phace Welding Helmet Review 2020?

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We do not really need to emphasize the importance of safety gear when you’re welding. The ultraviolet and infrared rays emitted from the arc can impose some serious damage to your eyes if you are not using sufficient protective equipment.

We have tried and tested several welding helmets over the years, but one that’s in the trend and has also caught our attention is the Save Phace Marvel Venom from the Gen Y series.

In this Save Phace welding helmet review, we’ll go over the specs, standout features, add-ons, and potential cons, so you’ll know if it’s even worth the hype.


The Save Phace 3010288 Chameleon Gen-X series is just an all-in-one. From the ear to ear welding lens, to the face forming profile, which only makes the mobility and spaciousness better.

The auto-darkening filter, high impact capability, and headgear adjustments almost make it better than it sounds. It is tested and meets standards like the ANSI, CE, AUS/NZ, and CSA.

One thing that stands out in all Save Phace helmets is the unique graphics. From custom painted to airbrushed ones, you cannot just take your eyes off them.


  • Largest viewing area: 23 sq. inches
  • Standards: ANSI, CE, AUS/NZ, and CSA
  • Adjustability: Full
  • Safety Features: Heat resistant
  • Weight: 1.7 pounds
  • Dimension: 10 x 10 x 11 inches
  • Battery: 1 Lithium Metal batteries
  • Battery included: Yes


Most Save Phace welding helmets come packed with features, now let’s see the ones that set this 3010288 Chameleon Gen-X

  • 180 degrees lens: The first-ever welding helmet that has an adjustable ADF integrated into a 180-lens design.
  • Peripheral vision: It has an excellent peripheral vision.
  • Viewing area: It has the largest viewing area of 23 square.
  • Multipurpose usage: It serves the purpose of a grinding mask, a splashguard, and also face protection.
  • Adjustable headgear: The adjustable headgear allows you to move the helmet away and closer to your face, as per your preference.
  • Auto-darkening filter: External 9-13 adjustable auto-darkening filter with grind mode.


The Save Phace 3010288 Chameleon Gen-X Welding Helmet comes with a super-easy usage. The 180 degrees welding viewer design, gives you a complete ear-to ear view when welding. Moreover, the 4/9-13 adjustable auto-darkening filter in the grind mode comes really handy for all users, especially beginners.

Also, the halo headgear enables the user to remove the helmet close or away from the face. You can also adjust the back strap of this helmet as per your requirement. Lastly, the helmet’s lightweight allows you to work with that helmet for a long time without straining your back or neck.


The Chameleon Gen-X welding helmet is one of the safest Save Face welding helmets. 

The adjustable back strap does not allow the helmet to loosen from the face and offers a snug and comfortable wear. A slipping helmet will cause distraction during welding, and we all know how disastrous that can be.

Moreover, the 180 degrees lens only makes viewing more relaxed and effortless.


The most important part of our Save Phace welding helmet review is the comfort. The round design of this Save Phace helmet only adds to the comfort of the user. It uses a dual-band headgear that does not compromise on the comfort and ease of the welders.

Most importantly, the face forming profile is exceptional when you have to use them in tighter places. The hood of the helmet is almost like a full helmet instead of a small face shield.


The Save Phace Marvel Venom comes nicely done in a small helmet bag. The best part of Save Phace helmets is that you can easily swap or replace Safe Phace accessories with other models or series. The Save Phace goggles can be a great addition to your accessories.


  • Extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • Ear to ear vision with 23 square inches viewing area.
  • It has an adjustable auto-darkening feature in grind mode (4/9-13)
  • Adjustable headgear as per preference.
  • It serves the purpose of a grinding mask, a splashguard, and face protection.
  • The design of the helmet is ideal for any face and has a snug fit.
  • The Save Phace welding hood attached to the helmet enhances its design and is also lightweight.


  • There are some complaints regarding the backstrap, that it sometimes loosens, which pulls back the user’s head when trying to raise the hood.
  • Users often complain of a flimsy make too.


As per our Safe Phace welding helmet review, we do not have any reason to say why you shouldn’t go for this helmet. Not only is it an eye-catcher, but it also has all the safety features that you’d probably like in your helmet. The 180-degrees and auto-darkening design makes working almost effortless with this helmet.

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