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It’s time to invest in a new welder. Your hunt for the top MIG welder and quality TIG welders has brought you to several Vulcan Omnipro 200 reviews. Who makes Vulcan welders? Should you buy a Vulcan TIG welder or a Vulcan MIG welder? The good news is that the Vulcan Omnipro 220 multiprocess welder is extremely versatile. 

This article is a thorough review of the Vulcan 220 welder. By the time you finish reading, you will know all the features, who it’s designed for, and how it compares to 2 of the most popular competitors on the market. This will leave you in a great position to make the right decision. 

Why Should You Buy the Vulcan Omnipro 220


One of the biggest reasons to buy the Vulcan Omnipro 200 Multiprocess Welder is because it is a multipurpose machine.  Professionals will find it more useful than having to swap back and forth between multiple heavy welders to do a job. 

It’s also extremely user friendly. Even though it is built solidly enough to stand up to professional use, it is intuitive and gentle enough for beginners to use.

Portable and Lightweight

This welder weighs just under 50 pounds, so it’s significantly lighter than the typical 75-pound welder. This makes it a great option for outdoor shops where you have to carry things around. 

It also has the ability to use either 120 or 240-volt connections, so you can plug it into whatever grid is available and work wherever you are without adapters. 

Sturdy and Powerful

This welder uses industrial grade aluminum on its drive system, so it’s really powerful and durable, which is critical in a welders. It maximizes your power and efficiency by harnessing inverter technology to deliver superior performance and faster cutting and welds. The wire feed speeds between 50 to 500 inches per minute depending on the job requirement. 

Who is this Product Designed for?

This tool’s user base is as versatile as its operation and features. Professionals love this welder because it’s got an insanely high quality design and is multi-functional enough to handle a lot of different activities without needing multiple devices.

Beginners also love this welder, though. It’s got tons of preloaded programs, the buttons are intuitive, and the LCD screen guides you as you work. This makes it insanely easy to handle just about any task. 

Versatile and User Friendly

This is a 3 in 1 machine that utilizes DC MIG, DC Stick, and Flux-core capability with a bright LCD screen to toggle back and forth between jobs. You won’t need to buy multiple devices to switch between stick and MIG welding jobs. 

It’s also got a 4.3-inch LCD screen with preloaded programmable job options and a memory capacity. You can learn the controls quickly instead of having to experiment to find the best settings. Just load the program that fits your product and go! 

Features and Advanced Features of Vulcan Welders

The Vulcan can handle MIG, Flux-core, DC TIG, and DC stick welding jobs. It is compatible with 110 and 220 volts with 123 preloaded programs.

The minimum output is 30 amps, the wire feed speed range is 50 to 5000 inches per minute. It includes thermal overload protection. 

The 120-volt welding capacity is 24 GA 1/8 inch for steel and 22 GA 1/8 inch for aluminum. The 240-volt capacity is 25 GA at 3/8 inch for steel and 22 GA at 3/8 inch for aluminum. 

One of the great features is that it comes ready for spool guns. You won’t have to buy an adapter to get ready for MIG welding work. It also supports aluminum welding as well as steel.

The industrial grade aluminum drive system feeds the wire to the torch flawlessly. This makes an incredibly durable, strong welder while keeping it lightweight. It also holds around 15 feet of wire. 

Power Rating of Vulcan Welders

Power rating is a critical aspect when comparing welders. Your power needs will determine what you can do. 

Vulcan welders use fault-free inverter technology. It lets you run DC power.

Design, Weight, and Dimensions

It measures 30.2 x 19.2 x 15.5 inches. It weighs just under 50 pounds, making it light and portable compared to other welders.  It is designed with handles for either 1 or 2 person transport.

The major flaw we noticed is that, when compared to models like the Hobart 500559 MIG Welder, it offers very little outer body protection for the inner components. 

The machine is surprisingly lean for a multi-purpose welder, offering very little bulk and weight. This is really easy to carry even without building a welding cart

Vulcan Welder’s Anti-Spatter Technology

Vulcans are one of the most user-friendly welders on the market, thanks in large part to their arc welding technology. Their welders come with a spatter free start up so users don’t have to worry about getting hit by molten metal upon ignition. 

They also require fewer cleanups after welding jobs. The technology eliminates nearly all spatters, for a nearly perfect finish to your welder. 

Competitor Comparison

It’s clear that the Vulcan Omnipro 200 is a great purchase, but how does it compare to our current favorite, the Hobart 550559?  Honestly, we still prefer the Hobart. While the Vulcan can handle steel and aluminum, the Hobart can handle both of these metals as well as iron, copper, brass, titanium, and even magnesium alloys. While the Vulcan is extremely flexible, the Hobart is pretty close to limitless. 

The Lotos MIG Welder is the other common competitor to this Vulcan welder. While the Lotos is half the price on average, it is also not a multi-functional welder, so you would make up the cost difference and then some buying multiple welders. One of the things that the Lotos takes the edge over is with the number of safety features.

The Vulcan is more user friendly, but the Lotos has so many safety features that it’s a perfect learning welder. This trade off makes them both pretty evenly balanced for comparison. 

Recommended Accessories

It is important to have some replacement parts for your welder, especially the nozzle, neck, and tips.

Beyond that, welders should always have some things on hand. Having an auto-darkening helmet is nice because you can start your weld on target. Use gloves to protect your hands against the heat when melting steel, but make sure they’re a good balance – too thin and you get no insulation, too thick and you can’t pick up smaller objects because of dexterity limitations. 

Keep a fire extinguisher on hand in case of any emergencies and use safety glasses and hearing protection. 

Angle grinders are pretty useful for a variety of things, including sanding to remove scale, prepping surfaces, smoothing welds, and chamfer corners. 

Squares, levels, and tape measures will help you remain accurate when welding joints and miters and marking your cuts. Soapstone will mark steel well enough to see even when the metal becomes very heated. 

Finally, don’t forget a nozzle dip to prevent spatter from sticking. Slag buildup will prevent your wire from unspooling and clog the hose that releases shielding gas. 

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